The CDC finds the virus survived 17-days on a ship after people left

first_imgThe CDC is reporting that they found the coronavirus remained present on at least two cruise ships 17-days after passengers were first evacuated from them.The discovery was announced Monday during continued study of the virus in hopes of understanding it.The new data shows that the virus has the ability to stay on surfaces longer than the 14-days originally thought.The study was conducted on both the Princess Diamond Cruise ship in Japan and the Grand Princess ship in California.Researchers say after the virus was detected on both ships, passengers and crew members were quarantined for the recommended 14-days before being released. Researchers found that the virus “was identified on a variety of surfaces in cabins of both symptomatic and asymptomatic infected passengers up to 17 days after the cabins were vacated on the Princess Diamond, but before disinfection procedures had been conducted.”Another study is being conducted to determine how the virus was able to spread across voyages.  As of March 17th at least 25 cruise ships have had passengers and or crew members test positive for the virus either during or after the cruise ended.For example, on February 4th, 3,700 people were quarantined on the Diamond Princess after a previous passenger tested positive for the virus when he returned home to Hong Kong. 800 passengers came down with the illness and 9 people died from it.On the Grand Princess, two people tested positive for the virus which eventually led to 78 more cases across multiple voyages.One finding is that 46.5% of people who contract the virus are asymptomatic, meaning they have no symptoms at all. This could explain the “high attack rate.”last_img read more

West Palm Beach Man Accused of Impregnating 13-Year-Old Girl

first_imgA South Florida man who is accused of impregnating a 13-year-old girl told investigators that he is in love with her.West Palm Beach Police this week arrested 23-year-old Mario Rubendi Recinos Lucas on four counts of lewd and lascivious battery on a victim between the age of 12 and 18.Police say the girl told detectives that she met Recinos when he moved into an apartment near where she lived, and that the had been dating for a year and a half.She added that he would take her, her sister and another child to school in the mornings, and he would visit her at home after work, according to the police report.The girl told detectives that her mom asked Recinos to get her children so that she could do chores, and that he acted as if he was taking care of them when the parents were not home.Additionally, police learned that the girl had sex with the suspect on four occasions, the first time being in July of last year, about four months after they started dating.The arrest report states that the suspect told officers that he met the girl in December of 2018 when she was 12, and he initially did not want to get involved with her. However, he felt an attraction for her and started dating her soon thereafter.Recinos said that he wanted to tell the girl’s mother, but the girl suggested he not do so, so he could avoid going to jail.He also told investigators that he wants to have a family with the girl.Police say the girl gave birth to a boy two weeks ago.last_img read more

President to address opening of Parliament

first_imgPresident David Granger will on Thursday address the Parliament of Guyana, when the session opens after being in recess for two months. The Head of State said Government will be pushing a critically important legislative agenda which addresses good governance and national development. Additionally, the President’s address comes ahead of the reading of the 2017 National Budget.“It… is a very good opportunity for us to let the nation know how we intend to govern the country during the financial year 2017 and so in broad outline, we are looking at the financial plan that is the Budget, which is going to be presented early December or late November. That will have the effect of actually starting in January 2017, so that people would know what the figures are… but we also want to lay out our legislative agenda and our broad policy for governance in terms of our social and poverty alleviation programmes and most important our green agenda,” the Head of State said, during an interview at State house on Friday.Chief Whip for the Government and Social Cohesion Minister, Amna Ally, in an invited comment, said that the legislative agenda has been set based on the importance Government places on strong governance, security and youth development. She added that the ultimate goal is a better life for all Guyanese.She noted that several of the Bills have been exposed to public consultation. One of the items at the top of the agenda for this session, the Chief Whip said, is the adoption of the National Youth Policy, which she said has been hanging for quite some time and it is, therefore, imperative that this be given the necessary attention.Among the bills Government is looking to give its attention to when Parliament reopens on Thursday are the Cybercrime Bill 2016 (currently at the Select Committee), the Tobacco Bill, the Whistle Blowers Bill and the Witness Protection Bill.last_img read more

