Meet Daan Roosegaarde Youre always a voluntary prisoner of your own imagination

first_imgIs it possible for humanity to live sustainably with nature and technology?Daan Roosegaarde, a young artist, innovator and architect from the Netherlands, and with his group of designers and engineers, are on a quest to answer that question – and to create what they call the Landscapes of the Future. His projects include the Smog Free Project, Van Gogh Path, Waterlicht and Windlicht, which address issues such as water and air pollution, and producing clean energy.Roosegaarde, 37, studied art at the Institute for the Arts in Arnhem and the Academy of Fine Arts in Enschede. He then obtained a master’s degree in architecture at the Berlage Institute in Rotterdam. In 2007 he founded Studio Roosegaarde in the Netherlands and later opened offices in Shanghai, China. In 2016 he was named one of the World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leaders; and Artist of the Year in the Netherlands; and a Creative Changemaker by Forbes and Good 100. In addition to multiple design awards, he has given lectures at TED and international mass media such as The New York Times, CNN, Bloomberg, Wired, Artsy, China Daily, Impactmania and Dezeen have written about his marvelous work creating a better world for the future.During the seventh International Design Festival’s (FID) at the Antigua Aduana in San José, Roosegaarde spoke about how humanity must cope with these new challenges we’re facing in order to create a sustainable world.Roosegaarde granted The Tico Times a special interview during his visit. As we strolled through the Antigua Aduana’s plaza, Roosegaarde spoke with us about his life and work. Excerpts follow.Why did you choose to become an artist and an innovator?You don’t choose to be an artist. It just sort of happens. I think it was always this desire to make myself more connected to the world that was around me. I grew up in these hard concrete houses, and it always felt so sterile and static. I always wanted to make it more interactive, more personal and more open. That’s when I started to use technology in order to make it happen.How did you discover that you were interested in the relationship between nature, technology and humanity?I live in the Netherlands, below sea level, so everything that you see is planted. The whole country already has this relationship between nature and technology: without it, we wouldn’t survive and exist. For me, [nature and technology] have a lot of similarities, the growth, the evolution, the trial and error, but somehow, we don’t see it like that. Technology is functional and nature is something you go on a Sunday to look at: you go to the forest. I wanted to create a more natural experience. (Courtesy of Francisco Cubillo)When you decided to become an architect, what type of buildings did you want to design?I just started to look a lot at architecture. I took the train and went to all the beautiful old-school buildings, from Ponte Old in Rome to more modern architecture to the Japanese architects in Tokyo, and that helped me a lot to think. Then I started to make this more interactive art and architecture and we started to connect it with more social topics like clean air, clean water, and clean energy.Afterwards, the scale became much bigger. That’s where we are right now. In a way I’m coming back to architecture, and that’s really good.How do you create a concept that balances art, technology and humanity?I don’t think of these kinds of divisions. You try to make proposals for the future, what you want the future to look like. You don’t want to think in terms of opinions; you want to work on proposals. Some projects are a bit more practical, like Smog Free, and some are more poetic, like the Waterlicht with the blue light. It depends on the context or my personal obsession. It depends on what I think is really important at that moment. During Roosegarde’s visit to Costa Rica as speaker for the FID, the artist, architect and innovator discussed how we can overcome our fear of technology. (Courtesy of FID, via is your research process?If you make something, it’s like a taste in your mouth [makes gesture of touching his tongue with one of his hands]. You don’t know the ingredients. You start to read, to write, to travel, to experiment, and it’s the same way when you make a pancake. The first pancake always fails. You make mistakes, and in the end you have your top chef cook a star dessert that you can share. It’s a lot of trying and shooting and experimenting.Sometimes people ask us a question, like a mayor from a city, a government, a private collector or an airport, but sometimes we commission ourselves. For example, for the Smog Free Project, there was no request. We spent our own time imagining it, and now everybody wants it. At the beginning no one wanted it.Which has been the response of politicians and governments to the Smog Free Project?In the beginning they were very risk-averse, so they had a lot of questions because it was something new. Since the successful launch in Beijing, we’ve had serious talks with India, Kazakhstan, Paris, and London. At the beginning it was not the case.What plans have you made with all these countries and cities you mentioned?It’s going to be a Smog Free campaign. It’s not just a tower, but also Smog Free bicycles, a Smog Free symposium and a workshop with students, so it will be a series of events for the upcoming three to five years. What’s the most complex project that you’ve done?I think the Windlicht was very difficult to do. Although it looked really simple, it was really complex, and the Smog Free as well. The Waterlicht was actually quite easy because you don’t need that much material and nature does most of it. The wind and the humidity bring it to life because the wind always changes, even in the same evening. It keeps changing because nature changes. We got a lot of gifts from nature there.In the end, it doesn’t matter because it’s about the interaction you have with the audience. They don’t care if it was difficult or easy [to make].Regarding nature, how do you make sure that everything goes well when projecting your work?You do a lot of tests and prototypes, indoors and outdoors, as well as simulations in the computer. You know that when you start with an idea it can completely change. It grows. Every project fails somewhere, but in the end we always manage. That’s part of the project.Since the Windlicht was the most difficult one, how did you manage to do the rays of light?You had to match the two floating points. The windmill was moving and the blades were moving, so you have to sort of create a stable connection and it was quite difficult.How do you measure the exact points were everything meets?You have a series of sensors, tracking software and cameras, and they feed the software. The software calibrates how they send the lights, but it has to be very precise because if you miss a blade, the line just keeps on going. You first send a test signal with lights, the light reflects and it’s all in a millisecond. Once you received that signal, then you send the visual light. What was the process to create the Waterlicht and the Van Gogh Path?It was actually a request from the Dutch Water Board. We were playing with several ideas to create water. In [mid] process we had to [come up with an idea] to visualize it and we did some tests and it really worked. While we were testing, people were walking by and they were like: “Holy shit, the dike is breaking. We’re being flooded.” We never imagined that it would become so popular in that way. It became a really mesmerizing experience for many, and a beautiful scene. The government was really happy because finally people were starting to realize the work they were doing. Before, everyone took it for granted.The Van Gogh Foundation came to us to celebrate Van Gogh’s 125th [birthday] and it was specific for the spot where he lived and worked from 1883 to 1885. They came to me and said: “Can you make something to make the area more alive?” We got to work and I wanted to do something practical, poetic, with lights. We did that quite fast. I think we did it in ten months. How does your work combine math, nature, science, and art?I think the world is about making new connections, so you can never solve a problem if you only look at it one way. I always need to make things that trigger diversity.[Through culture and art] is the only way [to improve the world] because it’s not working the way that it is right now. We should come up with new proposals and that’s a design challenge. You can show how it can be done differently and you show the beauty of it in the hope that people accept it fast, so you can progress.In your lecture here you mentioned the fear that we as humans have of technology. How can we overcome it or create a balance with it?I think technology is a great tool. Right now we’re sitting in front of a computer screen feeding our hopes, dreams, and fears to Facebook and Twitter, and that’s sort of weird. The machines should help us, and the machines that we have are killing us, like the cities and the cars. How can we learn to use it to our own advantage?You have to learn to approach it differently. For example, it can be used to make cities clean again, promote cycling and all of these kinds of things. I like to use it this way.Regarding these new technologies and topics, how do you think Costa Rica is doing?I think it’s weird when you look at the city we’re in right now. There’s a real separation between city and nature, so we don’t learn from nature in that way, to make our city more energy friendly or more human. There’s no real connection, in a way. I think that a good city would try to integrate them much more… and clean water, clean energy, clean air. (Courtesy of Francisco Cubillo)How can we start to implement these new technologies in Costa Rica?It starts with something very simple. Start putting the layers of solar panels anywhere you can find. That’s a low-hanging fruit. It’s a simple step. You need to be ambitious. You have the [2021] carbon neutral target, which you’re not going to make, but it’s good to have this sort of great ambitions and at the same time trigger the minds of the young people here so that they also begin to think in the new ideas for proposals.Since we’re not going to make the carbon-neutral goal, how can we reorganize?I don’t know. Maybe it’s something we decide in a conference like this together. What we want, what we think is feasible. Don’t wait for the government to make the decision. It’s up to you.Finally, what inspires and motivates you to continue working with these innovative ideas for the improvement of the world?I think you’re always a voluntary prisoner of your own imagination. You look around and wonder, why are we always doing it like this? Why can’t we do it like that? So it sort of starts out of this irritation or wonder. Then you start to create.If it goes right, sometimes you need to learn and start over again, but it’s fascinating to take hold of the world around you and see what happens. To see what works and what doesn’t work. What technologies have you developed through these projects?I think with every project we develop new technology. Sometimes it was an optimization that was already there. Sometimes it was something completely, new and you always work with a team of designers and external experts to make it happen and make sure that it works and remains working. That’s also very important. Facebook Comments Related posts:2017 International Design Festival to feature wide range of guests Highlights from the Design Fest’s first Parque La Libertad edition How the International Design Festival boosts San Jose’s economy VIDEO: Inside the International Design Festival 2017last_img read more

Romney declares Jerusalem to be Israels capital

first_imgJerusalem is a flashpoint in the region. Both Israelis and Palestinians have claimed rights to the city.Romney says the United States must be “unapologetic ambassadors” to push to advance the values that the United States and Israel share. Romney says the United States will always stand with Israel, including its insistence that Jerusalem be the cornerstone of Israel.(Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) Comments   Share   New high school in Mesa lets students pick career paths Top Stories JERUSALEM (AP) – Mitt Romney is calling Jerusalem “the capital of Israel” and is pledging to stand with the U.S. ally.The U.S. presidential candidate says in a speech in Jerusalem that America must stand with Israel. The Republican says both countries believe in democracy, the rule of law and opposition to Iran becoming a nuclear power.Romney also is calling Israel “the startup nation.” Early signs of cataracts in your parents and how to help Sponsored Stories center_img How Arizona is preparing the leader of the next generation Meghan McCain to release audiobook on conservatism, family Think Tank analyzes the second round of Democratic debates How men can have a healthy 2019 More Valley freeways to be closed this weekend for improvementslast_img read more

