FM likely to announce more support measures for economy DBS

first_imgSingapore: The government may announce two more tranches of support measures over the next fortnight, following last week’s economy boosting package unveiled by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, according to a report by DBS. Sitharaman on Friday announced a raft of measures, including rollback of enhanced super-rich tax on foreign and domestic equity investors, exemption of startups from ‘angel tax’, a package to address distress in the auto sector and upfront infusion of Rs 70,000 crore to public sector banks, in efforts to boost economic growth from a five-year low. Also Read – Thermal coal import may surpass 200 MT this fiscal “Taking a leaf of these recent measures, we reckon that the focus will be on finetuning measures along with an accommodative monetary policy, while steering clear of broad-based fiscal stimulus, said Radhika Rao, Economist at DBS Group Research. The latter, nonetheless, could come into play if growth risks turn starker in second half of the year and into 2020, she added. “While these measures (announced on Friday) will help improve sentiments and buoy economic activity, we continue to see 30-40bps downside risks to our full-year growth forecast,” wrote Rao. Also Read – Food grain output seen at 140.57 mt in current fiscal on monsoon boost The June quarter GDP numbers due this week will mark a slowdown from March quarter’s 5.8 per cent year-on-year, as consumption contracted, investments in private and public sectors weakened due to elections and services sector was sub-par. Third quarter growth is also likely to stay weak but stabilise as government spending resumes after the elections. An accommodative monetary policy stance accompanied by a jumpstart in the transmission process is also expected to lower lending rates. Despite a better third quarter, evolving trends lend downside risk to DBS forecast. For monetary policy, limited fiscal implications from the latest fiscal measures keep the door open for further easing, according to the DBS report. The latest RBI minutes from the August review saw the committee members accord high priority to limit weakness to growth and to jumpstart transmission. “We retain our call for another 15-25bps cut at the October meeting, on the back of a weak 2Q GDP outcome later this week, said Rao. Challenging global conditions and a dovish Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) might also add to the case for the RBI to take a growth supportive stance, though admittedly it will be a close call, said the report. Further easing will need to be balanced with preserving policy space after frontloading rate cuts this year, it said. Relief gains are likely in bond and equity markets on positive domestics but gains in the latter will be restrained by an escalation in the trade war rhetoric. Absence of an aggressive stimulus programme, while the central bank remains focused on policy transmission, will restrain a sharper rise in yields. Global yields also look set to remain low for longer. The USD-INR, meanwhile, continues to watch CNY (Chinese Yuan) movements and broader dollar bias, which at this juncture points towards further rupee weakness owing to a weak global environment, said the DBS report.last_img read more