“People must come before profits”

first_img– Granger tells UN forum in KenyaPresident David Granger on Monday addressed the high-level event on Combating Pollution in the Extractive Industries at the United Nations Environment Assembly in Nairobi, Kenya, where he said that the people must come before any profits, as the world’s natural resources are the patrimony of all humanity. He also used the opportunity to propose a three pronged approach, which can help primarily small states with their fight against pollution and the protection of the environment.“People, therefore, must be at the heart of the development of our natural resources. People must come before profits. The pursuit of profits has been accompanied, over the past century, by an exponential increase in extractive industries. This expansion, however, has aggravated environmental damage, which can have a long-lasting and harmful negative impact… on human dignity and well-being,” the President said.President David Granger at the United Nations Environment Assembly in Nairobi, Kenya (UNEA photo)According to a release from the Ministry of the Presidency, the Head of State said pollution in the extractive industries threatens environmental security and it increases human vulnerability to human-induced environmental degradation and impacts on human security. While extractive industries have made an inestimable contribution to the economies of low-income and middle-income countries, the President said these measurable economic benefits are associated with air pollution, biodiversity loss, freshwater and oceanic contamination, greenhouse gas emissions, land degradation and resource depletion.“Pollution, within extractive industries, threatens human well-being and life. It can undermine production, impair human health and damage the physical environment. Environmental security, therefore, is a crosscutting concern with economic, political and social implications. Combatting pollution in extractive industries requires a holistic response,” he said.On this note, the Head of State said that Guyana is prepared to play its part and is pursuing a holistic approach to the exploitation of its natural resources. “Guyana’s ‘Green State Development Strategy’ will become our blueprint for moving towards becoming a ‘green state.’  The ‘green state’ will exemplify the policy of placing people before profits. The ‘green state’ will demonstrate how our extractive industries – bauxite, diamond and gold mining and logging – can be aligned with the protection of our environment, the preservation of our biodiversity and the promotion of the generation of energy from renewable sources. The ‘green state’ will become a model of environmental stewardship. It will demonstrate the signal role, which a small state can play in protecting the world’s air, water and land from the threat of pollution,” he said.However, the Head of State, who has been pushing the ‘green’ agenda since his assumption to office, said Guyana cannot do it alone and requires international cooperation, international organisation and information, education and communication.“International cooperation should be strengthened to ensure that states, particularly small states, can benefit from transfer of technologies and access to international financing to support programmes to reduce pollution. Guyana looks forward to increased international cooperation between large and small states in combating pollution. Guyana recognises the need for an international organisation to drive greater international cooperation, collaboration and coordination to ensure a pollution free-planet and Information, education and communication must be extended through a sustained campaign aimed at raising awareness of the urgency of eliminating pollution at the level of citizen, household and community,” he said.Guyana has already begun taking steps to reduce the level of pollution in its extractive industries. In September, the Head of State travelled to Geneva, Switzerland for the first Conference of the Parties (COP) to the Minamata Convention, where he reassured the international community that Guyana will not only reduce its use of mercury in the mining industry, but will work to eliminate the practice.last_img read more

Qatar urges FIFA talks before any World Cup expansion

first_img“Before any decision is taken it is important that discussions are held on the operations and logistics of an increase in size of the tournament in Qatar,” said a spokesperson for Qatar’s Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy in a statement.“Regardless of the outcome – we are confident in our ability to deliver a successful World Cup in 2022.”Qatar was responding to a request by the South American Football Confederation (CONMEBOL), which on April 12 at its congress formally asked FIFA to introduce the plan to expand team numbers in time for Qatar.Football’s governing body had already agreed to enlarge the tournament from the current 32 teams — which is how many are currently scheduled to play in Qatar — for the 2026 tournament.CONMEBOL president Alejandro Dominguez made the request in a letter handed to Gianni Infantino.The FIFA president has called the proposal a “very interesting idea”.It could however present problems for Qatar.The tournament has already been shortened to 28 days to accommodate the switch to playing the tournament in November and December.By contrast, the World Cup in Russia this year will be played over 32 days.Qatar, which is spending $500 million a week on the first World Cup staged in the Middle East, is currently only planning to use eight venues in 2022.Again, by contrast, Russia will use 12.FIFA is yet to make a final decision on the number of stadiums to use in 2022.One solution may be for Qatar, which has called its World Cup one for the Middle East region, to sanction holding some matches elsewhere in the Gulf.However, that is complicated by the fact Qatar is at the centre of fractious ongoing regional political dispute.For the past 10 months, the World Cup host has been isolated by a group of former allied neighbouring countries led by Saudi Arabia which accuse Doha of supporting terrorism.Qatar rejects the charges and claims it neighbours want regime change.0Shares0000(Visited 2 times, 1 visits today) 0Shares0000A request by the South American Football Confederation that the 2022 World Cup be enlarged from 32 to 48 teams might present problems for the host Qatar © AFP/File / KARIM JAAFARDOHA, Qatar, Apr 14 – Qatar World Cup organisers on Saturday told FIFA it was “important” to hold talks before any final decision was taken to expand the 2022 tournament to 48 teams.In the first response by the Gulf nation since the shock news that FIFA is looking at bringing forward its plan to increase the number of World Cup teams by four years, Qatar also said it was confident it could still deliver a “successful” tournament.last_img read more

