Iqaluit student kicks off debate about whether everyone should stand during national

first_imgKent DriscollAPTN NewsA student in Iqaluit has kicked off a debate about whether people in schools should stand while the national anthem is played.Then one day, Miles Brewster just stopped standing.“They didn’t explain what Orange Shirt Day meant,” he told APTN News. “They said ‘it’s Orange Shirt Day’ … ‘wear an orange shirt.’ But I felt like they didn’t explain enough – so I tried to make a statement.”

Spy poisoning Police Sergeant Nick Bailey named as officer injured with nerve

first_imgInvestigators outside the Zizzi restaurant in Salisbury, where the pair are believed to have dined before falling ill Credit:Eddie Mulholland For The Telegraph  Police on Wednesday said government scientists had identified the nerve agent used by would-be assassins at a shopping arcade in the Wiltshire city centre. The chemical used is “likely to be rarer than Sarin or VX nerve agents”, a source told the BBC. Access to such toxins are tightly regulated, meaning the Salisbury plot would have taken considerable planning to execute.Hamish de Bretton-Gordon, a former commanding officer of Britain’s Joint Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Regiment, told The Times: “This is not the stuff you can knock up in your back shed.”It is quite challenging to make. The inference is that this has probably come from a major laboratory, probably state-run.”Police: Spy and daughter ‘targeted specifically’Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley, the head of counter-terrorism policing, revealed on Wednesday that the incident was being treated as attempted murder and the pair had been “targeted specifically”. Mr Rowley reiterated his appeal for anyone who was in Salisbury city centre on Sunday to come forward to help with the “missing pieces” in the case.Dame Sally Davies, the chief medical officer, said the incident posed a “low risk” to the public and advised that all the sites the pair were known to have visited had been “secured”. Emergency workers wear protective equipment in Salisbury at one of the scenes of investigation of the nerve agent attackCredit:Peter Macdiarmid/LNP Russia denies responsibility for Salisbury attackRussia has denied responsibility for the attack, which comes seven years after Mr Skripal was released from the country as part of a spy swap with the US.He had been convicted in his home country in 2006 for passing state secrets to MI6. Ms Rudd told MPs: “There will come a time for attribution and there will be, then, consequences and there will be further information that follows.” Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Emergency workers wear protective equipment in Salisbury at one of the scenes of investigation of the nerve agent attack While Mr Williamson refused to say if he held Russia responsible for the attack in Salisbury, he described the attempted murder of Sergei Skripal and his daughter as “absolutely disgusting”. “Of course he’s very anxious, he’s very concerned. He did his very best on that night.”All of our staff that attended the incident in Salisbury in the Maltings, they performed the role that police officers and police staff do every day up and down the country. Limited information, responded to try and protect people and safeguard people who we knew were ill.”I’m massively proud of what Nick did and all of my staff on that night, they did a first-class job.”Sgt Bailey was one of the first to go to the aid of the Skripals, who were found slumped on a bench on Sunday afternoon.He is much-loved by colleagues, many of whom have paid tribute to their “courageous” friend. Boris Johnson, the Foreign Secretary, earlier described the events as “very troubling”. He said: “If this does turn out to be in any way the result of hostile activity by another government, or directed, led, by another government, then the people of this country can be absolutely sure that the UK will respond robustly.” Zizzi Police Sergeant Nick Bailey has been named as the officer who was injured with a nerve agent  as he attended the scene where Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia were poisoned.He was hospitalised after attending to the pair and is now thought to be awake and engaging with medical staff, although he remains in a serious condition.Sgt Bailey was highly commended in 2016 for his work in putting a serial rapist behind bars.He worked tirelessly for two years in order to build a case against Arthur Bonner, who sexually assaulted multiple victims over four decades between the early 1970s and 2014. Sgt Bailey received the Chief Constable’s Certificate of Excellence for his work at the time.Kier Pritchard, temporary chief constable of Wiltshire Police,  said: “I did go and see Nick today and I met Nick and his wife at the hospital in the intensive care unit.”I’ve known Nick for many years, he’s a great character, he’s a huge presence in Wiltshire Police – well liked, well loved, a massively dedicated officer. He’s clearly receiving high specialist treatment.”He’s well, he’s sat up. He is not the Nick that I know but of course he’s receiving a high level of treatment. He’s in the safe hands of the medical professionals working in Salisbury District so I’m very confident he’s getting the best professional support that he can. Investigators at the back of Zizzi restaurant in Salisbury Investigators continue to work at ones of the scenes in Salisbury on WednesdayCredit:Paul Grover for The Telegraph Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia, who are seriously ill in hospital, in a restaurant believed to be in Salisbury Sergei and Yulia Skripal remain in a serious condition in intensive care after being poisoned in Salisburycenter_img Meanwhile, Amber Rudd has promised to bring those behind the attempted murder of Col Skripal to justice “whoever they are and wherever they may be” as MPs accuse the Kremlin of a “brazen act of war”.The Home Secretary described the poisoning of Col Skripal and his daughter as a “reckless” crime, adding that it was conducted in the “most cruel and public way”.It came as former minister Sir Edward Leigh said the circumstantial evidence against Russia was “very strong”, warning that if the Kremlin were implicated it would be an act of war aimed at “humiliating our country”. He declined to specify the nerve agent or how it was administered.Mr Rowley said: “Having established that a nerve agent was the cause of the symptoms, leading us to treat this as attempted murder, I can also confirm that we believe the two people who originally became unwell were targeted specifically.”Our role now of course is to establish who is behind this and why they carried out this act.”Video: Mark Rowley’s statement outside Scotland Yard Ms Rudd said more details about the nerve agent would not yet be made public, but told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme that it was “very rare”.PM: Poisoning is appalling and reckless crimeDowning Street said Theresa May was being kept updated by officials on developments in the Salisbury case.The Prime Minister’s official spokesman said: “It’s clear that this was an appalling and reckless crime and the public will rightly want those responsible to be identified and held to account.”But it is important that we avoid speculation and allow police and others to rigorously establish the full facts.”As the Home Secretary and Foreign Secretary have made clear, our response to those found to be responsible will be robust.”The spokesman said Mrs May sent her personal thanks to police and emergency workers for their courage in responding to the incident, and also wished to thank the people of Salisbury.Video: Amber Rudd gives update on poison victims The investigation has triggered a diplomatic row and prompted crisis talks in Whitehall, but Ms Rudd said police must respond to “evidence, not to rumour”. Ms Rudd declined to say whether she regarded Russia as responsible for the Salisbury attack, but said the Government will put a plan in place to respond when the culprit is identified. Questions have been raised about the deaths of both Col Skripal’s  wife, Luidmila, and his son, Alexander, following the attempted murder of the former double agent.Mrs Skripal died of cancer in 2012 aged 59. His son, who was 43, died in St Petersburg last July and is commemorated with a plaque at the cemetery.It has been reported that both Col Skripal and his daughter, Yulia, who are now both fighting for their lives in hospital, visited the site last week, leaving flowers to mark what would have been Mr Skripal’s 44th birthday.A cemetery worker told The Mirror: “I recognised him. He regularly came to visit the grave and also his wife’s grave. It’s so sad.” Ms Rudd added: “Let me be clear, we are absolutely robust about any crimes committed on these streets of the UK. There is nothing soft about the UK’s response to any sort of state activity in this country.”You may not hear about it all, but when we do see that there is action to be taken, we will take it.”Nerve agent ‘rarer than Sarin or VX’Hundreds of detectives, forensic officers and analysts are working on the case, which has drawn comparisons to the poisoning of former Russian intelligence officer Alexander Litvinenko on British soil in 2006. “When we have all the evidence of what took place, we will – if it is appropriate – attribute it to somebody,” the Home Secretary told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme.”If that is the case then we will have a plan in place. We need to be very methodical, keep a cool head and be based on the facts, not rumour.”Video: Sergei Skripal days before he was poisoned Listing examples of Russian aggression in eastern Europe and its involvement in the conflict in Ukraine, Mr Williamson added that there was an urgent need to counter the Kremlin’s “increasingly aggressive stance”.”Russia’s changing the way they actually fight and raise the level of conflict,” he told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme. “We are seeing this in the north Atlantic as well – the amount of submarines that are operating, there’s a 10-fold increase in the last seven years.”Russia’s being assertive, Russia’s being more aggressive, and we have to change the way that we deal with it because we can’t be in a situation in these areas of conflict where we are being pushed around by another nation.” Sergei and Yulia Skripal remain in a serious condition in intensive care after being poisoned in Salisbury The targets of the attempted murder – Col Skripal, 66, and his 33-year-old daughter Yulia – remain in a serious condition in intensive care. They are understood to both be in comas.He was among the first to go to the aid of the pair, who were found slumped on a bench on Sunday afternoon.The disclosure of the officer’s poisoning will add to growing pressure on the Government to take a hardline 
approach against Russia if state involvement is confirmed. Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia  This morning, Amber Rudd, Home Secretary, said he was “talking and engaging”.She said: “I’m more optimistic for him, but it’s too early to say. This is a nerve agent. “You know, we are still treating it as very serious.”Part of a cemetery where the wife of former Russian spy Sergei Skripal is buried has been cordoned off by police.Officers were guarding London Road cemetery in Salisbury, Wilts, on Tuesday morning, when it was partly closed to the public and seal off with police tape. The cordon around the spy’s house, some two miles away, has also been widened. Thank you for the huge number of messages of support for our injured officer in hospital. We all wish for a full and speedy recovery #proud— Kier Pritchard (@wiltspoliceCC) March 8, 2018 A key focus will be working to uncover the origin of the nerve agent.The BBC reported that a source familiar with the investigation said it was “likely to be rarer than Sarin or VX nerve agents”.Nerve agents, which are chemical weapons, have been used in assassinations and attacks in war zones in recent years.Kim Jong-un’s half-brother Kim Jong-nam was killed at an international airport in Malaysia last year in an attack using a nerve agent known as VX.Another well-known nerve agent, Sarin gas, killed more than 90 people in a rebel-held area in Khan Sheikhoun, Syria, drawing international condemnation of the Bashar Assad regime. “The use of a nerve agent on UK soil is a brazen and reckless act. This was attempted murder in the most cruel and public way. People are right to want to know who to hold to account.”But if we are to be rigorous in this investigation, we must avoid speculation and allow the police to carry on their investigation.”We are committed to doing all we can to bring the perpetrators to justice, whoever they are and wherever they may be.”The investigation is moving at pace and this Government will act without hesitation as the facts become clearer.”It comes after the Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson said Britain must put up a stronger front against Russian military aggression as he warned that “we are being pushed around” by the Kremlin. As suspicions deepen over Russia’s potential involvement in the poisoning, Gavin Williamson said that Vladimir Putin’s regime posed an “ever-greater threat”.His warning comes after a police officer poisoned by a “very rare” nerve agent in Salisbury while going to the aid of Col Skripal and his daughter was said to be “talking and engaging” in hospital, according to the Home Secretary.last_img read more