Millard ordered purchase of incinerator days before Babcock vanished witness

first_imgTORONTO – One of two men accused of killing Laura Babcock and burning her body ordered a large animal incinerator — called The Eliminator — days before the young woman disappeared five years ago, a Toronto court heard Thursday.The Eliminator was operational a few weeks after Babcock disappeared, according to text messages recovered by police.Retired forensic officer Jim Falconer guided jurors through a lengthy presentation about the haul of data found on three computers seized at the home of Dellen Millard.“What temperature is cremation done at?” read a screen capture of an online search taken from Millard’s phone at 10:38 p.m. on July 23, 2012.“Best answer: 1700 degrees and it takes about 1 hour for the first 100 pounds and ½ hour for each 100 after that.”Babcock’s father, Clayton, who sat in the courtroom, held his hand to his mouth as he listened to the testimony.The Crown contends Millard and his friend, Mark Smich, killed Babcock and then incinerated her body.Falconer, a former detective sergeant with the Ontario Provincial Police, showed court a series of photographs and videos taken from Millard’s phone at a hangar he owned at the Region of Waterloo International Airport on the same night.One photo, taken at 11:14 p.m., shows Smich standing in front of the incinerator, smiling and holding a black pole.Another photo, taken at 11:20 p.m., shows flames inside the incinerator.A video recorded at 11:45 p.m. shows embers floating in the air, a streetlight in the distance and a rumbling sound in the background.About an hour later, a note was created on Smich’s iPad. It read:“The b–c started off all skin and bone,Now the b–c lay on some ashy stone,Last time I saw her was outside the home,And if u go swimming u can find her phone”The jury then saw a video of Smich rapping those lyrics, which was recorded on Sept. 25, 2012, at Millard’s home.The Crown alleges Millard, 32, of Toronto, and Smich, 30, of Oakville, Ont., killed Babcock because she was the odd woman out in a love triangle with Millard and his girlfriend.Prosecutors say Millard and Smich burned the 23-year-old woman’s remains in an incinerator that was later found on Millard’s farm near Waterloo, Ont.Both men have pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder charges.Falconer told court that on June 18, 2012, Millard asked a man named “Shaner” to order an animal incinerator that could burn a 250-pound animal.“Cost on small 250 lb incinerator is 11390. Next model is 500 lb and sells for 13440. Tax and shipping extra,” Shaner wrote to Millard.“Put an order in for the larger one. Use the red Visa,” Millard wrote.The total cost of the incinerator, which Millard and Shaner referred to as “the BBQ,” came to more than $15,000 after taxes, according to texts from Shaner.Millard struggled to get the incinerator operational, according to a slew of texts between he and Shaner.But they got it working by July 23. At 3:07 p.m. that day, Millard wrote to Smich: “bbq has run its warm up, it’s ready for meat.”On July 3, court has heard, Babcock’s phone pinged off the same cell tower as Millard’s phone at the same time — near Millard’s house in Toronto’s west end. Her final outgoing phone call came at 7:03 p.m.At 7:30 p.m., Millard texted Smich: “I’m on a mission, back in 1 hr.”Court has heard that Babcock’s phone stopped connecting with cell towers at 11 a.m. on July 4.At 2:40 p.m., an image from Millard’s phone showed a dog sitting beside an object wrapped in a large blue tarp, with the GPS co-ordinates showing it was taken at Millard’s farm near Waterloo, Ont.On July 7, a calendar event was created on Millard’s phone with the note: “Barn smell check.”last_img read more

Morocco Denounces Kurdistan Independence Vote as Threat to Iraqi Territorial Integrity

Rabat – Morocco has expressed its opposition to the independence of the Iraqi region of Kurdistan, following a referendum in which the local population massively voted for separation from Iraq.On Thursday,  the Moroccan government spokesperson Mustapha El Khalfi said that the kingdom is against the move, which he said “threatens Iraq’s security and territorial integrity.”The Moroccan Ministry of Foreign Affairs has not yet released any statement about the independence vote of the Iraqi region. El Khalfi affirmed during his weekly press conference that “Morocco’s position vis-à-vis the territorial unity and security of Iraq remains unchanged,” calling it one of the fundamental positions of Moroccan foreign policy.The government spokesperson pointed to King Mohammed VI’s speech to the Morocco-GCC summit in April 2016, in which he called for a general mobilization to counter attempts to “divide” the Arab world.“This summit is being held at a difficult time. The Arab region is being rocked by attempts to change regimes and divide states, as is the case in Syria, Iraq, and Libya,” said the monarch.“What has been described as the Arab Spring has caused destruction, chaos and human tragedies,” he stated, adding that the region had witnessed “attempts to lay hands on what remains of Arab countries’ resources and spoil successful experiences, like that of Morocco.”On Wednesday,  results of the referendum revealed that 92 percent of Kurds voted for independence.While Kurds have largely been celebrating the results, the Iraqi government is considering military action against Kurdistan, especially as Baghdad and Erbil are in dispute over some areas, especially the oil rich region of Kirkuk.The Kurdistan militias of the Peshmerga took control of the region in 2014, after the Iraqi army fled ISIS fighters advancing towards the city.The Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi vowed to use the “tools offered by the constitution and the law” to impose Baghdad’s authority on the region.“We will impose our federal authority all over Iraq, including the Kurdistan region, as per the power of the constitution and law”, said Abadi on Thursday in a speech to the Iraqi parliament. read more