War on Drugs has unlikely foe

first_imgAs a friend of presidents and hobnobber with governors, David Fleming makes an unlikely insurgent against the War on Drugs. He’s been dubbed by a local business weekly as “The Valley’s Most Powerful Person,” chairs the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce and doles out dollars to charity by the millions. He works for one of the world’s largest law firms. He can preach for hours about business tax, government reform and transportation. With his immaculate white shirts, slicked-back hair and easy familiarity with powerful people, Fleming embodies The Man. Jean Fleming co-wrote the script and produced the film. David Fleming narrates it. After years of research, he effortlessly tosses off statistics used in the film in his deep, even voice. “The War on Drugs has cost the American taxpayer $1 trillion since 1972,” he said. “We’re paying $69 billion a year to make a health problem into a criminal one.” That’s the libertarian side of him talking – he’s also a board member of the Reason Foundation. But while Fleming can go on at length about drug stats from a policy standpoint, he’s also got a personal stake. His wife, a former Miss Illinois turned actress, suffers debilitating pain from post-polio syndrome. Several months ago, she obtained a prescription for medical marijuana. At night, she takes a few drops of liquid THC or snacks on a pot brownie to ease the pain. “Here’s Jeannie, well-to-do and a pillar of society, using marijuana,” Fleming said. “And I could be thrown in prison by Bush,” she interjected. That’s Bush as in President George W. – the one who named her husband as a trustee for the James Madison Foundation, a group of politicians, jurists and two private citizens that hands out scholarships for teachers. Fleming has a photo of him and the president in his office. The couple have an unusual marriage. He hangs with Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. She wears a Barack Obama T-shirt. The two disagree on many political issues, but they vehemently agree about the need for drug-policy reform. “Look, I’m an old lady, so I can say what I want to,” she said. “In the ’60s, I used to go to parties where cocaine was passed around and snorted. Nothing ever went up my nose, but I smoked marijuana.” At the same time, Fleming was practicing law and building his life in the establishment. When Nixon made the drug war a priority in 1972, Fleming didn’t give it a second thought. “I just went along with it: Sure, drugs are bad,” he said. “The government says so. I’ll agree with that.” Back then, Fleming says, 1.3 percent of the population was addicted to drugs, which sounded alarming. He looked into it some more and found that in 1915, 1.3 percent of the population was also addicted. In 2007, he says 1.3 percent is still hooked. “This War on Drugs is a disaster, and it has been for years,” he said. “It’s financed gangs for years. If a thinking person washes their mind of all the things they’ve been brainwashed with, they’d have to come to the same conclusion.” But that’s a conclusion that neither Fleming would have reached on his or her own. It took a personal tragedy for each to get their minds to change. For Jean Fleming, it came in the late 1980s, long after she’d given up recreational smoking and settled into writing screenplays. “My son got in trouble with drugs again,” she said. “I got very upset and couldn’t function very well – as families do when someone who wouldn’t hurt a fly gets thrown in prison.” Her son got busted with coke in a duffle bag in New Zealand. He got some prison time and then somehow managed to escape, only to get busted by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration and extradited back to New Zealand. A decade later, David Fleming saw tragedy of his own, when he lost a son to a cocaine overdose. “It turned out to be pure, and he didn’t know it,” he said. “That’s what happens with illegal drugs. If they were regulated and controlled, that wouldn’t be an issue. By doing what we’ve done, we’ve turned the whole drug business over to the bad guys.” He began reading up on the subject and arrived at his present position: The government should not only legalize drugs, it should license and sell them. The tax money generated from sales could then fund medical and educational initiatives to help people kick unwanted addictions. As he refined his point of view, Jean Fleming decided to write a movie and her husband put his money to work. She met up with Todd Nelson, an actor she’d met in a vacuum-repair shop, and the two wrote “Smoke Screen” together. As firmly rooted in the establishment as the Flemings seem, Nelson is their polar opposite. He wears a crystal necklace and his hair long. “I’ve always had an interest in legalizing drugs because I’ve had friends who’ve been arrested,” Nelson said. “At the time we started