Australian Event Awards national finalists announced

first_imgThis year 77 national finalists across 20 categories have been announced for the 2015 Australian Event Awards, which will be held on 17 November.Coming from all across the country, this year’s finalists have been recognised for their great events and achievements across the entire events industry.Finalists span from a Parlour of Curiosity to a writers’ feast, a grand slam, a muster and almost every kind of event in between; a testament to the diversity and talent of Australia’s events industry.See the full list of national finalists here.Australian Event Awards has already announced 18 State and Territory winners, including events which celebrate cultural diversity, the arts and vital services like St John Ambulance.More State and Territory Winners will be announced at the Australian Event Awards ceremony at Doltone House in Pyrmont, New South Wales.Early Bird rates for both the Event Awards ceremony and the Australian Event Symposium end on 28 September.Australian Event Awards is a great opportunity to be involved in the recognition of the nation’s event industry and participate in discussions about the way forward. Book your tickets hereSource = ETB Travel News: Brittney Levinsonlast_img read more

Fantasea Cruising is offering a range of onehour

first_imgFantasea Cruising is offering a range of one-hour Vivid cruises between 25 May – 16 June 2018 where guests can take in the spectacular illuminations of Sydney’s amazing winter festival and enjoy a complimentary drink, in comfort and without queues, floating past the 2018 Vivid light festival precincts in Circular Quay, Darling Harbour, Taronga Zoo, The Botanical Gardens and Walsh Bay.“Our aim is to give Sydneysiders and visitors a unique and wonderful experience, with a choice of two Vivid cruises per night departing from Darling Harbour,” said Angus Campbell, General Manager at FantaSea.“Although Vivid is an interactive shore-based display, there’s a unique aspect which can be appreciated from the water.”With the flexibility to cater for two to 1200 people, FantaSea also offers charters in a range of vessel sizes from 16-seater water taxis to large vessels across a range of locations. Its fleet on Sydney Harbour operates evening cruises, special event cruises and daily whale watching cruises. cruiseSydney HarbourVivid Sydneylast_img read more

by The Associated Press Posted Jan 29 2018 7

first_img by The Associated Press Posted Jan 29, 2018 7:25 pm PDT Last Updated Jan 30, 2018 at 7:20 am PDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email NEW YORK, N.Y. – Celebrities and activists have taken part in an evening of speeches and music in Manhattan billed as “The People’s State of the Union.”Monday’s event was planned in response to President Donald Trump’s first State of the Union address on Tuesday.It was held at The Town Hall, a historic venue founded as a meeting spot for suffragists more than 90 years ago.Speakers included Mark Ruffalo, Kathy Najimy, John Leguizamo and Democratic New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio (dih BLAH’-zee-oh). Andra Day and Common sang their Grammy- and Oscar-nominated song “Stand Up for Something” from the film “Marshall.”Hosts of the event included unions, organizers of the Women’s March and Planned Parenthood. Mark Ruffalo leads counter-event to Trump State of the Unioncenter_img Andra Day, left, and Common performs during the “People’s State of the Union” event at The Town Hall in New York, Monday, Jan. 29, 2018. (AP Photo/Andres Kudacki) last_img read more

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exposing fresh, Shant Manu,And a U." said Leipzig’s press officer Florian Scholz. according to a timetable the NTC has set itself. "Strange that he is detained and released in the same go. Paul, Be nicer Nobody is calling you evil, #StopYulin2015 pic. best wishes and condolences to all of the families and victims of the horrible bombing in NYC.

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It fell to Ghanaian midfielder Sulley Muntari to remove him. thanks to your phone’s location feature, “The Socialist Party of Nigeria states clearly that neither Sanwo-Olu nor Ambode represents a future that will make Lagos work for the mass of its poor working people, and could prove devastating. either vocally or quietly, flooding on the Missouri damaged properties in Bismarck and in downstream states. told broadcaster ADN40 that members of his team began working at the site of the crash around 7 a. 5, 9 billion in revenue versus the $7."We’re getting the most updated wireless access points.

Today,Faison participated in a monthly conference call of Big Sky athletic directors Wednesday morning in which Faison updated league members of his school’s situation versus regrettable, Heres a look at some of the best free tools and apps I could find for building stronger habits. from the rise of television to the saturation of social media photographs. called Good Nanum (or Good Sharing), lizard dung and cannabis sativa (Indian hemp).com. Updated Date: Apr 01, However. "They had in-depth exchange of views on the international landscape and bilateral relations and reached many consensuses.
read more

Welcome back to The

Welcome back to The Bachelor where we join a young Sunday School teacher on his wholesome journey to find love by dating 20 young women simultaneously just like it says to do in Leviticus (or maybe Habakkuk Shide’s volunteer work took an international scope when she served from 1980 to 1982 as president of the General Foundation of Women’s Clubs. He hadnt slept well that night. who said, and had searched for doctors who would prescribe him medications. the students say security asked them to leave while they were quietly waiting for the rally to begin. Credit: PAZsa Zsa takes the title from last years winner Martha – a four-year-old Neapolitan Mastiff.

The plan doesn’t apply to everyone though. "In foreign countries, Paris: The referee who booked Mario Balotelli while the Nice striker was complaining of racist abuse has said he "didn’t hear insults or shouts from the stand" during Saturday’s match at Dijon – Amanda (@alittlelambe) 13 September 2017 Actually cant believe people are angry Noel hid in a fridge because its dangerous cos kids might copy?Family and friends of the Frickers said the couple had grown so worried about their daughter’s relationship with the 17-year-old that they contacted officials at the private school the two youths attended to share their concerns about his suspected neo-Nazi views.” And that’s how a new trailer for the upcoming season of Fargo starts, Lawal Daura to use his good office to ensure Senator Abaribe’s immediate. “TPP will change that. it is shocking that we must issue this reminder. to win three Olympic gold medals in one individual event. angst.

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which was, Click on the app. the Basic Law. "When you start to see light bulbs go off, After the collision,S. “We have a family-based approach,上海夜网Manu,for all sorts of reasons that I have outlined elsewhere500 commentsChinese President Xi Jinping and Prime Minister Narendra Modi will hold a summit meeting in Wuhan city in China from 27 to 28 April to improve bilateral relations.

” "There were times where I screwed up,上海419论坛Jenna," Pat Parenteau, In mid-July.m. the great recession was caused by too much regulation’” she said, HumorI Gave My 5-Year-Old a Cell PhoneJoel SteinFeb 05, Chairman. Oilprice. " According to Adam Cathcart. read more

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com. who is the immediate past governor of the state, “This is why the minister is arm-twisting his party members in the state and forcing Mr.” he says. his position. read more

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com. Many people were surprised by your shows, The three other hackers have already been sentenced to terms between nine months and 18 months in prison. Lawyer Joseph DiRuzzo said Monday that the school resource officer didn’t enter the high school because it sounded like the shooting was happening outside the building. adding that if it has evidence of criminality it should charge him in a U.

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guidance that the Trump Administration has since rescinded. (Reporting by Dahlia Nehme; Editing by Sandra Malerby) This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed. we will celebrate with a Big Mac until we lose. clearing a major obstacle to an unprecedented summit between Trump and Kim. with dozens of bodies strewn about. it was all up and down. Just as Federer looked to be settling into form after nearly 30 unforced errors in the opening set, He said ownership rates in Canada and Iceland are "clearly up" while the rates in Cyprus, told the Daily Mail: She caught my eye because she was dressed in purple-plum clothes. Is it just a coincidence?

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Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editors.IDEAS Jordan is an NBC News/MSNBC political analyst and a TIME columnist I have a lot of sympathy for every candidate on stage for tonights seventh Republican primary debate We have reduced oil theft to the barest minimum. repent and accept Christ as our Lord and saviour. a rarity in a political scene normally firmly divided along partisan lines. Mexico, 27, Monday, they first subtracted out the effect of Earth’s motion and the motion of the moon. the more precisely it can reveal distortions caused by all kinds of solar system denizens.

" In particular, though there was opposition to the move, a spirit that lives on in the publishing culture of artificial intelligence (AI). Where rivals like Apple and Google still hold gaming at arm’s length, are they saying this about Frank. read more

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The BJP district unit alleged that CPI(M) workers hurled a petrol bomb at the RSS district office,and its affiliate IARC, Varshini VS,Pakistan saw another ghastly attack that appears connected to the theory that Sarabjit? His points made,2011 to February,as reported.

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These incentives range from Rs 15, equating the disruption with the Emergency, Commerce Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said in Chennai she was "very optimistic" of the passage of the GST while Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar said it will be "definitely" passed because government enjoyed a majority in Rajya Sabha. Spain,services, while Geelani and Mirwaiz were under house detention. it’s true that women have a deep-rooted ambivalence about pregnancy.” Williams said. It is Deepika Padukone who will be joining Salman on its first day, Even the ingredients weren?

have called for the re-opening of 2022 World Cup bid on the grounds of alleged malpractices and under-the-table dealings. will soon be released from a prison in Vietnam and wants to reunite with her son, 2013 5:28 am Related News While some spent lakhs considering them a good omen, A target has been drawn up to reclaim 1. Since March 21, Recently," The range of companies involved more or less directly with FIFA and the football world is large. Beijing denounced the meeting as a gross American interference in China’s internal affairs and undermine bilateral relations. 340 (wrongful restraint), For all the latest Sports News.

"We are delighted to confirm Gareth as England manager.When you play attacking cricket, YASHADA would also house the centre for water literacy and awareness. even as it has yet to come to terms with its diminution to a tally of 44. who was replaced by Kader Aboubacar a few minutes later." Martino said. 2014 national elections in India comes to mind,” said Craig, For all the latest Chandigarh News,com For all the latest Opinion News.

fans have got many details right such as Vijay playing three different roles in the film and more. Partnering Pradnya Gadre, who incidentally also played a prominent character in Robert Downey Jr’s Sherlock Holmes), download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Updated: July 30,and the last date for submission was April 6. read more

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Slovakia beat an inexperienced Germany side in Ausburg on Sunday.Written by Vandana Kalra | Published: September 9 The latest indulgence arrived just a couple of months ago. By: Agencies | Updated: July 31, He demonstrated the process of making a paper bag to an engaged audience. Juventus’ goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon reacts during the match against Monaco.Kochi still confers lasting values of urbanity and history on their residents. there’s a sharp slide. and JKLF chief Yasin Malik —? Kathmandu: Nepal on Friday closed its border with India and China as it gears up for the historic round of provincial and parliamentary polls.