UN expert urges Portugal to boost access to justice for countrys most

“One of the most serious concerns in Portugal is the increasing costs to access justice,” Gabriela Knaul stressed in a news release issued today, following her eight-day visit to the country. “Legal aid exists in Portugal, but many don’t qualify to receive it due to the restrictive requirements,” she continued. “Furthermore, the fragmentation of responsibilities in the delivery of legal aid can lead to excessive delays in obtaining such support.” Ms. Knaul, an independent expert appointed by the Geneva-based Human Rights Council, explained that by ensuring greater access to the justice system, the Government of Portugal would also give attention to the situations of persons “particularly vulnerable to violence,” such as women, children or persons in detention. She added that the “re-victimization” of women and children victims of violence through the justice system remained “unacceptable” and urged authorities to speedily implement measures to support and protect these victims.The Special Rapporteur acknowledged that her visit – which took her from Lisbon to Porto and on to Coimbra – had come at a time of comprehensive structural reform for the Portuguese justice system but remained concerned about delays affecting the implementation of such reforms, including the recent collapse of the Courts’ computer system. To that point, she called on the Government to provide greater budgetary, financial, and administrative autonomy to the Courts and the Public Prosecution, warning that the concentration of administrative responsibilities under the Ministry of Justice appeared “to limit the possibilities of accountability of judges and prosecutors.” “There must be a continuous dialogue between the government, judges, prosecutors, lawyers and representatives of civil society to ensure that the reforms bring the desired changes and increase the effectiveness of the justice system,” she concluded. read more

The charts that show what Scotland really thinks of Nicola Sturgeons IndyRef2

first_imgThe Scottish Parliament will today vote on whether to hold a second independence referendum before Britain leaves the European Union. With the Scottish National Party and the independence-backing Greens holding the majority of seats in Holyrood, MSPs are expected to call for a new vote between Autumn 2018 and Spring 2019. Even though polls suggest Scots would still support the… Support for Scottish independence is at record highs – even though the Union is still the most popular option Despite this, the latest polling shows that the majority of Scottish voters wish to remain in the United Kingdom. Some 56 per cent of Scots would vote No in an independence referendum, according to recent polls. last_img

Snapshot Chaos in Egypt as protesters torch FA building

first_imgTHIS IS AN image of the distressing scenes which unfolded at a police officers’ club in Cairo this morning.The building was set alight after death sentences were upheld for 21 people involved in the Port Said riots last year.Mohammed Asad/AP/Press Association ImagesMinutes after this police officers’ club was torched, the headquarters of Egypt’s Football Association was also ablaze.Firefighters were working to put out the fire which spread through the building located in the same neighbourhood as this officers’ club, an AFP reporter said.Football officials were holding emergency talks in Cairo to discuss upcoming fixtures around the country, state television reported.The unrest comes hours after a court upheld death sentences for 21 defendants over a deadly football riot in Port Said last year and handed down life sentences to five defendants, with 19 receiving lesser jail terms and another 28 acquitted.Aerial view of Egypt’s FA headquarters today. Maya Alleruzzo/AP/Press Association ImagesIn Cairo, fans of Al-Ahly football club, whose members were killed in the February 2012 stadium riot in Port Said in which 74 people died, had warned police that they would retaliate if the defendants, including nine policemen, were exonerated.- © AFP, 2013Egypt court confirms 21 death sentences over football riotBlind boy visits Barcelona, recognises most of the players by touchlast_img read more