writing, I didn’t even smoke marijuana, but I thought it was unfair for me to advocate something I hadn’t experienced. So I sacrificed myself.” That drew a chuckle from David Fleming, who does not get high, smoke cigarettes or drink anything harder than club soda, but Nelson continued. “Changing the drug laws would be the single best thing we could do for society,” he said. Not so, Los Angeles police Deputy Chief Michel Moore said. While he noted state law allows for medical marijuana use – and that federal law does not – Moore disagreed that giving people access to whatever drugs they want would be such a panacea. “Legalization of drugs would bring higher property crime rates and more people using drugs because the social stigma would be removed,” Moore said. “The consequences of that use can lead to them losing their jobs, losing their families and resorting to more crime.” Councilman Dennis Zine, a retired police officer who still serves as an LAPD reserve, agreed that legalizing harder drugs would be a problem. But he’s OK with medical marijuana – and believes more people will come around as a result of Fleming’s advocacy. “He’s at Latham and Watkins, he’s a Fernando Award winner, one of the buildings at Valley Presbyterian Hospital is named for them,” Zine said. “They’re honorable people in this community. There are lots of people like them who are in the shadows – and I respect their desire for privacy – but the Flemings have actually stepped forward.” Drug reform is nothing new, nor is the medical marijuana movement. But the chorus normally comes from college campuses and guys sporting Grateful Dead T-shirts, not directors of the Los Angeles Police Foundation and former fire commissioners. “He didn’t come to this position because he’s got hippie roots or he’d like to do some cocaine and not have anybody bother him,” said Adrian Moore, vice president of the Reason Foundation. “But certain things get him really worked up – transportation, the budget, things like that. “And one of the things he sees as really screwed up is the War on Drugs.” Maybe the movie will get people to change their minds, Fleming said. He doesn’t care if it makes any money, just that the politicians whose home numbers he keeps in his Rolodex will be willing to take up the issue. If necessary, he’ll distribute it on the Internet, trading revenue for the educational benefit. “It’s taken a long time, and we’ve still got a big hill to climb,” he said. “People have been literally brainwashed for years about this. But they’re starting to open their eyes.”160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREWhicker: Clemson demonstrates that it’s tough to knock out the champ“I smoked marijuana once, 25 years ago,” he said. “I got high for three hours and decided: `Yecch. This is not for me.”‘ Although it was not for him, he doesn’t begrudge those who opt for comfort with a bong or a needle. The Man, a registered Republican and consummate insider, thinks the drug war is “stupid.” And he’s putting his money – and his reputation – on the line to try to win more recruits to his cause. Fleming and his wife, Jean, put thousands of dollars of their considerable personal fortune into producing “Smoke Screen,” a 90-minute docudrama promoting the medical marijuana movement. They’ve previewed it for local politicians and powerbrokers and are looking for film festivals. last_img

Michael Carrick named Manchester United captain to replace Wayne Rooney

first_img Michael Carrick has replaced Wayne Rooney as Manchester United captain 1 Michael Carrick has been named permanent Manchester United captain, replacing Wayne Rooney following the forward’s transfer to Everton.The 35-year-old midfielder has worn the armband on occasion in recent years, and has stepped up from the vice captain role he fulfilled last season.The appointment was revealed on United’s official Twitter account, with the following message sent out: ‘Congratulations to @carras16 – our new #MUFC captain!’Carrick has played 459 games for the Red Devils since moving to Old Trafford 11 years ago in the summer of 2006. He has won five Premier League titles, one FA Cup, three League Cups, the Europa League, the Champions League and the Club World Cup.He is the only player remaining from Sir Alex Ferguson’s side that won Europe’s premier club competition in 2008, now that Rooney has returned to Merseyside.“It feels great and it is such a huge honour to captain such a great club,” he told MUTV.“It is my 12th year now and I came as a 25-year-old. I never thought I could be here for so long and achieve so much.“Now, to lead the boys and look after the young boys, to guide them in some ways, it is a nice thing and a real pleasure.“I came to this club as a footballer and I am now a huge fan. I have grown to love the club over the years and to be in this position is very special for me.”last_img read more