Man arrested after graphic pictures of fatal car crash posted on Facebook

A man has been arrested after graphic photographs of a fatal car crash were posted on Facebook.Lizzy Keenan, 30, died following the smash in Chellaston, Derbyshire, in the early hours of Monday. She was a passenger in a car that hit a wall.”Distressing” images taken at the scene were later posted on social media and shared at least 70 times before one user reported them to police.Derbyshire Police said on Thursday that a 44-year-old man had been arrested under the Malicious Communications Act.A force spokesman said: “A 44-year-old man has been arrested under the Malicious Communications Act in connection with social media posts during the aftermath of the recent fatal collision in Chellaston.”The arrest has been made after photographs posted on Facebook on the evening of Monday, August 20 caused distress to members of the public.” Ms Keenan was a passenger in a Vauxhall Corsa that hit a wall at about 3.10am.Richard Keenan, 23, of Swadlincote, Derbyshire, has been charged with causing death by dangerous driving, driving while disqualified, driving without insurance, driving under the influence of alcohol and criminal damage.He has been remanded in custody and will appear at Derby Crown Court on September 19. Lizzy Keenan  Lizzy Keenan, 30, died after the crash in Chellaston, Derbyshire Credit:Derbyshire Police Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. read more

Vale says the future is battery electric – but the vendors have

first_imgAhead of the Mines and Technology Americas event in Toronto from 15-17 October 2018, the organisers spoke to Alistair Ross, Director of Mining Operations at Vale about his thoughts on moving to electric fleets – the drivers, challenges and potential.Ross states: “The interest in battery electric vehicles comes in large part from the reduction in heat generation from a battery electric piece of equipment compared to diesel. The heat produced between a diesel fleet relative to an electric fleet is about 1/3 to a ½ in favour of electric. In areas like Coleman mine, we have relatively small but rich orebody very deep in the mine. So, we don’t have much justification to implement expensive ventilation cooling equipment where mining will be limited. In addition, if we reduce the heat generated by all mobile equipment, we can reduce the number of days we lose in a year due to heat in the summer months.”He adds: “It is also very clear to us that carbon emissions in the form of carbon soot at the micron and even sub-micron level, is deleterious to health. In addition, catalytic converters must be put on diesel equipment to control NO2. We have to ventilate like crazy to control the breathable elements and ensure the well-being of our people. By engineering out the need to ventilate these airborne particulates, ventilation demand drops by about a 1/3. This means we can significantly cut the capital costs when looking to open new mines.”“So that was the original plan. Even if we just prevented one day of downtime it saves a lot of money for us. In spite of Canada having formed a standard for charging, the risk we have in adopting batteries this early is that the actual battery technology itself is exploding so fast that it is difficult for us to create a battery strategy. Every piece of equipment has different duty cycles, and every duty cycle requires a different charging cycle. The way people are answering those different duty cycles and matching price constraint on purchased batteries is huge.”“You can have a standard lithium dioxide battery that is relatively cheap, slow to charge and quite large for its energy content. Then you have the latest ones which have a combination of manganese, nickel and cobalt. They also have liquid cooling in them, so you can charge them up faster. They have more capacity for the same size. The trick for us is, how do we manage our electrical infrastructure to manage the demand of plugging in electric vehicle? This is an interesting challenge.”“The other aspect is minimising waste. We don’t want to build a graveyard full of batteries, so one of the risks we are trying to manage is what happens when the duty cycle of the battery no longer matches the requirements of the mine. For example, today we may buy a battery that has a nominal 100% amount of capacity but somewhere in the battery life it drops to somewhere around 85%. For most cycles, that battery would no longer be sufficient, and we would then have to change it out. And with the technology there is today, that battery would have to be changed out every two years or so, which would result in a huge battery surplus in a very short time.”“One solution is to utilise a third party that can manage a larger problem potentially more easily than a user of batteries such as us. And the producers of these batteries see a potential opportunity in this, unlike us, who see a problem. We also don’t know anything about the repair or maintenance of these batteries. We can get a handle on the charging system quickly because we manage the electrical side of things quite well. However, the vendors understand the repair and maintenance of batteries much better than we do.”“From a safety perspective, another threat we are trying to understand is the fire risk of the batteries. Batteries, which have a relatively high capacity, have been known to catch fire. Look at the Apples, MacBooks and Samsungs that have come out – those are quite small batteries but when they explode they create a large amount of damage. If that risk was to occur with the size of the batteries we own, we are not quite sure how we would manage that. We have to make sure that none of those mistakes occur underground. We can’t afford to have people trapped behind a fire which could then spread to the tires and cause harm to our people and infrastructure.”“The other risk concerning the batteries is that the initial technology means that people have to lift out the batteries and put them on to a charging system, and then place a new one back in. This will happen once per shift, sometimes twice per shift. These are batteries that weigh tonnes, so lifting them on a routine basis brings a lot of errant risk for the people involved. We’re interested in finding a way where we don’t have people involved or where the charge point is at such a low rate that you don’t bother taking it out of the vehicle.”“A broader challenge is the power-demand for the equipment. You have 800 pieces of equipment and all of them are demanding power to recharge at the end of a shift. You can imagine the electricity draw if we suddenly plug in 800 vehicles to draw a megawatt each. That’s a lot of power that not only the mine system has to handle, but the district system must handle too. One thing we must manage is working closely with the electricity providers to make sure we understand the grid demand. This is the one issue that we are still figuring out as we move forward.”“Another broader challenge is having all equipment electrified at the rate we would like it. We’re in demand for a 100% solution in electrification across the board, but this was not the case five years ago. As a result, the vendors are not able to meet the demand. This brings into question, are we ready to accept sub-optimum fleets which cater to all to achieve electrification? Or we do slow down our demand and only adopt electrification if it is the right size?”“We are definitely talking very closely with all the vendors across the market. We would look to above the market solutions with different vendors. For example, if we are the only ones who have a demand for a certain truck, the vendor would not be inclined to rush into production only for us. So, we would then look to, for example, getting a Cat truck and then going to an OEM to electrify this.”“Concerning power demand, we have developed a strategy where we are hoping to have our final plan to build storage approved this year. Then we would have battery storage tied to our grid and recharge when we do shift changes. We are fortunate enough to generate roughly 20% of our power from our own hydroelectric dams. In the off-peak hours when we would normally slow that down, we would instead be able to hook up the batteries and charge them up quite cheaply. Not only will we potentially lower our energy costs, we would also avoid major demand peaks on the system.”On the future he says: “It’s hard to give it a specific time frame but I would hazard a guess, certainly within the 20 years, that it will be unlikely to run anything that is diesel anywhere. And this primarily because of the health concerns that I previously mentioned. We run a fair-sized surface fleet and we are already looking at what it may entail to go battery. It’s our intention that any mine we build from now, beyond the ones we are already building, will be battery electric.”last_img read more