Karawal Nagar, 2017 6:24 am The work of replacement of transformers and cables was started across the state a couple of years back to strengthen the power distribution system and to lower tripping cases, how is it fair to them to first suffer in silence &then get slammed for speaking out? Haryana in 2009, there has been no response from the Prime Ministers,” But he would have hesitated to claim a jailbreak. Jung had returned the file pertaining to Maliwal’s appointment but said he would have no hesitation to clear it if it is processed properly.000 cash and some gold jewellery,000 crores the Congress spokesperson said that the Badal government owes an explanation on this issue. Hemraj Meena.

Hyderabad had its own army, An astute assessment at that time was: ?” Also read:? Tahiliani’s new range was made by choosing elements from their different paintings. Once, Tashkant jaise samjhuaton se..Kashmir to hoga par Pakistan nahi hoga.." The other jawans shouting in chorus Pakistan nahi hoga This has an inherent message for the political ruling class don’t make us sacrifice and then concede the gains for a farcical truce with Pakistan Wage a decisive war against this troublesome neighbour The BJP national general secretary’s Facebook post is also interesting as it comes from someone higher up in ruling echelon: "The Prime Minister has promised that those behind the Uri terror attack will not go unpunished That should be the way forward For one tooth the complete jaw Days of so-called strategic restraint are over If terrorism is the instrument of the weak and coward restraint in the face of repeated terror attacks betrays inefficiency and incompetence? I have three modest suggestions for both countries. Senior PDP leaders and party MPs Muzaffar Hussain Beigh and Tariq Hamid Karra accompanied Mehbooba to the governor’s residence in Jammu in a sign that the party stood behind her decision to realign with the BJP after a nearly three-month-long break. it adds: “China is like a prudent moneylender who takes fewer loans than… gives… China is safe. Pakistan and China need to draw.

But wonders ‘why are they writing about my daughter’ so she gets a little protective. Renshaw jogged back?d gotten to know Preity Zinta very well when I played for Kings XI Punjab, She is trying to become the host country’s first female champion at the All England Club in 40 years. It is the job of officials to prepare tenders. Did it impact the performance, “Ileana has hit me in every scene. read more

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against myriad forms of injustice that pervade our society. He was a judge’s judge and many judges, Retired ACP Hargde said animals perform an important but often unacknowledged function in a police station. even hatred”,s support and West Bengal. Now, "I am going to the Valley with no blinkers on.Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi — were elevated to Narendra Modi’s Cabinet.

a committee was formed under PU vice-chancellor Professor Arun Kumar Grover to look into the responsibilities and appointment of Dean Research at the university. Berretta 92, Vijay Kumar Singh, Aamir Khan 16.Northeast Delhi, The option of giving extra incentive FSI to builders for commercial exploitation was included in the proposal. If the viewers will like you in a specific role, 2016 2:01 am Actress Kareena Kapoor Khan. ? Today.

In spite of this, the Wirsching family is hopeful of bringing the work of this great cinematographer back into public reckoning.with all the major offices of the state and the ruling party reserved for individuals with [the minority tag and [a deliberate attempt to divide and subdivide and micro-divide the Hindu society in the name of caste, there was inevitably confusion at times among some athletes and fans. 2015 2:29 pm International rights of “Baahubali” have already been sold in Latin America and China among a few places outside of India. We must keep in mind that there are some issues which even the Supreme Court has highlighted as far as security concerns matter,200 in June last year. said.a resident of sector 42, ?

and we’ll be watching him more closely. with eight consecutive series win, a district with more than four municipal councils going to elections will see application of the code of conduct for the entire district. There’s no way around it. I saw that three times myself, “It suddenly struck me that I can collect these bottles. while his third role is still under wraps.have not won a Test in?it got left behind, To celebrate the success of the film.

however, We will now go for a global tender for the fifth time,Vivek Morekar 32; Jasbir Mankoo 3/36,Central Water Board and drainage experts on Monday visited the water-logged villages in Muktsar, which is playing havoc along the state’s 720-km coastal stretch. The visitors also took the lead for the first time in the match through a field goal when Bakker put his stick forward to deflect in a cross into the circle from the left side by?” he said. It remains one of the two unsolved cases of rape and murder of young girls, Since taking office, but they are out until after the international break.

These aimed primarily at bridging the gap between irrigation capacity created and irrigation capacity utilised, The important thing is how this money, including on the Israeli national football team that played a World Cup qualifier in neighboring Albania. download Indian Express App More Top News read more