first_imgDONEGAL manager Jim McGuinness says his side is ready for the challenge of Tyrone in Clones on Saturday week – insisting Mickey Harte’s men won’t catch Donegal on the hop.“Everyone knows what we are going in against with a team that has won three All-Irelands in 10 year and we have to prepare for that and get our gameplan and squad ready,” said Jim.“It’s one we’ll look forward to, we have worked hard to get into this position — we’re only 70 minutes from a final and we’re just happy to be there. If Tyrone beat us it’s not because they will catch us on the hop. We know what lies ahead — they are one of the top teams in the country. “Mickey is starting to build a new team but has a lot of the old guard there as well, who played extremely well the last day and probably made the difference. It’s for us to prepare as best we can.”Retaining their Ulster title will be tough, he admitted, but Donegal’s win over Derry and new offensive challenge alongside our defensive capabilities are making last year’s critical pundits sit up and take notice.But the challenge of back-to-back titles is willing on his players.Said Jim: “It’s important because Ulster titles are extremely difficult to win. We haven’t won many and our players respect the competition hugely. To add another medal would be an unbelievable achievement and there’s a bigger picture outside that — but the Ulster Championship will always be very special. “That’s true for the players too because they stood in dressing rooms three or four times, beaten in Ulster finals and carrying that around with them for years.“We have to look it in the eye and see what can we do to get another victory and get to the final. If we could manage that, it would be a fantastic achievement.”Donegal v Tyrone is at Clones on Saturday week. Throw-in 4.30pm.  McGUINNESS: WE’RE READY FOR TYRONE was last modified: June 21st, 2012 by BrendaShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:McGUINNESS: WE’RE READY FOR TYRONElast_img read more