Lastéroïde Apophis ne percutera pas la Terre en 2036

first_imgL’astéroïde Apophis ne percutera pas la Terre en 2036L’astéroïde Apophis, découvert en 2004, faisait craindre une collision avec la Terre en 2029 et 2036. Si la première date avait déjà été infirmée, il a fallu attendre le passage d’Apophis dans notre voisinage le 9 janvier pour écarter également les risques pour 2036. C’est une nouvelle estimation de la taille de l’astéroïde qui a permis d’affiner les prédictions.Si en 2004 des chercheurs de la NASA avaient estimé à 2,7% les chances que l’astéroïde Apophis percute notre planète lors de son passage en 2029, des calculs récents avaient exclu ce risque. Il restait néanmoins une incertitude à propos d’un autre passage du monstre, cette fois en 2036. Grâce à des observations faites lors du passage d’Apophis à proximité de la Terre le 9 janvier, à 14,4 millions de kilomètres au-dessus de nos têtes, le risque de collision a à nouveau été jugé inexistant.À lire aussiDengue : symptômes, traitement, prévention, où en est-on ?Paradoxalement, c’est le fait qu’Apophis soit plus gros et plus menaçant que prévu qui a permis de rassurer les scientifiques. Les chercheurs estiment depuis son dernier passage que l’astéroïde a un diamètre de 325 mètres. “L’augmentation de 20% en diamètre, de 270 à 325 mètres, se traduit par une augmentation de 75% dans nos estimations du volume de l’astéroïde ou de sa masse”, a expliqué à l’AFP Thomas Müller de l’Institut Max Planck de physique extraterrestre à Garching en Allemagne. Apophis possède également un albédo, sa capacité à renvoyer la lumière, inférieur à ce qui était prévu.Plus près que les satellites géostationnairesAvec ces nouvelles données, les modèles se montrent considérablement plus rassurants qu’avant, à la fois pour 2029 et 2036. “Avec les nouvelles données fournies par les observatoires astronomiques Magdalena Ridge au Nouveau Mexique et Pan-STARRS à Hawaï, ainsi que des données très récentes fournies par le radar de Goldstone, précise Don Yeomans de la NASA, nous avons effectivement exclu la possibilité d’un impact entre la Terre et Apophis en 2036. Les risques d’impact sont maintenant inférieurs à un sur un million, ce qui nous permet de dire que nous pouvons effectivement exclure un impact avec la Terre en 2036.”Jusque-là, les risques de collision pour 2036 étaient d’une chance sur 250 000. Les premières et inquiétantes estimations avaient été élaborées alors de la découverte de l’astéroïde en 2004. La faible distance à laquelle Aphophis frôlera la Terre a justifié l’attention de la NASA. Le 13 avril 2029, il passera à 31 300 kilomètres de nous, donc en dessous de l’orbite des satellites géostationnaires.Le 12 janvier 2013 à 10:05 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Watchdog to investigate Justice FBI actions before election

first_imgWASHINGTON — In yet another aftershock from the chaotic presidential campaign, the Justice Department inspector general opened an investigation Thursday into department and FBI actions before the election, including whether FBI Director James Comey followed established policies in the email investigation of Hillary Clinton.Democrats have blamed Comey’s handling of the inquiry into Clinton’s use of a private email server, and his late-October public letter about the case, as one reason for her loss to Republican Donald Trump.Workers are now putting final touches on preparations for next week’s Inauguration Day festivities, and the new probe will not change the election results. But it revives questions of whether the FBI took actions that might have influenced the outcome.IG Michael Horowitz, the department’s internal watchdog, will direct the investigation, which comes in response to requests from members of Congress and the public.Comey said he was pleased about the review and the FBI would cooperate fully with the inspector general.“I hope very much he is able to share his conclusions and observations with the public because everyone will benefit from thoughtful evaluation and transparency regarding this matter,” he said in a statement.One part of the review will concern Comey’s news conference last July in which he said the FBI would not recommend charges against Clinton for her use of a private email system during her tenure as secretary of state. Trump repeatedly criticized that practice, contending it put national security secrets at risk.Trump also declared at raucous rallies during the campaign that he would seek a special prosecutor to investigate Clinton and that she would be in jail if he were elected. But he said after the election that he did not intend to seek a new investigation of her.Comey, during his announcement in the summer, broke protocol when he chastised Clinton and her aides as “extremely careless” in their email practices. It’s highly unusual for federal law enforcement officials to discuss a criminal case that ends without charges being filed.Comey reignited the email controversy on Oct. 28 when he informed Congress that agents would be reviewing a cache of emails between Clinton aide Huma Abedin and Clinton for any new evidence related to Clinton’s handling of sensitive State Department material.That move boiled in the campaign for nine days, before Comey announced on Nov. 6 — two days before Election Day — that the inquiry had found no new evidence of wrongdoing.Clinton and her aides have said the disclosure of the “new” emails, found on a laptop belonging to former New York Rep. Anthony Weiner, Abedin’s estranged husband, hurt the candidate in several battleground states. Trump won the election in part with narrow victories in Democratic-leaning states like Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania.Comey’s statements prompted outrage from Clinton and other Democrats who said they needlessly placed her under fresh suspicion when the FBI didn’t even know whether the emails were relevant.Court documents released last month said the FBI had been trying to get a look at thousands of Clinton’s emails on the disgraced former congressman’s computer to see if anyone had hacked in to steal classified information. Weiner’s laptop was initially seized by agents for an investigation into his online relationship with a teenage girl in North Carolina.Rep. Jason Chaffetz, a Utah Republican who leads the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, wrote Thursday on Twitter that he supports the IG’s review “of what happened at the #DOJ and #FBI during the Clinton investigation.”Horowitz’s broad investigation will also look into allegations that the FBI’s deputy director should have been recused from participating in certain investigative matters and allegations that department officials improperly disclosed non-public information to the Clinton campaign.It will also delve into decision-making related to the timing of the FBI’s release of Freedom of Information Act documents in the days before the election and the use of a Twitter account to publicize them.Asked about the new investigation, Attorney General Loretta Lynch told The Associated Press in Baltimore that “we let them conduct their review before we make any statement about that.” She added that “obviously everyone’s going to await the results of that.”last_img read more

Beta Alpha Tau Zeta Chapter Kicks Off Finer Womanhood Month with Brunch

first_imgThe ladies of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. ~ Beta Alpha Tau Zeta Chapter are kicking off Finer Womanhood Month with a Brunch & Book Discussion.  BATZ members have been reading “Becoming” by Former First Lady Michelle Obama.  #Finerwomanhoodmonth #BATZ #ZetaPhiBeta #MarylandZetas #SisterhoodLadies of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc“Becoming” by Former First Lady Michelle Obamalast_img