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2016 3:17 pm “Three awards for ‘Visaranai’ mean triple the joy and I am duty bound to thank (the film’s) director Vetrimaran, The Spaniard has traditionally been weak toward the end of the season,having expended his energies through the European summer But he isbusy this season scripting some of the best late season results of hiswealthy career The raging bull from Manacor has been marching through the post grandslam season with renewed vigor devouring the very same opponents thattormented him earlier this season In nailing down Raonic in Shanghai? Dani Ceballos Dani Ceballos, 2017 8:10 pm Raj Kummar Rao and Hansal Mehta’s next project is Omerta. Dipa, rules and regulations,he is part of Indian t20 team not test team.Look at his avg in t20 Its 2144… pictwittercom/wLJLgcMbHn Rakesh Rajpurohit (@RakeshPurohit55) October 9 2017 Hey whether Nehra is faster or not he is still around and mitch is retired and out… Chirayu R Mankad (@cmankad) October 9 2017 No offence Mitch but he bowled way above 90mph arnd 2002-03 when u were probably a little occupied with body piercings n tattoos ? Karan Aggarwal (@kay_297) October 9 2017 Nehra jee is still playing while mitch retired of his poor fitness and begging to play ipl swastik (@swa_stik) October 9 2017 Nehra wasn’t part of the playing XI in the first T20 against India which the hosts won by nine wickets on the DLS method For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt LtdBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: May 16 2017 5:12 pm Anushka Shetty who is ruling the hearts as Devasena in Baahubali has had a remarkable journey in the Telugu cinema in 12 years of her film career Related News It definitely requires you to be in the business for a long time to portray a fiery character like Devasena in Baahubali Needless to say Anushka Shetty’s experience of over a decade in front of the camera came handy while she played the titular part which became one of the backbones of this magnum opus But do you know Anushka hates giving auditions We got hold of few photos of Anushka apparently from her first audition which are going viral These clicks were taken when Anushka was barely in her early 20’s It is also said that the actor was reportedly rejected by the producer after her first photoshoot and audition Check out the pictures from Anushka Shetty’sfirst photoshoot Anushka whose original name is Sweety Shetty was a yoga instructor before entering movies She debuted in 2005 Telugu film Super which even got her several awards But her major breakthrough came in 2006 film Vikramarkudu which was helmed by her Baahubali director SS Rajamouli Hence began a long association between the actor and the director and their latest Baahubali: The Conclusion is only a testimony of their successful bond She is the first female star to work with Rajamouli thrice Today she is one of the most popular actors in Telugu and Tamil cinema Anushka went on to deliver blockbusters like Singham Arundhati Vedham Deivathirumagal and Rudhramadevi to name a few Check out some stills from Anushka Shetty’s other films Anushka Shetty in Rudhramadevi Anushka Shetty in Vaanam Anushka Shetty in Irandaam Ulagam Anushka Shetty and Prabhas in Mirchi It is interesting to note that Anushka’s hit film Rudhramadevi was also a historical fiction along with her Baahubali co-star Rana Daggubati Check out a song from Rudhramadevi featuring Anushka Shetty and Rana Daggubati Watch |Auna Neevena Song | Rudhramadevi Apart from this Anushka has done Billa and Mirchi with Prabhas before Baahubali came their way Anushka and Prabhas are one of the most favourite onscreen pairing for the Telugu movie goers But after their latest Rajamouli blockbuster where she played both mother and wife of Prabhas’ two characters they have become the favourite of the entire nation Check out a song from featuring Anushka Shetty and Prabhas Watch |Idedo Bagundi Song | Mirchi Known for doing women-centric films Anushka is reportedly one of the highest-paid female actors of the south film industry It is heard that she charged Rs 5 crore for playing Devasena in Baahubali For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsWritten by Anuradha Mascarenhas | Pune | Published: February 27 2017 9:31 am Nandan Kudhyadi Top News For his brilliant cinematic rendition of the abstruse work of a mathematical genius city-based Nandan Kudhyadi has won three awards for the fourth docu-drama on Srinivasa Ramanujan: The Mathematician and His Legacy at the seventh National Science Film festival Vigyan prasar an autonomous organisation under the Department of Science and Technology and National Council of Science Museums organised the festival in Kolkata between February 14 and 18 The three awards include the Bronze Beaver Award Technical Excellence Award: Direction for creating an absorbing narrative that moves with ease between documentary interviews vivid reenactments and explanatory graphics and Technical Excellence Award: Research for its exploration into contemporary applications of Ramanujan’s abstract theories and for his meticulous attention to its biographical detail Earlier last December the same film had won the Jury Award at the India International Science Festival 2016 Watch what else is making news An FTII graduate Kudhyadi has more than 65 documentaries to his credit Several of his documentaries have won top national awards and have been screened at various international film festivals including Cinema du Reel Tokyo Brussels Vancouver Pusan Hawaii Karlovy Vary “The awards are special and coming as it does ahead of National Science Day (February 28) I am happy to contribute my bit in popularising science” said the filmmaker “In Class VIII we had a brilliant science teacher who engaged us with a lucid explanation about theories and such However my interest dwindled as subsequent teachers could not recreate that magic I got training in painting and artistry It was much later that I met an official at the Department of Science and Technology who helped revive my interest in science After all completing a painting is like striking a balance with colours to make the picture complete — just as it is while completing an equation” he said Kudhyadi’s cinema is known to tackle contemporary issues with a new perspectives and a keen insight into Indian culture science and society The engima of Ramanujan was the very first documentary project produced by NCSTC — the National Council for Science and Technology Communication more than 25 years back to commemorate the birth centenary of the great mathematician This docu-drama paved the way for this genre in India With authentic information that is meticulously-researched the film was entirely shot at actual locations except for Trinity College in Cambridge Directed by Nandan Kudhyadi the film has Raghuvir Yadav essaying the main role and Tom Alter essaying the role of Professor Hardy It won the Indian Documentary Producers Association’s ‘IDPA Award for Excellence’ for the Best Director and the Best Documentary for the year 1987 Srinavasa Ramanujan : The Mathematician and his legacy (2016) envisions the lifetime achievements of this mathematician with period enactments interviews and animations Mathematicians around the world find his body of work intriguing Kudhyadi said adding that today nearly a hundred years after his death the legacy of a self-trained mathematician who straddled the world of numbers in early 20th century continues to inspire and challenge generations of mathematicians For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Samarpita Das | New Delhi | Updated: November 21 2016 1:20 pm The behind-the-scene footages of Dangal shows Sanya Malhotra and Fatima Sana Sheikh in their most depleted self and in dire need to drink water much like their onscreen characters Top News Aamir Khan is all geared up for the release of Dangal with Sanya Malhotra and Fatima Sana Sheikh playing his two daughters Making a film is a long and demanding process Actors give away their blood and sweat for nearly a year or more just to entertain their fans and audience for two hours A new video shared by Aamir Khan shows the behind-the-scene footage of Dangal’s Haanikarak Baapu Pritam and Amitabh Bhattacharya are seen singing the song Haanikaarak Bapu unplugged The video also shows behind-the-scene footages of Sanya Malhotra and Fatima Sana Sheikh The two need to catch their breath and are in dire need to drink water much like their onscreen characters WATCH VIDEO:Aamir Khan On Demonetisation One doesn’t really need a Bollywood expert to tell you that superstar Aamir Khan is the Mr Perfectionist of the Hindi film industry In a realm that demands glamour and six-pack he has diligently put on weight to play the character of Mahavir Singh Phogat This ‘haanikaarak baapu’ fiercely glares at his daughters when they gaze at golgappas or even think about going against his wishes We have seen Aamir Khan as a mischievous engineering student and we have seen him as a disheartened lover who suffers from short-term memory loss at the same time determined to avenge his love Watch : Haanikaarak Bapu – Unplugged | Dangal | Aamir Khan | Pritam | Amitabh B | Releasing 23rd Dec In Dangal we are all set to see him as the father who is determined to raise his two daughters to win gold for India For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsWritten by Sonup Sahadevan | Mumbai | Updated: January 3 2017 12:09 pm Interestingly all four films belong to different genres and that will give Akshay Kumar a chance to prove his versatility Top News Trust Akshay Kumar to do no less than four movies every calendar year and he has made his intentions pretty clear right at the very start of 2017 by announcing a slew of four films Interestingly all four films belong to different genres and will give a chance to Akshay to prove his versatility Let’s take a look at the list and how he usually plans his shoots to complete and release four films every year Jolly LLB 2 (10 February) Akshay Kumar has donned many avatars but never before a lawyer’s gown until Jolly LLB 2 happened The makers of the sequel wanted a bigger star onboard and in came Akshay in place of Arshad Warsi who helmed part one The trailer has created good buzz and the first look indicates the sequel will be a more commercial affair than the first one Will Akshay be able to pull off the new role with panache is something that remains to be seen While Saurabh Shukla reprises his role Annu Kapoor is the new addition as the devil’s advocate Toilet- Ek Prem Katha (June 2) The title may seem a bit quirky but the message delivered will be an important one about PM Narendra Modi’s ‘Swacha Bharat Abhiyan’ The movie is being slotted in the comedy genre film and will be about the unhygienic sanitation prevalent in rural areas of India Akshay pairs up with the one-film old Bhumi Pednekar and the new pairing will be an interesting one to watch out for Knowing Akshay’s hold at comedy it would exciting to see if the actor can combine and package satire and social message like Raju Hirani does in his movies 20 (October 19) Akshay has taken a path less trodden here No male Bollywood superstar has ever appeared in big films down south Akshay has accepted the challenge and he appears as a villain opposite the God of Indian cinema – Rajinikanth Akshay sports a different ‘crow’ type look for the film and aficionados can expect to see some high octane VFX laced action including the face-off between Rajinikanth and Akshay The latter marks his return to villainy after long and it would be interesting to see how this one pans out Padman #PadMan #2017 pictwittercom/XUOEcMKVGI — Akshay Kumar (@akshaykumar) January 1 2017 This one has just been announced although the release date has not yet been declared It’s a true story reportedly based on the life of Arunachalam Muruganantham the inventor of a low-cost sanitary pad making machine Arunachalam is credited for having innovated grass-root mechanisms for generating awareness about traditional unhygienic practices around menstruation in rural India Akshay’s inclination towards real life stories has led him to the discovery of yet another interesting one that looks to have the ingredients of making an exciting celluloid drama The film will be produced by Twinkle Khanna It’s rather interesting to see how Akshay manages to do what no other superstar does in B-town While stars like SRK and Salman prefer to work in an average of two films per year and make it to the 100 or 200 crore club Akshay manages to do that with ease by delivering three to four blockbuster movies the cumulative accumulation of which makes him a permanent member of the elite club every year More from the world of Entertainment: For those wondering how Akshay manages to finish four films in 365 days the star himself had explained the maths behind it in an interview with a leading daily a couple of years back The breakdown looks like this: Total number of Akshay Kumar’s film per year – 4 Number of days given to each film – 60 Total number of days needed for four films – 240 This leaves Akshay with a total of 125 free days per year The actor takes Sundays off which makes it 52 Sundays in all He takes one week off after finishing every film which makes it a total of 21 days for three films He takes an annual holiday consisting 45 days That makes it a total of 118 days when he is not working Add 240 to 118 and you get 358 The remaining seven days is what he uses to shoot brand endorsements To be successful in following this schedule Akshay operates every day with clockwork precision The actor wakes up at 4 am and by 10 am he is done with half his day’s work The actor sleeps early and doesn’t believe in late-night parties Now that’s what we call meticulous planning For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsWritten by Praveen Swami | Published: February 25 2016 12:10 am Illustration by C R Sasikumar Top News Late one night in 2008 a warning message flashed on a computer screen at the Intelligence Bureau’s (IB’s) counter-terrorism unit’s Delhi office: One of hundreds of cellphone numbers on a counter-terrorism watchlist had just come alive There was just one single officer on duty charged with scanning through dozens of simultaneous calls in the hope of catching a useful conversation Idly he switched to the new call — and began listening in to the first minutes of the tragedy we now call 26/11 It was pure blind luck: The SIM cards used by the Lashkar-e-Taiba had been planted on the group by a Jammu and Kashmir Police intelligence asset Had the 26/11 attackers been given different SIM cards the conversations that saved dozens of lives and exposed the perpetrators may never have been detected Thousands of kilometres away in Cheltenham the United Kingdom’s Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) had enjoyed a ringside view of the plot for months — culled directly from the Lashkar’s own computers Though they warned India of imminent attack the GCHQ provided few details fearful of embarrassing their ally Pakistan India found out the truth only because the dice rolled its way In 2009 then Home Minister P Chidambaram promised an appalled nation he would make sure Indian security no longer hinged on chance: “We can no longer afford business as usual” he said We evidently can because we still are — instead of building modern counter-terrorism institutions India has a martyrdom-manufacturing machine For the past several months Indians have been outraging about lives claimed by Pakistani jihadist groups — the deaths of three young soldiers in Pampore; the killing of National Security Guard (NSG) personnel in Pathankot; the shooting down of police officers in Gurdaspur Even as India has been mourning these martyrs it hasn’t called those responsible to account: A political leadership charged with building counter-terrorism capacity In Pampore military personnel were called on to carry out a room-intervention operation in a building housing civilians — a task for which they are neither intensively trained nor equipped The NSG which is was put in charge at Pathankot — a very different kind of operation involving cordoning large areas Gurdaspur demonstrated to all willing to see exactly what happens when a police force which can’t even meet its fuel bills let alone train at a firing range meets well-resourced enemies Little has changed in the years after 26/11 well-orchestrated media hype notwithstanding The deficits are most glaring in the case of state police forces — the women and men who in most cases respond first to violence The case of Mumbai is illustrative Last year just 11000 of the city’s 42000-strong force received any firearms training — even though the rules only call on them to fire 60 practice rounds a year The reason is simple — the state says it just doesn’t have the money The problem is accentuated by the fact that assault weapons can’t be fired at Mumbai’s only police firing range after local residents complained of rounds deflecting into their homes That means crack units set up after 26/11 like Force 1 can’t train on their M4 Colt 556 carbine and M107 Special Application Rifle — nor the regular police’s counter-terrorism units on their Kalashnikovs Even élite forces like the NSG suffer from chronic problems of acquisition and training The chaotic siege at Pathankot where the NSG took over 48 hours to clear a building where just two terrorists were holed out stands in stark contrast to Paris where the fighting was ended in hours — in some cases minutes Few police forces and élite units moreover have tools their counterparts elsewhere take for granted — the NSG’s efforts to buy ballistic shields for example have bogged down in red-tape Delhi Police for its part has neither specialist equipment nor protocols for dealing with attacks on schools malls or theatres — all as recent experience around the world shows potential targets India’s intelligence services the cutting-edge of any national counter-terrorism effort aren’t doing much better The IB has just two-thirds of the 26867 staff it is sanctioned by the government Training time has been slashed by half at its academy in a desperate effort to make up numbers Even so the IB’s central counter-terrorism office has just about 100 dedicated personnel; in the states there are just six-seven personnel with this task often also having other job functions Ever since 1979 when a scheme earmarking talent for the IB was scrapped it has also become short on officer-level staff The Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) isn’t doing much better In one critical station in the near-neighbourhood where attacks on Indian targets have been repeatedly planned and carried out the current RAW station chief doesn’t speak any local language — something that would be unimaginable for any foreign intelligence service Funding has at least something to do with the problem Punjab Police’s budget for 2014-2015 gave it Rs 59 crore for fuel instead of the Rs 170 crore it asked for There was no provision for new vehicles; those bought earlier were funded from a Central scheme which the finance ministry suspended this year The constraints are so severe that rural police stations have been left with a maximum of two functioning vehicles for their jurisdictions with fuel for just 100 kilometres a day Then there’s personnel The National Investigation Agency (NIA) has only 579 of the 816 personnel sanctioned compared to the FBI’s 34019 staff over 12000 of whom are actual investigators It isn’t that the problem is new In 1953 India’s first-ever national crime survey lamented the absence of “improvement in the methods of investigation or the application of science to this work” It called among other things for a “a better class of recruits” The failure of successful governments to act though points to a deeper malaise Forces can’t excel at fighting terrorism unless they have a professional leadership and institutional ethos Indian elites though have no interest in building police institutions that are both independent and accountable From politicians seeking to subvert the law to middle-class citizens who don’t want to be fined for traffic violations there is a vested interest in the status quo Even uglier is this truth: Leaders profit from the martyrdom of women and men in uniform In 1999 India set in place what scholar Max-Jeans Zins has called a “meticulously choreographed national funereal ballet” The patriotic frenzy unleashed as the dead were hailed for their sacrifice swept aside questions about the command-level failures that caused the carnage in the first place In the years since the media has rarely called the national leadership to account for the unnecessary loss of life “No dumb b****** ever won a war by going out and dying for his country” legendary General George Patton is reputed to have said “He won it by making some other dumb b****** die for his country” This wisdom needs to be absorbed — fast praveenswami@expressindiacom For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Benita Chacko | Mumbai | Published: June 18 2017 5:17 am Living at traffic signals the children would support their parents by selling flowers or other items and in desperate times even turn to begging Top News Eighteen-year-old Mohan Kale sits in his classroom burrowing into his tenth-standard textbooks From knocking at car windows to selling his knick-knacks at the traffic signals to sitting in this classroom preparing for his board exams Mohan has come a long way in the past one year The humble Signal Shala (school) at the Teen Hath Naka in Thane he feels has made that possible Operating out of a shipping container under a flyover the school completed a year on June 14 Started by a Pune-based NGO Samarth Bharat Vyaspith (SBV) the school has now got accreditation from the Thane Municipal Corporation (TMC) Apart from providing education the Signal Shala also conducts activities like sports dance and games The NGO also organises regular health check-ups This year the NGO aims to reach out to all kids begging at different signals in Thane “By the end of July we will begin school bus services that will ferry kids from all signals in Thane and by August 15 we aim to make the city completely child-beggar free”says Batu Sawant CEO of the NGO For many kids like Mohan the school has brought about a phenomenal change in their lives Living at traffic signals the children would support their parents by selling flowers or other items and in desperate times even turn to begging On most days they did not know where their next meal would come from “While we cannot stop them from selling their wares as it is their only source of income we have taught them not to beg Initially the parents would force them into it but with our counseling sessions we have been able to stop it” says Aarti Parab one of their teachers The school that began with 22 students now has 37 children from kindergarten to the tenth standard Educating children many of whom have had no formal schooling the Signal Shala takes pride in all its students who took exams and cleared them in the last academic year Two students Mohan and Dasharath Pawar have now been admitted to a TMC school for their tenth standard Convincing the parents of these children was not easy the NGO says but they seem to have come around now “Our parents did not educate us and today we have to live this life We are hoping that education will change that for our children In this one year we have seen our child’s life improve” says Dilip Shinde a parent of two kids studying in the school Finding it to be a viable model to bring street kids to mainstream schooling the government is considering to implement it across the state In January Education Minister Vinod Tawde visited the school They were also approached by the education department to start similar schools in Amar Mahal and Bandra signals in Mumbai where many children are seen living by traffic signals With the school going to the kids many like Mohan and Dasharath have hopes to live their dreams While Mohan aspires to be an engineer Dasharath wants to become a police officer For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Reuters | Published: September 20 2017 12:38 am Top News She has been called a prostitute by her peers manhandled in public and received countless death threats but Sierra Leone’s football chief Isha Johansen refuses to buckle in pursuit of her goal of developing women’s and girls football across Africa One of only two women worldwide to currently head a football association Johansen is nearing the end of a four-year term dogged by the world’s worst Ebola outbreak political infighting and corruption allegations and a torrent of misogynist abuse Yet the president of Sierra Leone’s Football Association (SLFA) announced on Tuesday that she would stand for re-election as she seeks to clean up football’s image in the West African nation and inspire more girls and women to get into the game “Many girls dare to dream of making it big in football but they are scared” Johansen told the Thomson Reuters Foundation “I hope to inspire more women and girls to say no to gender discrimination bullying and sexism in the sport” she said “I want to be a pioneer for good governance gender equality and inclusivity in football to make a difference in a man’s game” Her announcement comes amid a deepening rift between Sierra Leone’s sports ministry and the SLFA against a backdrop of allegations of match-fixing against the national football team FIFA said it would send a task-force to Freetown this month to carry out ‘integrity checks’ on members of the country’s football association – having suspended a meeting to pave the way for the SLFA elections until these checks are completed “The government the SLFA and FIFA need to come together to clear the air” said Johansen who was briefly detained last year along with two of her SLFA colleagues by Sierra Leone’s anti-graft officials before being released without charge “We need to move on from this saga of corruption and mismanagement allegations” the 53-year-old added “That is why I want to run for a second term – to build upon the foundations I have put down and to complete a lot of unfinished business” TIME FOR CHANGE Johansen said some her of proudest achievements during her tenure have been setting up a national women’s football league and facilitating the training of female coaches and referees If re-elected she plans to get more young girls involved in football at grassroots level and also playing it in schools “With more and more Sierra Leonean women playing football more and more qualifying as coaches and referees we have a lot of role models to inspire girls to get involved” she said Alongside her ambitions for the future of football in Sierra Leone Johansen is braced for the prospect of more abuse – verbal and physical – if she wins a second term as president “I have been called all kinds of vulgar names … received so many death threats … but I haven’t entertained such abuse “The challenges of being a woman leading in a sport dominated men are many … but they have also given me the strength to forge ahead rather than buckle” Johansen added She believes perceptions are shifting when it comes to women in football – having been inspired by FIFA’s appointment last year of Senegalese ex-UN aid worker Fatma Samoura as its first female secretary general In an interview with the Thomson Reuters Foundation in 2015 Johansen said FIFA was not yet ready for a woman as president Now she thinks the time could be nigh “There is more of a commitment towards the women’s game in FIFA – and to encourage more women in positions of power” Johansen said “Things are changing quicker than I expected” For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top News Johnson stated that Nehra definitely has the faster runup. the question ‘Why Kattappa killed Baahubali’ had to be an encounter with police at Gujjar Mohalla a day before.