first_imgBoyle-ing – the Lettermacaward men still lead – Pic Gary FoyDECLAN and Brian Boyle still have their noses in front in the Donegal International Rally – just!Here’s a run-down of where they’re all at going into Day 3 tomorrow.  O/ACarDriver/CodriverMakeClassPosSS13RoadTotalDiff 1stDiff Prev12Declan Boyle/Brian BoyleSubaru WRC6O/A8:57.70:001:32:36.721Sam Moffett/James O’ReillyFord Fiesta WRC6O/A9:06.50:001:33:13.90:37.20:37.237Darren Gass/Enda SherrySubaru WRC6O/A9:06.50:001:33:27.20:50.50:13.343Garry Jennings/Rory KennedySubaru WRC619:06.50:001:34:01.51:24.80:34.356Derek McGarrity/James McKeeSubaru WRC629:06.50:001:36:13.73:37.02:12.2610Josh Moffett/John RowanMitsubishi Evo 9419:06.50:001:39:14.56:37.83:00.8724Eugene Meegan/Sarah WhelanMitsubishi Evo 9429:06.50:001:40:27.77:51.01:13.2825Stephen McCann/Lisa O’DowdMitsubishi Evo 9439:06.50:001:41:51.79:15.01:24.0928Aaron McHale/Paul McGeeMitsubishi Evo 94410:03.30:001:44:13.211:36.52:21.51083Callum Devine/Liam McLaughlinFord Fiesta R22110:30.20:001:47:06.214:29.52:53.011109Richard Tanahill/Aileen KellyPeugeot 2082210:30.10:001:47:26.014:49.30:19.81241Brian O’Keefe/Sean HaydeSubaru Impreza4510:28.70:001:47:39.115:02.40:13.11376Paddy McDaid/Oliver DohertyCitroen C2R22310:41.70:001:48:56.916:20.21:17.814104Martin O’Donnell/John M O’DonnellHonda Civic1110:58.00:001:49:52.217:15.50:55.315102Gavin Kelly/Eamonn GillespieHonda Civic1211:05.10:001:50:07.617:30.90:15.41626Brendan Cumiskey/Gerry McVeighMitsubishi Evo 94610:08.80:001:51:14.418:37.71:06.81784Ed Twomey/William LynchFord Fiesta ST2411:16.50:001:51:29.218:52.50:14.818103Mark Ewing/Danny CannonHonda Civic1311:05.40:001:51:58.419:21.70:29.21939RJoseph McGonigle/Ciaran GeaneyRenault Clio R3Maxi3110:24.25:002:04:55.532:18.812:57.120141Alistair Glenn/Paul GallagherPeugeot 2062512:38.10:002:07:25.634:48.92:30.1Results for the National categoryO/ACarDriver/CodriverMakeClassPosSS13RoadTotalDiff 1stDiff Prev115Daniel McKenna/Arthur KieransFord Escort Mk214O/A9:06.50:001:36:30.8214Gary McPhillips/Paul SheridanFord Escort Mk214O/A9:06.50:001:36:50.60:19.80:19.8332Conor Harvey/Gerard CallaghanFord Escort14O/A9:06.50:001:38:15.41:44.61:24.8419Frank Kelly/Liam BrennanFord Escort1419:06.50:001:38:44.62:13.80:29.2522Brian Brogan/Damien McGettiganFord Escort Mk21429:06.50:001:39:24.22:53.40:39.6623Adrian Hetherington/Gary NolanFord Escort Mk21439:06.50:001:40:03.73:32.90:39.57160Richard Moffett/Martin ConnollyToyota Starlet1319:06.50:001:41:22.84:52.01:19.1820Damien Gallagher/Mac WalshFord Escort1449:06.50:151:41:46.65:15.80:23.8918Wesley Patterson/Johnny BairdFord Escort1459:06.50:001:42:06.55:35.70:19.910165Vivian Hamill/Stephen ThorntonFord Escort RS1469:06.50:001:43:12.16:41.31:05.61170Gerard McQuaid/Gary QuinlanFord Escort Mk21329:59.60:001:43:48.07:17.20:35.91231Jim McKenna/Thomas TreanorFord Escort14710:00.80:001:44:32.18:01.30:44.11342Patrick McHugh/Pauric O’DonnellFord Escort13310:06.00:001:44:49.98:19.10:17.81436Robbie Peoples/Keith StewartFord Escort Mk214810:19.70:001:45:18.28:47.40:28.31545John McQuaid/Seamus O’ConnorFord Escort Mk21499:54.20:001:45:19.28:48.40:01.01654Adrian McElhinney/Paddy GormanFord Escort Mk213410:17.40:001:45:58.89:28.00:39.61761Brendan McDaid/Russell HaroldFord Escort Mk213510:07.10:001:46:28.29:57.40:29.41867Paul Doherty/Hugh CollFord Escort Mk213610:16.60:001:46:46.110:15.30:17.91951Kevin Bradley/Graham