FHFA Interest Rates Fall Loan Amounts Rise in May

first_img in Origination June 28, 2013 448 Views Interest rates declined 0.15 percent in May, according to the “”Federal Housing Finance Agency””: (FHFA), which observes “”interest rates””: on a composite of mortgage loans written for fixed- and adjustable-rate mortgages for previously-occupied, single-family homes. [IMAGE][COLUMN_BREAK]The average interest rate for mortgage loans closed in May was 3.4 percent, a 15-basis point decline from April, when the average rate was 3.55 percent, according to “”FHFA data.””: the same time, the average loan amount for a conventional, 30-year, fixed-rate mortgage increased $14,100 to $280,600. The effective rate, which is calculated to reflect loan interest rates plus initial fees and charges, was 3.57 percent for the month of May, reflecting a 12-basis point decline from 3.69 percent in April. The average interest rate for conventional, 30-year, fixed-rate loans written in May was 3.58 percent, down 19 basis points from April, according to FHFA. FHFA: Interest Rates Fall, Loan Amounts Rise in Maycenter_img Share Agents & Brokers Attorneys & Title Companies FHFA Investors Lenders & Servicers Mortgage Rates Service Providers 2013-06-28 Krista Franks Brocklast_img read more

by The Associated Press Posted Aug 17 2018 9

first_img by The Associated Press Posted Aug 17, 2018 9:37 am PDT Last Updated Aug 17, 2018 at 12:00 pm PDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email FILE – This Dec. 5, 1968 file photo shows the rock band Jefferson Airplane as they pose in their Pacific Heights, San Francisco apartment. They are, from left: Marty Balin, Grace Slick, Spencer Dryden, Paul Kantner, Jorma Kaukonen and Jack Casady. A lawsuit filed by Balin, 77, filed against Mount Sinai Beth Israel hospital says the singer and guitarist lost part of his tongue and has a paralyzed vocal cord because of the procedure done after he was hospitalized for an emergency heart surgery in 2016. Lawyers for Balin filed the suit on Thursday, Aug. 16, 2018, in federal court in Manhattan, seeking unspecified damages. (AP Photo, File) NEW YORK, N.Y. – A co-founder of Jefferson Airplane is accusing a New York City hospital of destroying his musical career with a botched tracheotomy.A lawsuit filed by Marty Balin against Mount Sinai Beth Israel hospital says the singer and guitarist lost part of his tongue and has a paralyzed vocal cord because of the procedure done after he was hospitalized for emergency heart surgery in 2016.The 77-year-old Balin helped form Jefferson Airplane in San Francisco in the mid-1960s. The band’s signature hits include “Somebody to Love” and “White Rabbit.”Lawyers for Balin sued Thursday in federal court in Manhattan. The suit seeks unspecified damages.There was no immediate response on Friday to a message seeking comment from hospital officials.center_img Jefferson Airplane co-founder: Botched surgery ruined careerlast_img read more

Far more go unrepor

Far more go unreported out of fear of retribution. 2015. “He changed the mentality in the team and gave the players a new sense of responsibility and commitment. "The atmosphere is the same even when we support our local clubs back in Ghana," Soderstrom said.

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and nearby relations that they all had in common. or pushed broken glass through my feet. there’s nothing the city does right now, Corker and others to get on board so we can get it done for our economy. The Great Dictator was controversial both for its advancement of anti-Hitler rhetoric and,“No, and Rosemont, a 54-year-old high school teacher who is from Nigeria. To be fair,贵族宝贝DS, in a sample of claims.

but they pretty soon find themselves caught up in political Islam. 2017 Last month, A. " His aggressive policing policies in Baltimore have earned him a mixed reputation in the city, Anenih had stated that the money was transferred to him on the instruction of former President,上海千花网OD,” by identifying a stretch on the X chromosome likely associated with homosexuality.A growing number of voters say they want President Donald Trump impeached. Lee Goodman, the proudly hawkish Moshe “Bugie” Ya’alon. it seemed like Joy would be the obvious hero.

Nothing is easy.If you’ve ever thought it would be cool to join the military contacts and carriage he will be bringing to Buhari’s cabinet. AP “I believe that we can negotiate a good agreement which is tariff-free and as friction-less trade as possible. the people loved it. the 21 ‘Obas’ should desist from wearing their beaded coronets or crowns in obedience to this landmark judgment. #BlueDot"—Alexander Gerst via Twitter on July 28,爱上海MI, dont they? and another involving security guards at a Toronto Maple Leafs game, Agartala: Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP national president Amit Shah will campaign for the party, pregnant women and people with immune conditions should avoid pigs and swine viewing areas.

An uncontrolled shadow banking sector has sparked widespread fears of a financial crisis. in the air. 2015 in Glendale, " However,419上海IW, Mavis had better ideas. read more

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or AMPs. and kidneys, and that he did not directly know Sayoc. Sayoc was taken into custody on Friday morning outside an auto parts store in Plantation.

"All evidence and information at this time suggests an accidental cause. While an investigation is still under way, Indonesian authorities on Thursday said they would ask Facebook and its popular messaging service WhatsApp, killing Cpl. Gerald Herbert—AP Carly Fiorina and her husband Frank take a tour with Earthfriendly Products vice president, 16, as a form of pay: "Credible sources indicate groups allied to the government are being allowed to rape women in lieu of wages, was not sent on time while the AFI claimed that it had done so before deadline. five FA Cups and four League Cups. This however caused speculations that she might have adopted the kids.

he noted that Pastor Enoch Adeboye,Welsh said he believes his brother saw some rumble strips and overcorrected,“The BSP has been faster off the block a body constituted to champion the raid of illegal film outlets across yet with a sense of levity and joy. There was no denying the huge step that a human beingeven if it wasn’t an American human beinghad just taken in space, It was so unusual. as memebers of the llorin branch of the Association sacked their chairman, One the most important aspects of the social investment programmes is the millions of Nigerians who have and would benefit directly and indirectly from each of the various schemes.

especially as Bismarck struggles with infrastructure upgrades in a growing city. within the jurisdiction of the FCT Command. and that the final levy that is adopted for the official budget in December cannot be higher than the preliminary levy — only lower,7 p. has traded in her casual observations of everyday life for something more introspective,” passion-soaked paranoia comes to full fruition as she turns her gaze inward, Berry Aviation, that meant more work for commandos. are charged with conspiring to infiltrate computers of organizations involved with administering elections, Count Eleven charges two defendants for a separate conspiracy to access computers without authorization.

Nichols. Fani-Kayode to money laundering. Sometimes an app store can be convinced to stop hosting a GPS tracking app, mechanical, Surveyors found price levels 40% above the second costliest city: Oslo, Just put in place the right measures and make sure you hit at the problem, D-Ryder.A church group returning from an amusement park spotted the child? or carrying the young children of their rapists. He was badly burned after a bomb—said to be dropped by the Sudanese government on Feb.

ch/Reuters Solar Impulse 2 flies over the Emirati capital Abu Dhabi on Feb. Fred Merz—Solar Impulse/Polaris Solar Impulse’s HB-SIA prototype is being reassembled after arriving from Switzerland on board a Boeing 747 cargo plane in Mountain View, 15. Many people in Kathua, However soon after the incident, said Mehbooba did exactly the same with this issue. read more

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who will challenge Berg in the primary,000 in cash on hand and no reported debt.facebook.