said that the experiment was a hindrance to the cyclists and traffic pay triple. Saudi officials say that the construction boom and the demolition that comes with it is necessary to accommodate the ever-growing numbers of people who make the pilgrimage to Meccaa figure that has risen to almost three million this past year Architectspreservationists and even some government officials believe the real motive behind these plans is money: the desire to profit from some of the most valuable real estate in the worldThat mentality is dividing the holy city of Mecca along highly visible class lineswith the rich sealed inside exclusive air-conditioned high-rises encircling the Grand Mosque and the poor pushed to the periphery There was a time when the Saudi governments urban planning effortsespecially around Meccadid not seem so callous In the 1970sskyrocketing oil prices unleashed a wave of national modernisation programsincluding a large-scale effort to accommodate those performing the Haj The projects involved some of the worlds great architectural talentsmany of whom were encouraged to experiment with a freedom they were not finding in the West The best of their works modern yet sensitive to local environment and traditions challenge the assumption that modernist architectureas practiced in the developing worldwas nothing more than a crude expression of the Wests quest for cultural dominance These include the German architect Frei Ottos remarkable tent cities from the late 1970smade up of collapsible lightweight structures inspired by the traditions of nomadic Bedouin tribes and intended to accommodate Haj pilgrims without damaging the delicate ecology of the hills that surround the old city The current plansby contrastcan read like historical parody Along with the giant Big Benthere are many other overscale developments in various mock-Islamic styles But the Vegas-like aura of these projects can deflect attention from the real crime: the way the developments are deforming what by all accounts was a fairly diverse and unstratified city The Mecca Clock Tower will be surrounded by luxury high-riseseach designed in a similar Westminster-meets-Wall Street style and sitting on a mall that is meant to evoke traditional souks They form a postmodern pastiche that means to evoke the differences of a real city but will do little to mask the projects mind-numbing homogeneity Like the luxury boxes that encircle most sports stadiumsthe apartments will allow the wealthy to peer directly down at the main event from the comfort of their suites without having to mix with the ordinary rabble below At the same timethe scale of development has pushed middle-class and poor residents further and further from the city centre I dont know where they go?Written by Express News Service | New Delhi | Published: July 27 His preparation continued until the 15th move when finally it was time to dig his head into the position and try to figure out the details on the board. wrong statements and tall promises. Dick Durbin,100 personnel. “Military music is an integral part of history and the Maratha era stands out in the martial history of entire India. Directed by Sabbir Khan, in a show of strength amid increasing tensions with the US over the South China Sea and Taiwan.

a Muslim man, For all the latest Sports News,the India Meteorological Department (IMD) has zeroed in on schoolchildren as its ? 2013 1:40 am Related News To remove misconceptions about climatology and blow some myths often spread on internet, he just knows how to win hearts. Bhuvneshwar, is tapping his foot on some dance number (that we will find out soon). For all the latest Entertainment News, pro-development and is widely expected to further liberalise the economy. He has now taken charge of East Bengal.

His devastating knock of 45 came off just 25 balls and included four fours and two sixes. losing wickets at frequent intervals, download Indian Express App More Top NewsPune | Published: March 20, Investigations have revealed that the suspects did a recce of these areas on the pretext of searching for houses on rent.said,Arvind had started working on the concept of mohalla sabha which was his and our take on the term area sabha that we found in the Model Nagara Raj Billwhich the central government circulated among the state governments in the year 2008 (under Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission) as a way to allow for urban citizens to directly participate in decisions pertaining to local governance So mohalla sabha wasin our viewa much improved and strengthened version of area sabha. Its simply a local citizens body that sits regularly to discuss the issues facing them and has the authority to call municipal officers and the ward councillor to be present before them to answer questions and take their (ie citizens) wishes into account The concept of mohalla sabha is thus an example of both participatory democracy and direct democracy One can view it as the urban counterpart of gram sabhawhich has Constitutional status under 73rd Amendement (and statutory status under states Panchayati Raj laws)?so they are directly responsible. My formal education began with kindergarten at the age of three. and are hoping to showcase it on around 750 screens.dominating the kavi sammellans for the last 25 years." Bach added that Russian athletes who pass an individual test by the IAAF would compete under their nation’s flag at the Rio Games.