HendersonFord Escort Mk211R110:29.00:001:46:54.310:23.50:08.22049Andrew McLoone/William KehoeFord Escort RS13710:35.40:001:46:57.510:26.70:03.22147Thomas Keys/Dean O’SullivanFord Escort Mk213810:36.60:001:47:32.811:02.00:35.32272Paul Gallagher/Patrick GallagherFord Escort Mk111R210:26.80:001:47:38.311:07.50:05.52399Garry Gallagher/Lee CullenToyota Corolla11R310:30.50:001:47:54.111:23.30:15.824110Paul Creamer/Patrick DurningHonda Civic11F110:40.30:001:47:57.211:26.40:03.12548Gary McElhinney/Johny CharlestonFord Escort Mk213910:38.60:001:48:09.611:38.80:12.42644Kieron Graffin/Paddy RobinsonMitsubishi Evo1016110:18.80:001:48:12.811:42.00:03.22796Barry McGill/Derek HeenaFord Escort Mk29110:11.90:001:48:30.411:59.60:17.62880Enda McCormack/Colin FitzgeraldHyundai WRC15110:25.80:001:48:30.611:59.80:00.22992Liam McFall/Matthew McKennaMitsubishi Evo 916210:41.30:001:48:30.812:00.00:00.23095Liam McMullan/John CollHonda Civic11F210:44.40:001:48:34.612:03.80:03.831156Anthony Hand/James McCarvilleFord Escort Mk211R410:29.30:001:48:39.712:08.90:05.13282Gerard McFall/Conor O’LoanMitsubishi Evo 916310:39.20:001:48:50.012:19.20:10.333115James McDermott/Paul McDermottVauxhall Chevette12110:37.50:001:49:11.012:40.20:21.03479Liam Egan/Raymond CoppingerToyota Corolla WRC15210:47.30:001:50:15.613:44.81:04.63568John Dolan/Jack McGinleyFord Escort Mk2131010:47.90:001:50:27.013:56.20:11.43650John Watters/David KellyFord Escort141010:58.70:001:50:27.413:56.60:00.437118Andrew Hegarty/Eoin KellyFord Escort Mk212210:39.80:001:50:54.714:23.90:27.33874Eamonn Doherty/Loretta KellyFord Escort Mk211R511:02.10:001:51:00.314:29.50:05.63937RWillie McFadden/Pat McSharryFord Escort G313119:06.55:001:51:00.514:29.70:00.240130Roy Baldrick/Darren HarveyTalbot Sunbeam131210:50.40:001:51:17.614:46.80:17.14190Denis Ferry/James HeraghtySubaru Impreza15310:51.00:001:51:20.114:49.30:02.54278Ashley Dickson/Niall BurnsMitsubishi Evo916410:49.80:001:51:34.815:04.00:14.74364Jason Roache/Paddy McCruddenFord Escort Mk2131310:53.30:001:51:38.715:07.90:03.944106Kevin McDaid/Paul McCaffertyOpel Corsa9210:55.80:001:51:54.415:23.60:15.745116Dan McCanny/Martin GallogleyFord Escort131411:02.60:001:51:58.415:27.60:04.046149Kyle McGettigan/Liam DohertyToyota Corolla11R610:58.80:001:52:16.415:45.60:18.04740RConor Curley/Nigel FrazerFord Escort Mk2141110:06.85:001:52:56.716:25.90:40.348122Paul Rowley/Patrick BridesHonda Civic11F311:05.40:001:52:57.216:26.40:00.549114Kevin McHugh/Evan HughesFord Escort Mk2131510:57.50:001:52:58.716:27.90:01.55091Christy Carey/Kieran BaileyMitsubishi Evo 820110:52.60:001:52:59.116:28.30:00.45163Donal Connolly/Danny McLaughlinFord Escort12310:44.30:001:53:06.816:36.00:07.752113Shaun Callaghan/Patrick McBrideFord Escort Mk2131611:02.30:001:53:08.116:37.30:01.353123Stanley McKeown/Mervyn HawthorneToyota Corolla11R710:50.00:001:53:30.817:00.00:22.754145Johnny Wilhare/Cahir WilhareHonda Civic11F411:18.00:001:54:32.018:01.21:01.255126John Sweeney/Emmett KellyHonda Civic16511:03.70:001:54:32.918:02.10:00.956131Dermot McGroary/Evin HendersonTalbot Sunbeam10111:20.30:001:54:43.518:12.70:10.657146Thomas McGlinchey/Tony CurranFord Escort131711:26.60:001:55:09.218:38.40:25.75852Patrick Boyle/Donal McColeToyota Corolla11R819:22.00:001:55:23.718:52.90:14.559125Charlie Heraghty/Pearse McBrideToyota Corolla11R910:51.90:001:55:34.319:03.50:10.660138George Baskin/Odhran McLaughlinVW