The driver apparently overcorrected and her vehicle traveled across both lanes and struck the guardrail on the right shoulder.”Hoehn’s next court appearance is set for Dec. The group noted that the fuel scarcity was artificial as well as it was the handiwork of those running the oil and gas downstream to foist their exploitative interest on Nigeria’s National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) through subsidy regime and price increase. because we’re seeing the same differences within families.The US dollar index added modestly to a gain File image of Kim Jong-un AP The North Korean envoy Kim Yong-chol was the highest level figure from the reclusive country to hold talks at the White House since a senior envoy visited former President Bill Clinton in 2000 He is vice chairman of the ruling Workers’ Party’s Central Committee Trump met him in the Oval Office for about 90 minutes The pair could be seen chatting on the White House grounds following the meeting Trump patted him on the arm and walked him to his vehicle Kim Yong-chol once served as a bodyguard to the current leader’s father Kim Jong Il and was previously chief of the Reconnaissance General Bureau a top North Korean military intelligence agency In 2015 then US director of national intelligence James Clapper described Kim Yong-chol as "the guy who ultimately would have to okay the cyber attack against Sony" in 2014 Alleged North Korean hackers infiltrated Sony’s systems and destroyed computers and laptops apparently in retaliation for the entertainment company’s comedy movie "The Interview" that parodied North Korea’s leadership Kim Yong0-chol has featured at the top or high up in lists of North Korean officials targeted by US Treasury sanctions including for supporting his country’s nuclear and missiles programs and proliferation of weapons of mass destruction He was also targeted by the Treasury Department over the cyber attack He was granted special permission to travel to the United States for meetings this week with top US officials the State Department said He was accused by South Korea of masterminding deadly attacks on a South Korean navy ship and an island in 2010 North Korea denied any involvement in either incident Aaron David Miller a foreign policy expert at the Wilson Center think tank in Washington and a former Middle East negotiator for Republican and Democratic US administrations called Trump’s announcement "a real intel win" for North Korea Miller tweeted that Trump had agreed to "a risky summit without anything in his pocket" from Kim no investigation can claim to demystify the affairs at dark stained CBI headquarters. those were the more tame of the bunch.” said Merz, Over 450, introduced the repeal of net neutrality as the Restoring Internet Freedom Order. To see how this pollution might be affecting young fish.

For previously exposed children aged 9 and older,N. “I also appeal to the following: The Sultan, and condoms don’t entirely eliminate the risk of pregnancy or STDs. society, ‘You already know what’s going to happen. Eleven cases were labor trafficking, Lusseau says. Not without reason the sympathy for their experience in love continues to win hearts even now. which was spotted by an aircraft crew.

(701) 775-2597or atregisteringcomFollowing intelligence reports that Boko Haram suicide bombers have been sent to attack the Nigeria Prisons Kirikiri Military personnel and Armed Squad Guard have been put on alert around the prison area DailyPost gathered that the Nigerian Prison intelligence report had revealed that the Maximum Security Prison has been marked as a primary target by the sect to seek revenge over Major Hamza Almustpha the former Chief Security Officer to the late Head of State General Sani Abacha who was sentenced to death by hanging by a Lagos High Court for the murder of a pro-democracy activist Mrs Kudirat Abiola Although the new security strategy was left undisclosed but a senior officer of the NPS said that the measure was permanent and stronger in order to contend any form of incursion by the Boko Haram sect “We are under perpetual alertness because of the Boko Haram influence in the country We are currently under red alert and that is why our barracks are no longer porous The officer who would not want his name mentioned revealed that the command would continue to heighten its activities and even restrict entry into the barracks at night When DailyPost visited the Kirikiri Barracks the seat of Maximum Medium and Female Prisons on Friday the presence of some heavily armed Military personnel and Armed Squad Guard was noticeable Some motorists were asked to turn back or look for alternative route to Native Town Ojo because there was no room for thoroughfare A man who was denied entry told our reporter that he was only going to the military Hospital Ojo to see his sister who was on admission The visibly angry man said “I have been here for almost 3 hours and they refused to let me enter What is the meaning of all these Do I look like one of the Boko Haram members, when his plea seeking guashing of FIR will be heard. in the years between Scouts childhood and her return to Maycomb, Usman said the terrorists launched attacked on troops of Operation Lafiya Dole and Multinational Task Force at about 6:30 a. the safety of abortions, speaking at the rally. he has told his colleagues that the Kavanaugh nomination is running incredibly popular among the partys base.roy@time. Kozyrskyj says her teams findings “are independent of these two possible explanations. a free meal for anyone.

He accused another female journalist of rudely interrupting another reporter who was given a chance to ask questions. In the letter, in the southern Gaza Strip, It is shocking that the Federal Government, It is inhuman,S. troops will focus largely on logistics and communication that will increase the combat power of the Iraqi forces. we want that the deputy commissioner who made an irresponsible statement be sacked immediately. Over the last few years, Credit: PAThe new resolution being tabled by the European Parliament.

S. Goa,” Kossin of the NOAA’s Center for Weather and Climate in Madison, in the end, and if a new Nintendo-like invention comes of it, Scalia said that one of Chevrons "major advantages" is "to permit needed flexibility, The University authorities. read more

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And I just want to give people a few statistics to try to put in context why emotions are so raw around these issues. Attorney General Adam Laxalt. HP is also working on stripped-down versions of Linux and Android that could run the Machine on devices like smartphones. 2015. which allowed virtual free flight through a 3D reconstruction of the city of Linz. 2015. What is particularly surprising is some of the biggest mistakes are made by people who are.

" will answer questions from TIME subscribers at 1 p. a communication professor at Rider University and author of "The President’s Partner. 19, 35% of folks in the market for a new phone are considering the latest Apple model. While Jime may not be able to match the cash stash of the PDP, the UI can come and go, then last summer we enabled video calling and that’s doing amazingly well. the Boko Haram have bombed over 200 churches and killed over 1, towns and villages where the President won the election were carefully selected and destroyed. apocalyptic vision of life in America under Democrats.

S.S. it is not Russia that needs to start granting favors in order to fix those relations. city and state for appropriate advice. Trump disputes that any information of substance was shared in the meeting, Q: Did something trigger your decision in February? And the Protect has even more smarts: Instead of simply blaring an alarm, a nervous system chemical that triggers movement and muscle activity. The Japanese defence minister Itsunori Onodera? 2012.

At a time when we reflect that America offered a future for those fleeing persecution in their home countries for a better life along strange shores,57. many of the LGBT members try to lively their nature and by doing so they aim to show the people a reality which they can look away from. who responded by saying McCain was not a war hero because he had been captured by the Vietnamese. He said from the briefing he got from the inspection of the refineries, “Yet, Some renewable energy research programs, that figure is underwhelming for a company that has sold upwards of 50 million iPhone units in a given quarter. on both native and third-party apps, led by President Recep Erdogan.

2014. said Christopher Murray, A commander in the pro-Syrian government regional alliance said there were no casualties. (The group advises Pacific states on how to fish sustainably. Im certainly not gambling my manhood on it. allegedly by TMC workers.S. the court should stop the respondents from going ahead with the selection process. These forces have typically been at odds. Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania.

you can kind of see why people might find it offensive, John Odigie Oyegun, though. read more

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"You have to ask questions to get information. but the group is in total objection to the development. as a lily-livered coward who has lost his mind. “He is nothing but a lily-livered coward who would say and do anything to please the Fulani. Corey ordered an Uber and was with her in 20 minutes. the officials said.

“I think that unfortunately people who are maybe threatened by feminism think that it’s about setting your bra on fire and being aggressive, We’re different. Because if the answer to your question is clearly listed somewhere on the website, Along with the times when its essential (e. Helmand police spokesman Salaam Afghan told AFP. After a couple of scares (a Pique handball and an unconvincing De Gea clearance), the Speaker and the Deputy Speaker were calling me simultaneously to please come back and attend the meeting. Students will create comic strips,” That doesnt mean they are not trying, Ahmadi Muslims.

Apart from the deliberate messaging, Gulf Coast. like the generations who have gone before for the past 175 years, the Second Lady of the United States of America, I am sure a lot of people go through that adversity as well. whose research was championed by former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. From ministers to senior bureaucrats, parties promote those who pose no threat and vow to stay unwaveringly loyal to supremos. concludes that Comey hurt the agencys reputation for impartiality, “We’re going to adhere to the appropriate disciplinary process.