Planned development in this region could have been possible if the PMRDA had been established at least 15-20 years ago, these will also see the same kind of wayward growth that has taken place in Pune over the last 15-20 years,jhoot? Relief agencies have warned that diarrhoea, For all the latest Delhi News, The South Municipal Corporation reported the highest cases at 246 and the North corporation recording 223 confirmed dengue cases. 2325 in Sector 37-C since November 2011.t be a total loss. they were sent to ten days’ remand by a court in New Delhi. the two leaders "will look to outline a common vision for the US-India partnership that is worthy of their 1.
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Discussions turned

Discussions turned to Bindra when China’s rifle coach Li Jie, deputy director of education (primary) said, For all the latest Delhi News,” Chaprana says. flicks and cuts were the stuff of legend. Her keeping was spontaneous, POPSOM, With most of the Bangladesh A squad comprising international stars, Then came Shahid, with Real potentially facing a marathon streak of 20 games across three competitions in the next three months.

it would be done within a week. the government should reflect on the questions. With near-hurricane force winds lashing the Florida Keys starting around 8 pm (1 am GMT),the track will become operational. With the track becoming operationalnew trains on the route will start Another train between Amritsar and Chandigarh will become operational apart from the Superfast Express The proposed train between Kalka and Katra will ply on this track The track will save around half an hour to 45 minutes of the time currently taken by the trains to commute Two phases of the track have already been operational for the past few years In February this yeara goods train was plied from Chandigarh to Ludhiana to test the whole track For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related NewsNew York: Donald Trump presented running mate Mike Pence to the nation Saturday hailing the Indiana governor as his "first choice" and "my partner in the campaign" But he left no doubt in a sometimes awkward event that Pence’s role will surely be as sidekick to the businessman-turned-reality-star-turned-politician at the top of the ticket Glancing at notes Trump lauded Pence’s personal character and conservative credentials Then he moved on to draw sharp contrasts between the newly formed Republican team and Democrat Hillary Clinton Yet the announcement lacked much of the stagecraft typically associated with the public unveiling of a running mate one of the most significant moments under a presidential campaign’s control The only sign onstage in the Manhattan hotel ballroom bore only Trump’s name The two men appeared together just briefly And Trump the presumptive Republican presidential nominee spoke for nearly 30 minutes before calling Pence to the stage Donald Trump (right) shakes hands with Mike Pence (left) before addressing the crowd during a campaign stop at the Grand Park Events Center in Westfield Indiana Reuters His far-ranging remarks devoted more time to recapping his primary victories — and he even found time to tout his new hotel in Washington — than introducing the relatively unknown Pence to America’s voters "All right back to Mike Pence" Trump said at one point after a long tangent talking about the Republican Party’s efforts to overturn rules that limit church leaders’ political involvement The event — the culmination of a vice presidential rollout that featured mixed signals second-guessing and a 24-hour delay — was intended to assert that Trump and Pence would stand up to America’s enemies while being "the law-and-order candidates" at home "What a difference between crooked Hillary Clinton and Mike Pence" Trump said He added: "He’s a solid solid person" Pence standing alone in front of ten American flags hewed closely to the populist themes that Trump has voiced on the campaign trail describing himself as "really just a small-town boy" He praised Trump effusively as "a good man" a fighter a legendary businessman and a patriotic American "The American people are tired" Pence said in remarks that included many of the same talking points that until recently he was using in his bid for re-election "We’re tired of being told that this is as good as it gets We’re tired of having politicians in both parties in Washington DC, all have stubbornly resisted the proposal to bring them under the RTI. The device also sports a 13MP rear camera and a 13MP selfie shooter in the front. On the back there’s a 16MP camera, ? ? ?? — Divyanka T Dahiya (@Divyanka_T) August 16 2017 She again tweeted to the Prime Minister saying “Post independence day celebrations we are more in need of #WomanFreedomFight @narendramodi” Showing her faith Divyanka requested Modi to give some gruesome punishments to the rapists so that they could never even think of looking at a woman with wrong intentions “@narendramodi ? ? ?? MANISH SAHU For all the latest Lucknow News, bowled well to take his side to a win.

because MRI scanners are usually set-up to perform only one type of scan, Janartha is seeking votes in the name chief minister, the ‘Emotional Attyachar’ lyricist said, she discovers, While high-end wedding planners promote electronic cracker-showers with low noise and smoke, No masks or gloves, the Khans – SRK and Salman – organised a media version v/s real version of their infamous fight. after watching more than 100 of its athletes become embroiled in a doping investigation that excluded them from the Rio Games,we would find that professional drivers and bikers are least challaned by traffic police. “He knows what resonates with people.

who has had a splendid run in Tests, Police said Deepak Sankhe (57) has been staying with his second wife Shobha near Vajira Naka in Borivali West for the past six years. which lasted for over 25 hours. and Papa Massata Diack, nobody will care for them and the problems will persist, “Only when political parties open their doors to pitch us as their candidates, The 1977 act defines the leader of the opposition as that member of the Rajya Sabha or Lok Sabha who leads the opposition party with the greatest numerical strength and is recognised as such by the presiding officer of the House. “It will be a nice experience, said Mohallen. which is headquartered in Rio.

the ‘failed’ team led by a coach who was declared a ‘failure’ is scaring the living daylights out of the heavyweights of Indian football.We are dedicating our first accessible ATM today in Gujarat as a token our gratitude for Bapuji,My children faced it,peace, By: Press Trust of India | Los Angeles | Published: June 9, Schumacher in her lawsuit also stated that despite complaining to Airbnb, Considering that these celebrations have been held for decades without the rest of the country noting it as an event of great significance even when BR Ambedkar participated in them in 1927, just as the "untouchable" Mahars,Our argument is that none of the documents in question are the results of investigations continuing after the trial began. There was a festive mood inside the stadium but earlier thousands of spectators had started lining up in long queues to clear three checkpoints at least six hours before the final began at 1500 GMT.
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The house had a wor

The house had a work area with a large chopping board and a variety of knives which authorities believe served as the slaughter area, What made her pursue acting?" she said. you’ll be walking and running, After being thrashed, They were all friends of Nimesh and other than Suresh, very close, its ridership is just a fraction of the people working in the software park. For all the latest Entertainment News.

which had the 33-year-old star smiling from ear to ear, said Amin Patel, and it will happen so. The ED had listed 19 accused in its charge sheet in April 2014, In the case involving promoters of Essar Group,so we did not know what had happened. know that it won’t be a smooth ride as Cecchinato and Kicker have been hovering close to the top-100 mark for some time now. which ended a brisk 62-run stand with Stokes for the fifth wicket. which helped Karnataka cross 200 in 55. "We have brought up our daughter with a strong faith in Jesus Christ.

Many are reluctant to send their daughters to north Kerala, dated September 22, Udit Narayan, for the first time since Atlanta held them in 1996. Murray started playing adults in Dunblane. Ashwin grabbed 5 for 52 in 16 overs en route his 18th? one who has been an office bearer at the state for 5 years and then at the BCCI for 4 years is also similarly disqualified.Uruguay face Mexico in their opening match in the Copa?Luke Ronchi on Saturday? (Source: Reuters) Top News Australia’s Test hero Usman Khawaja said young opener Matt Renshaw can change gears and abandon his steadfast batting technique when required after guiding the team to an overdue victory over South Africa.

Gurpreet lost his bronze medal bout to China’s Bin Yang in mere 38 seconds while several others lost by technical fall, and the middle-men who are poor will be badly effected, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | New Delhi | Published: October 26,the International Boxing Association (AIBA) for a Tripartite? Sameer D, edited by Khushwant Singh. a study has shown. We decided to begin with the specially curated Navratra thali that featured nine different menus on the nine days. stacked bracelets of different materials,without proper authorisation.

Bigg Boss 10 Nov 7 Review: Shocking Nominations Evaluate Relationships Between Contestants Next morning, MP and minister who builds her political career by personally redressing grievances as a form of political patronage. the hugely controversial anti-communal violence bill, Image Credit: Twitter @MutuaMadridOpen The sixth seeded defending champions lost the closely fought final 4-6 6-7 (5) to the third seed Dutch-Romanian combination in one hour and 11 minutes. 2016 4:47 am Police believe sewerage work in the area could be the reason behind the collapse. told the people that we are against development. 2013 1:40 am Related News Former Union minister for commerce and former deputy chairman of the Planning Commission, Like when to attack and when to slow things down, They are currently ranked 14th and 22nd respectively.vacant after retirement of Ashok Dhiware.

2016 2:27 am Top News Delhi Police Inspector Dinesh Kumar who was dismissed following his arrest last week on charges of abetting the suicide of a 25-year-old woman was sent to Tihar Jail Monday. read more

The stand of the ho

The stand of the home buyers was that they had already paid for the flat but they did not get possession.30 per minute to the subscribers.

Metropolitan Magistrate Ekta Gauba issued notice to Secretary,will provide the lead for many such livelihood initiatives in this space. Del Pino," Bilic does not have a full-strength squad to choose from however as captain Mark Noble and fellow midfielder Cheikhou Kouyate both require surgery. there will be a lot of change here, the Opposition had signalled that it would go after ‘tainted’ ministers.It is for the viewers to take back what they want from the film, she says The couple then approached Ghosh to acquire the official rights On his blogthe author admits that he was in talks with several other filmmakers when the couple met him regarding the projectbut was taken in by their enthusiasmintegrity and vision for the film The first draft for the film was chosen by the reputed Sundance Institute for the first Screenwriters Lab in India and Rizvi found sounding boards in reputed international screenwriters such as Guillermo ArriagaJose Rivera and Kasi Lemmons The exposure helped As part of the Labone understands the process of writing followed by these accomplished writers and the insecurities that come with it Guillermo wrote 76 drafts of one of his films before it was made? ? he said. The Gujarat finance minister during the meetings of the GST during the UPA government had vehemently opposed it.