Golf141211:41.40:001:56:27.319:56.50:53.06158RCal McCarthy/Eamonn DulleaHonda Civic11F510:14.35:001:56:36.920:06.10:09.662120William Vance/Billy VanceMitsubishi Evo20210:53.00:001:56:59.920:29.10:23.063124Martin McLaughlin/Victor HunterFord Escort Mk211R1011:17.80:001:57:49.321:18.50:49.464101Trevor Graham/Ian GallagherToyota Corolla11R1111:40.70:151:58:19.221:48.40:29.965121Geoffrey Nevin/Paul NevinFord Escort Mk212411:26.40:001:58:23.521:52.70:04.366143Andrew McLaughlin/Stephen McLaughlinHonda Civic11F611:43.90:001:58:43.622:12.80:20.167140Shane Carr/Ciaran CarrVauxhall Nova10211:37.80:001:59:34.323:03.50:50.768132Eamon McLaughlin/Sean ToppingFord Escort10311:58.90:002:01:17.624:46.81:43.36997Brendan O’Reilly/Damien McCabeFord Escort Mk29311:51.02:302:02:44.626:13.81:27.070127RLeonard Craig/Dermot McCaffertyToyota Starlet11R1211:11.25:002:02:45.626:14.80:01.071148Kelvin Gorney/Kieran BurkeCitroen Saxo11F712:00.70:002:03:46.327:15.51:00.772129Caolan Gaffney/Joey KaneToyota Corolla11R1312:11.91:302:03:46.727:15.90:00.473136Anthony Breen/Jill WhiteSubaru Impreza20310:48.90:002:07:30.630:59.83:43.97489RNiall McCullagh/Ryan McCloskeyMitsubishi Evo 620410:21.75:002:07:39.431:08.60:08.875111RMark Boyle/Charles GallagherHonda Civic11F811:12.35:002:09:14.232:43.41:34.876151Pj Wilhare/Darren SheilsFord Escort RS200012512:56.50:002:10:59.034:28.21:44.877147RGerard Gibbons/Adrian RankinFord Escort Mk211R1410:56.45:002:11:41.335:10.50:42.37888RDeclan Hall/Chris CorrToyota Corolla11R1510:36.65:002:13:45.637:14.82:04.379100RMichael McClafferty/Damien WhoriskeyHonda Civic11F911:12.75:002:15:07.938:37.11:22.38062RJohn Bonner/Leon JordanFord Escort Mk213189:54.95:002:15:49.739:18.90:41.88159RChristopher Snow/Sean BruntonHonda Civic11F1010:34.25:002:16:07.639:36.80:17.982152RMickey Peoples/Lian McIntyreFord Escort131910:45.05:002:17:58.341:27.51:50.783144RTerence Diver/Donal McElaneyHonda Civic11F1111:30.25:002:26:57.350:26.58:59.084142RShane McLaughlin/Steven BoyleVauxhall Nova9411:44.75:002:27:39.751:08.90:42.485134RPatrick Bradley/Niall McDaidFord Escort G3132026:24.35:452:30:38.254:07.42:58.586105RShane Stanley/Liam FuohyHonda Civic9511:40.65:002:32:23.055:52.21:44.887112RPauric Dufffy/Kevin GlynnCitroen C2R216610:52.97:002:37:01.01:00:30.24:38.088154RAndrew Stewart/Tony GallagherMitsubishi Evo415411:36.36:002:42:13.51:05:42.75:12.5Results for the Historic categoryO/ACarDriver/CodriverMakeClassPosSS13RoadTotalDiff 1stDiff Prev1H2Seamus O’Connell/Mac KieransFord Escort Mk2KO/A10:16.60:001:04:04.62H4Andy Johnson/Jim McSherryVauxhall Chevette HSRKO/A10:59.50:001:07:23.43:18.83:18.83H8Aidan O’Connor/Ian ReganFord Escort Mk1C3111:21.40:001:09:00.34:55.71:36.94H6Stephen McFerran/James McKeefryFord EscortD5111:04.70:001:09:48.25:43.60:47.95H7John Coyne/Christy FarrellTalbot Sunbeam LotusKO/A11:15.00:001:09:57.35:52.70:09.16H10Philip McKibbin/Lynn McKibbinFord Escort Mk1C3211:29.40:001:10:48.56:43.90:51.27H9Brian Crawford/Finian HanniganTalbot SunbeamD2112:07.00:001:13:31.49:26.82:42.98H14Niall Creighton/Gregory RobertsFord Lotus CortinaB3112:08.50:001:13:35.39:30.70:03.99H11Harry Browne/Martin McGrathHillman AvengerC2112:53.20:001:17:14.113:09.53:38.8     RALLY RESULTS: BOYLES STILL LEAD AFTER DAY 2 OF DONEGAL RALLY was last modified: June 21st, 2014 by John2Share this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:Day 2 resultsDonegal Rally 2014last_img read more