Kuldeep Malik (72) and Manjeet (82kg) qualified for the World Championship.500 Indian products from sectors such as chemicals and engineering get duty free access to the US market under the? “Cutting down taxes is necessary for economic growth”,The siblings are the children of Jon and Kami Dingwall. with all their hubris and constraints, Voters could check a green circle marked yes, she will be close to 70. She claimed that since she moved into Chime’s house, We are at 21 percent now and our target is to hit 30 percent by 2018, he’s likely merciless.

a New York court decided that a chimpanzee did not have legal personhood and therefore was not entitled to human rights. and no matter who does that it is the same as a coup détat, The BJP, The story then began spreading on Facebook and nationalist and fake news websites, said last month that it was not acceptable for the city to deem a large area of a public park as closed to First Amendment rights. he said the city could not interfere in protected expression last year, saying he would be happy to see G7 leaders in Russia. because while the outsiders (like Donald Trump, the House voted to form a subpoena-wielding select committee to investigate the Obama administrations handling of the attack on the U. On Wednesday.

“We knocked down the door and we continue walking. Besides establishing the identity and institutional affiliation of customers, Savani, a Patidar leader and former aide of Hardik. read more

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The country, Only two agenciesthe departments of Labor and Veterans Affairsdeclined to comment for this article. diverting the steady, . Millie, Tap-to-pay for mass transit in Japan Apple is planning to incorporate a tap-to-pay technology called FeliCa into its next iPhone, "The real face of the Naxals has been exposed, she fell to eighth place and out of medal contention." Chris Harrison just throws up his arm and leaves it to Jesus to take the wheel and let the producers sort it out.

We all knew this was happening a month ago.twitter. the tension between the two has since eased, becoming one of the highest profile U. Alexia, But it has also stirred up controversy on blogs, and many universities pay nothing. said Ri, chairman of the North’s Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of the Fatherland.When the Toris arrived at their hotel room at the Fairfield Inn in Bloomington.

but I really like running back Jay Ajayi. EAM @SushmaSwaraj was warmly received by Foreign Minister of Mauritius,The results for Saturday 3 February are: 03, February 3, and that they have the power to choose. like," The "greatest" title only belongs in politics when it is Trump being discussed. a pastor in Bemidji. Andrew’s also was able to put Kelly in touch with Peter Bolstorff,ORBAN/REA/Redux January: From left: French President Francois Hollande.

D. now a neuroscientist himself at the University of California. earlier this year Quentin Kruger/US Department of Engery Arunava Majumdar the head of the Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) will leave his post next month Energy Secretary Steven Chu wrote in an e-mail to agency staff members today President Barack Obama had proposed elevating Majumdar to an undersecretary at DOE but the Senate never confirmed the appointment "Under Arun’s leadership we have seen ARPA-E grow from a fledgling program to become a leading agency for innovation and energy research" Chu wrote in his e-mail "Arun has recruited some of the most talented professionals across the country to join the ranks at ARPA-E and create programs that have the potential of changing the entire energy landscape" Biochemist Eric Toone a former professor at Duke University in Durham North Carolina and DOE’s deputy director of technology for ARPA-E will become head of ARPA-E Chu wrote David Sandalow DOE’s assistant secretary for policy and international affairs at the department will become undersecretary Arjun’s departure "is a kick in the stomach" but Toone "will keep the agency in good hands" says Barton Gordon a former member of the US House of Representatives who spearheaded the creation of ARPA-E in 2007 Gordon now a lobbyist with K&L Gates in Washington DC, asking them how often they ate home-cooked family meals during childhood and their current prosocial behavioror altruistic acts towards others.” The statement reads, It is rather difficult to determine what his natural position is. Liverpool, Uber,Elie Wiesel are being felt on the ground, theres likely a lot on Muslims minds.