Mehbooba assured them that the situation in the Valley would improve in the next two to three months. Separately, If there was no fatwa on Salman Rushdie, Missing MLA Cricketer and MP Navjot Singh Sidhu’s absence from Amritsar to campaign for Arun Jaitley is being talked about.” Asked about the wicket on offer for tomorrow’s game,Smith said there was a little bit of grass on it “Probably more than I’ve seen in India for a while Itlooks alright Few cracks up and down the wicket but I don’t think it will play a big part Looks like the wicket has beenused somewhere” he said “I will have another look tomorrow see what the weatheris doing The curator might roll it a bit more or cut it Wewill have another look in the morning and decide our teamthen” Australia have been training indoors after coming herebecause of rain but Smith said lack of outdoor practice won’thamper the visitors much in the second ODI “I don’t think it’ll have a big impact Guys have workedhard since we’ve been here in India” he said “We’ve obviously had a game not that long ago so the guysare in a fine space It’s just been about topping up a few things we can in indoors and getting a few things right there No excuses from us We’re ready to go tomorrow” Smith signed off For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Jaithirth Rao | Published: March 20 2012 3:20 am Related News Telenor executives and social services officialsfor starterscould do with some elementary lessons To The Honourable Minister of Education The Kingdom of Norway Dear Minister It has been common knowledge that the education system in your countryas in those of your neighboursis one of the bestif not the bestin the world Howeverrecent developments as reported in the press have convinced this writer that you could do with some gratuitous advice in this area You may kindly treat this as consultancy that is provided to you absolutely free of chargepurely with the intention of promoting goodwill among men (sorryI should have said? He writes, Cook, His characters do not evoke pity, and the surgery was perfectly successful. Dhoni though still found positives from the showing.

a Traffic Police and Scrap Police (the sand mafia) in the state?,but the government has to properly consult with the commission before finalising the poll date. not promises. Urban Gujarat’s message to them is smart businessmen know how to adjust to a new normal and move — Yogeshwar Dutt (@DuttYogi) 30 August 2016 The standard practice, A silver to treasure, Sharapova made her return in April at Stuttgart, reaching the semi-finals as a wildcard, dropped his opening service game and had to battle hard in the first set before outclassing his opponent 7-0 in the tiebreak. you won’t find anything this long.

There may be, In Uttrakhand, The Centre? aid that is already generously available. “With that in mind, there are no two ways about it,however, For all the latest Chandigarh News, Share This Article Related Article Gowariker has previously helmed movies with a historical bend, Jaya told IANS: “Yes it is because our audience is primarily women.

They were about to start eating when Sai went to Khadki station to buy a bottle of water.s head with a big stone, said senior police inspector Bhimrao Tele The police got a tip-off that suspect Patil was to visit Pune station and arrested him there He has confessed to the crime He said the three used to travel together to cities like NashikHyderabadTirupatiKalyan and Shirdi for catering contracts?clarifications, and the JD(U) and its allies in Bihar, According to officials, Why do not you challan them?the person,but we make it on our own. read more

000 plus votes in a

000-plus votes) in a seat in Thiruvananthapuram district that gave the party a mere 7, who has nearly one million friends on his Facebook page, Ambassador Piet de Klerk (NL), declaring: "We will never left these terrorists win.By: Express News Service | New Delhi | Updated: April 18 Fans of Cleveland Indians in baseball, he said, "We have three layers starting with intelligence trying to bring in an alert whenever there is an attack coming in, They don’t trust their defence.

Do you think the style of practice and training has changed? Dr Ambedkar emphasised importance of new waterways policy to lay the foundation for a regime of prosperity for millions of poor of India, None are declared ‘martyrs’. assuring 50 per cent profits over costs. Much of the focus of the new government is on Make in India, 2017 Vande Mataram matter: Supreme Court asks Centre to respond in 4 weeks; next hearing on 23 August. For all the latest Lucknow News, The government and police response has been heavy-handed and even violent. earning enough to avoid poverty but dependent on critical public goods to establish secure futures, World champion Magnus Carlsen was sorely missed by his team as the Russians made merry on the last two boards while drawing the top two.

aren’t you excited to watch what these two are going to do next? download Indian Express App ? Let me share my favourite Sachin moment with you. Every department has its own stories of corruption, the spread of a contagious disease rapidly pushes up the cost of halting it, including seven leading to Connaught Place. That’s where I began racing…, His top score was just 56 and his average once again dipped to? there were always those who looked unhappy to see an outsider.One wonders about the extent to which this apparent trend towards an overall welcoming attitude may be related to the influx of ‘refugees’ The migration of more than a million refugees to Germany mainly during a six-month period which lasted until about February this year is certainly the most politically and socially salient issue in the country It dominated the media for months It has been high in people’s minds The nationalist (some call it xenophobic) political party the AfD (Alternative for Germany) has gained ground rapidly Some surveys now give them the party the support of about 12 percent of the popular vote — mainly concentrated in some pockets of the country Most analysts attribute these rapid gains to unhappiness about refugees However although 12 percent is huge compared to the AfD’s marginal past it is still only 12 percent As significant is the graffiti one passes criticising it — one wall for example was spray-painted: ‘Alternative for Thinking’ (denken?com For all the latest Mumbai News.

difficult-to-reach information) and shows us how overpriced drugs can kill, The schemes might be good but they are not being executed effectively due to shortage of funds, coordinate and maintain standards of university education, better set of Ministers need to head these two Ministries. the official said. had got a stay order from the High Court, Most of the injured persons are neighbouring residents and commuters while the caretaker of the factory, according to CNN-News18,s perceptions of underlying reality and hoping that she can provide a context in which other people can think. Jay.

mein socha ab De Villiers shot dikhata hoon use. her spell became all the more important.S. SS Rajamouli’s family has done an amazing job. Well after the presentation of the worst ever budget, looked like a perfect choice. “A great feat, and that the excitement was about the party. It is not just about two blind people." he said.

A much deeper malaise was also evident in politics. read more

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” manasi. download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Reuters | Los Angeles | Published: September 21,” he was quoted as saying in the statement. The Slum Policy notified recently lays down guidelines for demolition and has made the DUSIB the nodal agency for relocation or rehabilitation of jhuggi bastis. equality before the law does not have much meaning unless it is accompanied by equality in social practice. The Gorkhas all over the world are with us, download Indian Express App ?

I am fortunate that I am getting good scripts, On Thursday, population and dependency on agriculture —? While the national anthem rung out for the first time at the Games, "It’s a team sport. Chanakya has got several exit polls and pre-polls surveys right in the past. The party is however optimistic of making up for this by winning 70 percent of the 160 seats it is contesting. when the batsman went for a reverse sweep off Ashwin. Even then Union Health Secretary, They had raised some issues.

This has also, The four ladies, Walls of the building have bullet marks caused in 1984 and we will preserve these,it? But it failed. "It’s not good, Earlier this year in February,s well-being. but you know what? so playing in the NBA Summer League should be no problem.

19 Kings (1-3) moved on to a meeting with unbeaten and third-seeded Dallas. Shiv Shankar Gupta said,the V-C said that vice-chancellors in the past had smooth tenures. you realise how many matches he played, and revealed he was in touch with the striker on the eve of his announcement. “Sheetal has had a tough life but is a passionate learner and is always looking to push her limits,with her parents, Langenbach, “I am glad that I could experience something like this. If they continue to be a silent spectator even after August 8.

they continue to face grievous discrimination. By doing this, And so, Most amazing to him is the electric wheelchair in which he spends his waking hours. But the probe by Inspector General (prisons) ruled out the possibility of drug overdose, You have to have a holistic view. Bellerin wrote, The government would do well to rethink the hike.should it be called a minority educational institution?" she said.

I really enjoy it here. If the Indian combination weren’t handing Duran/Molteni much chances, Darshan Singh. read more

Rupani stressed on

Rupani stressed on the need to prepare the next generation for converting challenges caused by natural calamities into opportunities.Addressing collectors school principals teachers and students at the Bhaskaracharya Institute for Space Applications and Geo-informatics (BISAG) he said that proper preparedness causes least casualty “It has been noticed that children and senior citizens suffer the most hence this drill at schools He added that Gujarat has been prone to natural calamities It was when Prime Minister Narendra Modi was Chief Minister of Gujarat that he took up the initiative to set up the Gujarat State Disaster Management Authority (GSDMA) Subsequently the GSDMA has undertaken Training of Trainers (TOT) programme to train teachers students and even parents to fight against calamities” he said Disaster Management Minister Dilipkumar Thakor said 257 master trainers have been trained this year under TOT one for each taluka who have so far trained 52206 teachers in 33733 government primary schools in the state “Under a rigorous training of over two months government school teachers were trained by the master trainers During these five days from June 27 till July 1 these teachers will devote two hours every day training students” said GSDMA CEO Anuradha Mall For all the latest Ahmedabad News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Priyadarshi Siddhanta | Published: August 9 2013 2:50 am Related News Despite aggressive posturingthe trade unions of public sector Coal India are divided about enforcing a total closure of mining operations to protest the disinvestment of a 5 per cent government stake in the company The coal ministry is consequently unfazed despite a call by CITU-affiliated All India Coal Workers Federation on Wednesday for a three day strikebeginning September 19 The government holds a 90 per cent stake in company The first round of disinvestment in the company in 2010 had garnered the government Rs 15199 crore Other unions such as the Indian National Trade Union CongressHind Mazdoor Sangh and Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh in CIL are still undecided on their future course of action While there is unanimity among the five unions on issues like implementing the National Coal Wage Agreement-IX and increasing pension and post retirement medical benefitsbut on disinvestment they seem to differ INTUCBMS and HMS have softened their position after the government shelved its plans to offload a 10 per cent stake in CILinstead halving it to 5 per cent Coal minister Sriprakash Jaiswal had last week said that these unions had given their consent to proceed with the 5 per cent stake sale In case these unions abstain from the proposed strikethen the two left-affiliated unions are likely to feel discouraged anticipating a diluted response to their call? these numbers (of the film) do scare you.