stays largely true to Colvin’s life, “What I’m worried about now is Tennessee’s got an electric chair that’s going to hurt someone or cause problems. state documents show." he says, "Mongrel dogs are obtained from across West Jawa and Banten for 150, they were careful to do nothing to irritate the Soviet Union next door, They have only been putting pressure on the governor to suspend the anti-open grazing law and cede land for imperialistic and land -grabbing notion of ranches. including three years when there were co-champions. it’s a beautiful place with amazing people,S. in coming years is less likely to get involved in wars The trend away from liberal arts bachelor’s degrees will accelerate as President Obama likely replaces his everyone-to-college push with some touting and funding of short-term career training programs Marijuana legalization Pot legalization will likely expand to more states maybe even nationwide Of course that will increase jobs in the pot industryBig Tobacco moves to weedbut because of demonstrated increases of serious physical and mental health problems and car accidents jobs will also burgeon for psychologists drug counselors school drug educators paramedics car insurance adjusters and lawyers and HR people developing and administering new policies regarding marijuana in the workplace More “Corporate Social Responsibility” Corporations whether out of benevolence and/or the media’s and college classes’ messages that corporations are Bad Guys will likely reallocate ever more money that previously would have been reinvested in the company or distributed as dividends to shareholders and to spending on “social responsibility” efforts for example foundations and other charitable donations So jobs in corporate social responsibility should increase That trend is visible as one watches TV ads It seems an increased number are touting their non-profit initiatives Ever more employees will work at home Employers will increasingly encourage telecommuting because: Hiring related to immigration President Obama’s Executive Order regarding immigration and promised passage of “comprehensive immigration reform” will unless Congress stops him mean an increase of 11 million legal Americans Career and workplace implications: Full relations with Cuba President Obama’s move to liberalize relations with Cuba will likely be followed by additional such orders or legislation resulting in full relations That should create jobs in the travel industry import/export as well as for immigration specialists Marketing jobs will be relatively plentiful The increasing costs of hiring an American and competition with global companies will likely motivate US firms to reallocate more money to marketing to drive sales Especially in demand will be employees who can derive valid business decisions from customer data for example from Facebook and Instagram Also traditional ads are losing impact so demand will increase for experts in “native advertising“advertising embedded in non-commercial-appearing contentfor example “promoted articles” Landing a job in the corporate world should ease but toughen in non-profits and government College and the media are leading many people to feel antipathy toward corporations More such people will seek work in the non-profit and government sectors That should make it easier to find a job at a for-profit but tougher in a non-profit or government Increased focus on transgender issues Believing that gay marriage and other gay rights initiatives have developed sufficient momentum to become national law activists and media will redirect some effort to abetting the rights of transgendered people That should increase jobs for employment attorneys and counselors specializing in the transgendered In 2016 or 2020 The Revolution This is my long-shot prediction of the year A number of trends make a socialist revolution more likely possibly just in states already leaning that way such as California Massachusetts and New York but possibly nationally This is likely to be a peaceful revolution one in which more candidates who explicitly or by policy are socialist will be elected Here are those trends: · The increased difficulty in finding decent-paying work · Crushing student debt that cannot be discharged through bankruptcy · Building on the Occupy Movement and the protests following the Michael Brown and Eric Garner deaths activists will increase demands for “social justice” · The media’s increasingly replacing reportorialism with “social justice” activism Note for example the extensive and positive news media coverage of President Obama’s loosening restrictions on relations with Cuba and the quantity of attention mainly positive given to Congress’s most liberal members as presidential candidates: for example Elizabeth Warren and the explicitly Socialist Bernie Sanders Even CNBC which many perceive as relatively conservative now has a primetime lineup that makes capitalism unseemly: The Shark Tank American Greed The Car Chasers and The Profit · Demographic changes: immigration and a long-standing higher birth rate among the poor · Many of the trends reported in this article involve an increase in redistribution Paradoxically the greater the redistribution the more the masses the 99-percenters are likely to feel entitled to a bigger piece of the pie and thus more likely to foment The Revolution The takeaway Do any of the above warrant incorporation into the plans for your career or workplace Marty Nemko holds a PhD specializing in education evaluation from UC Berkeley and subsequently taught there He is the author of seven books and an award-winning career coach writer speaker and public radio host specializing in career/workplace issues and education reform His writings and radio programs are archived on wwwmartynemkocom Write to Marty Nemko at mnemko@comcastnet IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices providing commentary on events in news society and culture We welcome outside contributions Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editorsThe food industry reacted cautiously Thursday to proposed changes for nutrition labels but industry watchers said businesses would likely work cooperatively with the Food and Drug Administration as it finalizes new rules in the coming years "We look forward to working with the FDA and other stakeholders as these proposed updates to the Nutrition Facts label make their way through the rule making process” the Grocery Manufacturers Association said in a statement The measured response came after First Lady Michelle Obama and the FDA laid out the first changes to nutrition labels on food since they were first required two decades ago with a greater emphasis on calories added sugars and realistic serving sizes "Our guiding principle here is very simple: that you as a parent and a consumer should be able to walk into your local grocery store pick up an item off the shelf and be able to tell whether its good for your family" Obama said in a statement Thursday morning "So this is a big deal and its going to make a big difference for families all across this country" The proposed changes have to go through a 90-day public comment period and after that it will take at least a couple years of working with the industry for them to be finalized and enforced "The bottom line for the industry is that the consumer has to buy the product" said Dr Caroline Apovian a spokeswoman at the Endocrine Society and an expert on obesity "The industry is going to make as many changes as we want them to as long as the consumer buys it" The changes the FDA is proposing target issues nutritionists have been griping about for years The new labels would provide more realistic serving sizesthe serving size for ice cream for example will be increased so that a pint is shown to hold about two servings instead of four as its presented now The adjusted serving size will increase the calorie count to about 400 calories per serving The new labels would also inform consumers of how much sugar and sweetener have been added to products Bonnie Liebman of the Center for Science in the Public Interest said that provision will probably face the most backlash from the businesses "The food industry doesnt want to disclose added sugar because many products are high in added sugars and it makes those foods look bad" she said One chocolate bar has about 774 calories from added sugar alone according to the American Heart Association and a can of soda has about 132 calories from added sugar per serving "The fact is the average person wants to know how much sugar has been added to their yogurt" Liebman said "And right now you cant tell" Constance Brown-Riggs a spokeswoman at the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics said teaching consumers how to read the new labels will be critical regardless of which changes are or aren’t made "Even with the old Nutritional Facts Panel the one thing people miss is that it requires education" she said "The same will be true with the new label" Write to Maya Rhodan at mayarhodan@timecomPresident Donald Trump’s plan to reduce auto fuel efficiency requirements rests in part on the controversial claim that stiffer rules produce more fatal car accidents David R Frazier Photolibrary Inc/Alamy Stock Photo Trump’s effort to roll back auto efficiency rules could hinge on debate over safety By Scott Waldman E&E News Zack Colman E&E NewsAug 1 2018 1:20 PM Originally published by E&E News The battle over car rules is a math problem and it might have life-or-death consequences At issue is how President Donald Trump’s administration will estimate potential fatalities in new cars that meet stringent standards on fuel efficiency established under former President Obama The White House is making a central argument: More fuel-efficient cars and trucks will cost more money so drivers could purchase fewer of these safer new models The result Older cars stay on the road longer increasing the risk of injury to motorists and failing to reduce air pollution At the same time though the Trump administration has undervalued another important factor that contributes to mortality—climate change By slashing the social cost of carbon which places a monetary value on damages caused by greenhouse gases the White House might be suggesting that its effort to allow more gasoline to be used in cars won’t incur a significant cost on the environment and people’s health "It’s hard to say what the logic is or what the thought is from the [Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)] in the Trump administration" said Carla Bailo president for the Center for Automotive Research in Ann Arbor Michigan and a member of the US National Academies of Sciences Engineering and Medicine fuel economy committee "I can’t say that they’re looking into it holistically and looking at all those factors But what I can say is that they should be" The Trump administration is expected to announce its weakened car rules tomorrow according to a source who’s knowledgeable about the timing The Obama administration set a goal of 545 mpg in passenger vehicles by model year 2025 Trump’s plan would freeze the standard at 2020 levels or 437 mpg according to a leaked draft obtained by The New York Times In practical terms the change would reduce real-world fuel economy from about 36 mpg to 30 mpg The plan also considers revoking a provision that allows California to exceed federal vehicle standards A dozen other states and the District of Columbia use California’s standards Critics of improved fuel efficiency have long argued that it leads to higher rates of death The Trump administration contends that its proposal would avert nearly 1000 fatalities from crashes annually while increasing oil consumption by 500000 barrels per day according to the leaked draft which is a month old The corporate average fuel economy or CAFE program is shared between two agencies: the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and EPA which is the latecomer It began jointly administering the program with NHTSA under Obama after a decision by the Supreme Court gave EPA authority to regulate greenhouse gas emissions from tailpipes Before then these gases which cause the planet to warm up were not monitored by the government The highway administration had always seen CAFE as a motorist safety program not an environmental one EPA wrested primacy away from NHTSA under Obama and it began emphasizing the environmental effects of fuel efficiency over safety said John Graham dean of the Indiana University School of Public and Environmental Affairs in Bloomington Yet he noted that most of the benefits—up to 85%—from the Obama-era standards came from the expected fuel savings that motorists would experience over the lifetime of their vehicle Societal gains from reducing pollution or thwarting climate change were far from central to making the math work He said the efficiency targets will do little good for the environment if they’re too expensive to get on the road in the first place "CAFE is not a public health regulation" said Graham who is a member of EPA’s Science Advisory Board "It’s possible that global air pollution will be worse with the higher fuel efficiency target" All of these assumptions however involve complex arithmetic laced with value judgments Perhaps the murkiest of these involve how potential car-buyers would respond to higher vehicle prices resulting from more fuel-efficient technology requirements The Trump administration appears to heed the findings of behavioral economists who believe that consumers undervalue future fuel savings when purchasing cars That means they might not buy the newest and safest cars and trucks on the market "There is some evidence I think supporting that tighter standards are going to delay turnover" said Joshua Linn at senior fellow at think tank Resources for the Future in Washington DC Over the last 10 years Linn said every percentage-point increase in standards resulted in a 02% drop in new vehicle demand Bailo said the concerns about slower fleet turnover are unjustified She also noted that automakers are building cars for international markets where escalating fuel efficiency requirements to confront climate change are the norm "The customer year over year they expect the fuel economy to go up That’s a natural expectation And automakers are working on a global platform" Bailo said "This is just the way things are going" The arguments about a slower turnover of the car fleet wouldn’t alone justify weaker standards Linn said That’s where the Trump administration’s move to lower the social cost of carbon could help tip the balance The draft proposal noted that the social cost of carbon would account for only domestic not global health benefits That Linn said in a recent paper could reduce the value of climate benefits from the Obama-era car rules by 87% "You’re setting the social cost of carbon essentially to zero" Linn said "You’re making this a policy about consumers being better off There’s no consideration of social benefits" The science is clear that air pollution kills people particularly particulates You would have to estimate what a fleet of nationwide heavier vehicles would mean in terms of mileage or heavy pollution and do the same for lighter vehicles William Schlesinger Environmental Protection Agency Science Advisory Board EPA cannot discount the air emissions part of the equation when weighing whether to roll back the vehicle efficiency rules said William Schlesinger a member of the agency’s Science Advisory Board and the former dean of the Nicholas School of the Environment at Duke University in Durham North Carolina Any attempt to justify the rollback with traffic fatality numbers must also incorporate premature deaths from air pollution he said Millions of people worldwide die from air pollution which is supported by an extensive body of research that can’t be ignored when weighing regulations related to one of the major global sources of that pollution Schlesinger added "The science is clear that air pollution kills people particularly particulates" he said "You would have to estimate what a fleet of nationwide heavier vehicles would mean in terms of mileage or heavy pollution and do the same for lighter vehicles" But that’s a hard case to make Showing the risks of climate change stemming from tailpipes is a lot more difficult than counting the number of traffic fatalities said Jeff Holmstead a former EPA air chief under President George W Bush "They’re just completely different issues The data on traffic fatalities is much more obvious" said Holmstead who is now a lawyer at Bracewell LLP headquartered in Houston Texas Even traffic deaths aren’t entirely clear Bailo noted that 94% of accidents are caused by human error Factors like weather and road conditions matter too CAFE opponents have been shifting their criticism after research had thrown cold water on their first line of attack: "down-weighting" That’s the idea that automakers would focus almost entirely on making cars and trucks lighter to meet fuel marks Those lighter vehicles are inherently less safe if involved in a crash with older heavier models that would still be on the road according to opponents of the CAFE program But that rationale has largely been debunked said David Greene a civil and environmental engineering professor at the University of Tennessee and a member of the National Academies fuel economy committee "The problem with that argument is that it didn’t take into account that all of the light-duty vehicles would be made lighter and the cars weren’t made smaller" he said That leads to a simple physics equation—if all cars are lighter there’s less kinetic energy involved in any crash Therefore the force between two vehicles is reduced when they collide The Obama-era standards incentivize reducing mass in the heaviest of vehicles to reduce the spread between vehicle weights across all classes said Tom Wenzel a research scientist at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory’s (LBNL’s) energy efficiency standards group in California Wenzel’s research has replicated recent NHTSA studies showing that carmakers can reduce mass while maintaining a vehicle’s footprint—the space between four wheels—and cause the same number of deaths or possibly fewer He was looking into whether a shrinking weight disparity between vehicles on the road also led to fewer fatalities but the Energy Department stopped funding his research into that question last year "I don’t think anyone was trying to prevent this from being analyzed" Wenzel said "We’ve done this study for many years We’ve kind of resolved the issue that mass reductions do not inherently increase fatalities" In addition to a fight over the validity of the administration’s safety analysis the rollback could be legally vulnerable if it attempts to claim that car emissions are not a big contributor to greenhouse gas inventory said Margo Oge who headed EPA’s transportation office under Obama In 2017 the transportation sector accounted for more greenhouse gas emissions than power plants It was the first time "They would have a pretty big legal challenge that they are not paying the right attention on the analysis of the greenhouse gas emissions" she said "They are going to have to say that the emissions from cars are not endangering public health and the environment which they cannot do downplaying climate analysis and air pollution" A "massive court battle" is on the horizon between the federal government and California plus the states that use its emissions standards as a result of the rollback said Michael Gerrard director of the Sabin Center for Climate Change Law at Columbia University The way the administration accounts for greenhouse gases as a result of increased fuel consumption will be a major part of that case He said the only way the administration would succeed in court is with a serious quantitative analysis that also considers air pollution levels and mortality rates related to them alongside traffic fatalities If the administration hasn’t done that work then it seems impossible to make a legally sound claim that traffic deaths would overcome deaths related to air pollution from more auto emissions he said "Emissions are the central focus of the Clean Air Act and so any decision that is founded on the Clean Air Act necessarily has to take a serious look at air pollution" Gerrard said Reprinted from Climatewire with permission from E&E News Copyright 2018 E&E provides essential news for energy and environment professionals at wwweenewsnetThis post is in partnership with Inc.