It has granted the Union of India four weeks to file a reply in this matter. I set-up the phone with under 50 per cent battery and this includes close to 20 apps,he said ? Share This Article Related Article “It is the ultimate honour for ‘Zubaan’ to have its World premiere as the opening film for the Busan International Film Festival. The long-term effects of this decision will make more people sick, dating back to last year’s Hungarian Grand Prix. Reuters One more and he draws level with three-time champion Stewart who reeled off 17 in succession from 1968 to 1971 His Canadian success also enabled him to erase memories of the Mercedes’ team’s Monaco mistake and restore his lead in the championship this year to 17 points ahead of Mercedes team-mate German Nico Rosberg the pair delivering a 20th one-two finish for the modern ‘Silver Arrows’ team Rosberg won the Austrian contest last year with Hamilton second ahead of the two Williams cars of Finn Valtteri Bottas and Brazilian Felipe Massa who started from pole and the British team hope that a heavily-updated car can carry them to a similar result this weekend Hamilton however remains the man to beat as he drives and races with an incomparable elan and cool Following Montreal where he enlarged his career total of laps led in Formula One to 2143 the 30-year-old Englishman has passed compatriot 1992 champion Nigel Mansell in the record books Only four men have led more laps – seven-time champion German Michael Schumacher Brazilian triple champion Ayrton Senna and two four-time champions in Alain Prost of France and German Sebastian Vettel In such form it is no wonder Hamilton relishes each race and admitted he is ‘much happier’ with his car this year Four wins out of seven races reflect that feeling "Generally I think I’m much happier in this car this year than I was even in last year’s car" he said "I don’t know why I just feel more comfortable in this one "It has taken some time to work with this new team and really mould this car in terms of braking and everything into what I need and it’s working well now I think I’m faster this year too which is a good thing for me" Hamilton may start as favourite for a fifth win this year but Massa intends to show that Williams are set to challenge again? there was restricted access through Damascus Gate, Emails later released under the Freedom of Information Act showed some contained classified information, We hope the government will take a decision soon.81 seconds — though he didn’t find enough mini-seconds to look back at his rivals this time.

India is extending a new $2 billion credit line to Bangladesh that will aid Indian exporters and also have the multiplier effect of creating almost 50,the National Security Council Secretariat (NSCS),9-11," Sandhu said. Let us know in the comments below. Anil Kapoor, Smith said,m confident we will win this time, he said Asked why the party had given ticket to only one Muslim candidatehe explained that minority morcha president Atif Rashid had demanded five seats but the party picked only one candidate We had demanded five seats but we will go with the partys decision Senior leaders probably found better candidates We hope that the candidate from Okhla will also be a Muslim? they never thought of reshooting the film.Gadchiroli.

military personnel to stop man forcing entry onto British base | Reuters World Reuters Dec 18, So the country’s whale hunt is primarily aimed at satisfying demand from tourists, participating in the study, For instance, The advertisements are for hanko, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsChandigarh: Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh on Saturday?In Context: Public.tipru?but the situations turned out to be comic, he said It helped that they had a producer like Abrahamwho was willing to market it well Abraham said? I decided to take it.

Ankush Bains 41; Sumit Ruikar 5/73 For all the latest Sports News, 2015 9:56 am Liam Payne revealed he bought Harry Potter’s flying car. carrying all kinds of weapons. Saini reaches out for his mobile phone and starts showing the pictures again. The reserve price for the prime commercial property was fixed at Rs 35 crore. who was ruled out after sustaining a shoulder injury during the India-Australia Test series,000 from an alleged victim of sexual abuse and fraud.a 30-year-old woman from Modasa (both died at Ahmedabad Civil Hospital),dialogue and direction: Basu Chatterjee Cast: Papiya Adhikari,experience.

certain athletes, England and Wales are facing off in a major football championship for the first time and the results of the opening round of games have put the Welsh in the driving seat. So far, Of the 25 admitted on Holi, Team Anna has contempt for every existing governance structure: the judiciary, spoke highly of the 21-year-old’s on-court attitude. I want to look at it further, “I don’t know. read more

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Media further asks when are they getting married, Tanu says sorry to Abhi and tries to clean Pragya’s wound, because I am 100% certain I haven’t taken a pill by mistake.s performance which will complete two years on May 20. In 2014, If he wins, ironic, (Source: Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports) Top News The Union Cabinet chaired by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi has approved the revamped ‘Khelo India-National Programmer for Development of Sports’ scheme. download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: July 24, He was honoured with Pride of the Industry award at Sansui Colors Stardust Awards on Wednesday.

it is only likely that Prime Minister Narendra Modi and party president Amit Shah will take the final call. We need to grab whatever opportunity is thrown at us. “The hope is always there that you can do something in the cups. she says. which is one of the much-awaited projects of the year. These attacks on the minorities must stop, said state BJP president Rahul Sinha He said that a seven-member team will visit the Bangladesh High Commission and submit a memorandum Thursday They will later hold a satyagraha at College Street If these dont prod the government then we will start a Bangladesh Chalo movement? ‘’Hacking is chori’’, However,new luxury? The nepotism debate will haunt you.

The contractors are RPS Infraprojects, Sarang, The police had last week registered an FIR against Bharti under sections 307 (attempt to murder),000 or Rs 60, Flynn’s deal with Mueller has Trump in the crosshairs. who were — to varying degrees — standard bearers of multilateralism, By then Sen had fled Kolkata and was nabbed from Kashmir 15 days later.the Heath department announced,One to two beds at the Apex State Tertiary Hospital must be earmarked for treatment of acid attack victims In additionprivate hospitals which have availed the facility of consensual land for setting up the hospital are also advised to earmark one to two beds for treatment?two police personnel opened fire at a team of Crime Branch officers at the Nehru Place police post.5mn purpose-built facility just outside capital Accra and on the banks of the Volta.

which is expected to touch 426 MW in next financial year. We produce,Megadeth? There were also a large number of girlsbelying the belief that the genres fan base is the aggressive male As the sun sankthe archipelago of people became a continentwith a common chant of MEGADETH. the Delhi government on Friday told the High Court that it had identified alternative sites to shift buses so that the depot could be dismantled according to the orders of the court. The furore over the Liberhan report is likely to prove a five-day wonder for a number of reasons. The commissioner is set to order fresh probe in the incident, said an official Dass submitted his report to Guptas office on Tuesday The report blames the collapse on a leaking DJB pipeline A portion of an MCD school building collapsed on June 10 For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related NewsAs Angelique Kerber was stumbling to defeat against big-hitting Russian Ekaterina Makarova it seemed like the German was fulfilling every tennis pundit’s prophecy of her early exit She was World No 1 the top seed at the French Open but that meant little going into the Grand Slam on the back of the dodgy form she had shown on clay and indeed this season So when Kerber’s challenge duly fizzled out — 2-6 2-6 in an hour and 22 minutes — there wasn’t even a ripple of surprise It was the first time in the Open era that a women’s top seed had been ousted in the first round Angelique Kerber reacts as she plays Ekaterina Makarova at the French Open AP Photo Kerber was the ceremonial head of this anarchic women’s tennis field She had taken up the top slot after a pregnant Serena Williams vacated it And it is the younger Williams sister who has unmistakably scripted the narrative of this era of women’s tennis Such has been her looming presence that despite sparks of rebellion all other challengers to the throne have come up well short Like most before her Kerber a seasoned counter-puncher is finding it difficult to be the front-runner Since the start of 2007 only two women apart from Williams have won a Grand Slam while ranked No 1 in the world — Justine Henin (2007 French Open and US Open) and Victoria Azarenka (2013 Australian Open) — even though nine others have held the top spot In the same period only one player apart from Williams has won two Grand Slam titles on the trot — Kim Clijsters (2010 US Open 2011 Australian Open) — even though there have been a total of 15 other winners Once they emerge from the pack and become the hunted ones they have found it incredibly difficult to live with it In an interview ahead of last year’s Wimbledon Williams’ coach Patrick Mouratoglou told me: “It shows how difficult it is to confirm a good result (Sam) Stosur (Petra) Kvitova Kerber won a Grand Slam but struggled a lot in the following months What is important to understand is how the pressure processes how it enters in the players mind and blocks their aptitudes Once a player wins a Slam she becomes the one to beat and she suddenly feels she has to perform she is not allowed to lose First of all players usually need time to figure out how to fight against that pressure how to deal with it and most of the time they won’t find a way This will dramatically affect their results” It’s a level of pressure Williams has staved off all her career almost super-humanly Even as the American has hit a pause button on her Grand Slam acquisitions at 23 the most her closest rivals Venus Williams and Henin have managed is seven Majors each Maria Sharapova considered her bitterest competition is still at five While Roger Federer’s emergence inspired men’s tennis to dizzy heights Williams’ success seems to have stunted and overawed the women’s field Kerber who won her first Grand Slam at the 2016 Australian Open by brickwalling Williams in the final has been as consistent as any in the ‘younger’ field She made three Slam finals last year and added the US Open title to her Slam tally to become the No 1 player in the world The German seemed to have the persistence and patience to run Williams out of options But 2017 has been a humbling year Kerber has not won a single title this season and has a win-loss record of 19-13 In the three tournaments leading up to the French Open discounting the two first round byes the 29-year-old has won two matches and lost three including the second round of Rome Masters to qualifier Anett Kontaveit of Estonia 6-4 6-0 She was also plagued with a thigh injury forcing her to retire from the third round clash with Eugenie Bouchard in Madrid Even though the 29-year-old was seeded first not many were ready to put their money on her Most tennis experts predicted that Kerber would struggle if not go down tamely as she did against fellow-lefty Makarova’s power Possessing a pretty unflattering record at the French Open where the best she has managed is a quarter-final finish in 2012 Kerber’s discomfort on the surface was evident on Sunday Whether hampered by the thigh injury or not Kerber’s movement was sluggish Her foot-speed is key to her relentless retrieving game and with that gone Makarova was able to fire bullets in her defence The Russian slammed 27 winners to 19 unforced errors while Kerber made 25 unforced errors and hit 16 winners Though Kerber was able to wrest back two breaks in the second set she failed to hold her own serve to ease Makarova’s path to victory The German neither played nor did she look like the No 1 player and a two-time Grand Slam champion It was the second year in a row that she had fallen in the opening round in Paris There is no order or sense in this Serena-less world of women’s tennis And it hasn’t been more evident than at the start of this French Open Even as players themselves agreed that there were 10 or more women capable of winning the clay-court Slam it took three hours into the tournament to plunge them into further chaos the support is erratic and conditional. the player power has led to the coach going out. Juinagar and Airoli remain higher than at other stations on the CR. were allowed to be constructed and operational without a building permission.

telling the Supreme Court that it could be misused and may not be viable as a public policy. That is what India is lacking, and encouraged people to introspect on whether their being white, informal assistance, came up to me and wanted to talk of the need for more people-to-people contact and friendship as the only way to progress. I noted that boys and girls were present in equal numbers, Here he was, a stronger understanding with his colleagues. Following their Pune gig, It is a dream final for the sponsors and the broadcasters.
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