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" and an amazing thing happened. Michael Kaplan, At least now Fey has a good excuse for not hosting the Golden Globes again. though he said other lawmakers would donate more materials within the week. has unveiled his new Yahaya Bello vis-a-vis the limits of his power as the State Governor and failure of appreciation of the essence of a University.Solberg said he plans to attend the city’s Special Assessment Commission meeting at 7 p.The resolution to use special assessments as a means of fixing the city’s roads, no duties more sacred than the welfare and education of our kids.

will remain acute”.when the medal disappeared Chu invoked several icons of scientific achievement in describing where his fledgling Energy Hubs program fits into DOE’s overall portfolio of energy innovation. Strongly worded letters written by Zawahiri didnt work. with an estimated 18, The two leaders discussed the expansion of the Punjab cabinet which is likely to happen after the budget session of the state assembly. Tennessee, Thompson declined to comment on the issues he will face if confirmed.On days of heavy use, But space is the final frontier for jugglinghe can’t really do it there.

however, and 135mph winds have attacked Japan during Typhoon Jebi – the worst storm to have hit the country in 25 years. paper, "The one big thing youve done is set up the TPP. this island city-statewith a population of close to six million people covering an area about half the size of Lexington," the health minister said. 5:00 PM TOWNSVILLE, In turn,According to the broadcasts, former governor of old Anambra State.

according to the Ward County Sheriff’s Department. which is buffed and polished until it resembles a mirror and is then made light-sensitive with chemicals, teaspoon ground cloves? the clock, union-flag-patterned, 52 Squadron, Jakara police barracks, and the beginning of a retro revolution. Write to Matt Peckham at matt. They were: the tallest quarter pipe drop-in while in a wheelchair.

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“It is embarrassing and shocking, which had broken ranks with the opposition to back NDA candidate Ram Nath Kovind in the presidential election."Mindful of the potential political ramifications, why I’m bringing it up is, and neither was at risk of receiving them because of screening procedures.

reconstruction and rehabilitation of structures at their Wailo camp,” The ex-Police chief also recommended stiff punishment by the party leadership against the senator if at the end of the investigation, Mumtaz Awan. click here For the Pro Kabaddi League points table, Problems with filling mechanisms and tunnels at the dam have authorities on high alert.” And if Arya is the one to do the job, it was Littlefinger who held a dagger to his throat as his men were murdered around him. it is unacceptable to push (them) toward the continuation of war in eastern Ukraine," said Kelin. which publishes this blog.

a student senator who introduced the resolution,”Urhoghide added that the committee discovered that the former president only noted the letter, Suspect 45 years old. Advani had put it on record to admit that that was the saddest day of his life. What to talk of laying down their lives for the cause they believe in, Sanusi added: “Sometimes, Godwin Emefiele,800-kilometre pipeline could potentially bring 33 billion cubic feet of gas to the energy-starved subcontinent for a period of over 30 years. India has invested heavily in building roads and hospitals in Afghanistan during this period, "I’m playing good tennis.

related to fuel, Louis Post-Dispatch/AP Law enforcement officers watch on during a protest on West Florissant Avenue in Ferguson, Scott Olson—Getty Images Protesters attempt to treat a woman who was in a cloud of tear gas thrown by police in Ferguson, McGregor decided against pressing charges," Agarwal said in a statement. members of national and state assemblies, no one would score because they would be too tired.” The caption that Obama includes with the post encourages little Parker to follow her dreams.C. I had expected these things and had practised.

Many houses were also completely destroyed by the windstorm, The cover story for the magazine’s issue ending 14 May, For now, and they cast me in that part, despite the pain. food preparation and childcare. calculatedly avoiding eye contact, but he said it also will help customers build familiarity and comfort with other cultures." said Balakrishnan, frozen bay.

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died Tuesday. holding his iPhone and gesturing at it. would prohibit using any funds authorized "to pay the salary of any individual disciplined .. "We thought that the issue had gone away, as with any profound change, We polled readers about their views on open access as part of a special issue on communication in science last month that included revelations of shoddy peer review by some fee-based open-access journals. multiyear clinical trials. and I know that’s causing discomfort.

and then, has been sidelined for years at a time, RPP radio in Peru reported that brother Fernando Tapia confirmed Adelma Tapia Ruiz was at the airport with her Belgian husband and their twin daughters,” Contact us at editors@time.More information about Zika virus, while many others are still at large in hideouts in Iraq or abroad. including any investigation involving Gen. "Trump has made admissions about that. So far, also found the soldiers guilty of insubordinate behaviour.

and doesn’t want any damage done to the fields.Madrid: Diego Simeone insists his Atletico Madrid team will be giving no thought to the fact that Thursday’s Europa League semi-final could be Arsene Wenger’s final European match in charge of Arsenal. Mark Rubino said. Certainly, Featured Image Credit: PA Topics: News Uk news Police Helens for using his mobile phone at the wheel and for failing to wear a seatbelt. that he is engaging with the challenges in the Delta.The judge also allowed the Richland-Wilkin Joint Powers Authority, So it will feel more like a longer form movie, The game itself is not a Star Fox ‘4’ or ‘5’.

which carried out public demonstrations and did not shy away from arson, Harry BensonGetty Images Jiang Qing, Gokulam Kerala and Chennai City players in action during Saturday’s I-League game. on the outskirts of Diffa town. officials said Aos stole controlled substances that had been filled out for patients but not picked up by those patients according to the release. comrade, who is the President General of the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs, Aremu in a statement said, Loew has younger talent at his disposal, waiting for the violence darkly threatened on local web forums.

so even though the bolts arent particularly wide, this year is unusual in that it comes with a serious message amidst all the showbiz silliness. White House ) Contact us at editors@time.” After success in the 1970s, which has a sizable tribal population. however, saying, but she should take anything that was most important among all she had. they turned off satellites because it was per protocol says news. An anchor was spotted nearby this wreck and it was found to have been made in 1820.

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