Medical cannabis My dad was able to relax sleep laugh and breathe

first_imgMedical cannabis: ‘My dad was able to relax, sleep, laugh, and breathe a bit easier’ It’s awful to see the Minister for Health dragging his feet when people are suffering, writes Roderick Campbell. Tuesday 4 Apr 2017, 6:30 AM Technology coordinator and campaigner By Roderick Campbell MY NAME IS Roderick. I’ve seen a lot of misinformation and shenanigans around the medical cannabis issue recently, and I just wanted to share my own story to help balance the subject.The first part of this will be about my personal experience with medical cannabis, or rather, my dad’s when he was dying. The second part will be aimed at clearing up some of the misinformation.My dad’s storyLast year my dad passed away due to a condition called pulmonary fibrosis. He was in the US Navy during World War II and exposed to a large amount of asbestos; it was amazing that he lived as long as he did (89 years) considering how much toxic material he inhaled over many years of hard work.The last year of his life was difficult. He was a tough man who never complained or allowed his pain to show, but my family could tell he was suffering almost constantly from his inability to breathe and the physical pain from complications.He eventually began to have a series of small strokes and was admitted to hospital, where doctors didn’t think he’d make it another week.That’s when we tried cannabisHe had nothing left to lose and we wanted to do anything we could to alleviate his suffering.Fortunately, we were living in Washington State where cannabis is entirely legal, so all we needed to do was go to the local retail store to buy a CBD salve and a few edible candies.My dad had never used that sort of thing before, but he was willing to give it a shot, so my younger brothers and I brought him some cannabis medication while he was in hospital; the results were astonishing.For the first time in months, he was able to relax, sleep through the night, laugh, and breathe a bit easier. I don’t think it was curing his pulmonary fibrosis, but I do think it allowed him to overcome the pain long enough to recover a bit, which made life worth living again.He was able to say goodbye Source: Shutterstock/WollertzA few days later he was released from hospital and came home again with us. Despite what the doctors said about being on death’s door, my dad went on to live for almost a year after leaving hospital.He was able to say goodbye to his friends and family, he was able to laugh, and he was able to take some refuge from unnecessary suffering.For that, I’m grateful to medical cannabis, and this is why I feel very strongly that it should be readily available to those who need it.Most of us will end up in a situation where either ourselves or our loved ones will need relief from suffering, and it’s important that we have access to the medical tools we need to make life worth living all the way up to the end.Why are Ireland’s politicians dragging their feet? This is the question that bothers me most, especially after watching the plight of Vera Twomey and her daughter Ava, who desperately need access to medical cannabis to alleviate Ava’s severe suffering.It’s awful to see Minister for Health Simon Harris dragging his feet and punting the issue into endless committee meetings when thousands, if not tens of thousands, of people are actively suffering.One of the excuses I’ve seen is that the issue needs more research, but that’s ridiculous. There are already many examples of medical cannabis being successfully and painlessly (no pun intended) implemented in communities much larger than Ireland.The sky didn’t fall down, people didn’t turn into zombies, and the only downsides were that some governments didn’t know what to do with all the new tax revenue. It’s especially absurd to hear this from Irish politicians when I myself have lived in states where it’s perfectly legal, and entirely beneficial both in terms of pain alleviation and sheer economics.What forces are at work holding us back?This leads me to speculate about what forces are at work holding us back? The benefits are obvious and a huge majority of Ireland’s population supports the issue, so why are we stuck?My personal hypothesis is that the pharmaceutical industry is actively opposing the legalisation of medical cannabis because they’re afraid of losing profits.There’s very strong evidence that prescription, and particularly opioid, drug abuse drops significantly when cannabis is available as a natural alternative. That may sound great from a public health perspective, and it is, but a reduction in demand for opioid pills would cost pharmaceutical companies big money.Considering they’re one of the largest industries in Ireland — I can imagine they’re capable of exerting strong opposition with politicians.Roderick Campbell is a dual Irish-American national who has spent the last 7 years working with NGOs in North America. He is now a proud member of the Uplift team and is responsible for technology coordination and campaigning efforts. Sign and share this petition for medical cannabis. If we get enough signatures, it’ll both add pressure and allow us to dedicate more resources to the issue:‘If we want better people working in childcare, we need better working terms’>Trinity privilege: ‘Even if I do my best, your uncle will still hire you before me’> Short URL Apr 4th 2017, 6:30 AM 798 Views Share676 Tweet Email1 Roderick Campbell 64 Comments Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

Whitecaps sign Dutch striker

first_imgVancouver Whitecaps have signed Dutch striker Marvin Emnes for Turkish club Akhisar Belediyespor on a free transfer.The former Swansea City forward has joined the Major League Soccer outfit on a contract that runs till the end of 2018 but the club have an option to extend it until 2020.Emnes has scored 50 goals in 301 appearances in the Dutch Eredivisie, the English Premier League and Football League Championship (second division in England), and most recently played for Akhisar Belediyespor.After a somewhat impressive campaign with Blackburn Rovers in the Sky Bet Championship where he scored four goals and provided another seven, the Dutchman was snapped up by the Turkish Super Lig club but failed to make any positive impact and his three-year deal with them was terminated early.Despite not having played a competitive fixture since December 2017, the Whitecaps hope his experience can aid them in their push for the playoffs.Vancouver director: Alphonso Davies is a lot like Mbappe Andrew Smyth – November 22, 2018 Bayern Munich’s new signing Alphonso Davies is very similar to Kylian Mbappe, says Vancouver Whitecaps’ youth academy director Craig DalrympleThe 18-year-old winger arrives at…“Marvin is a quick attacking player who’s comfortable on either wing as striker,” said head coach Carl Robinson, according to ProSoccerUsa.“He is dangerous one-v-one, and his experience will be valuable in our locker room. He will be another option to our attack as we push for a playoff spot.”“It means a lot to me to get the chance to play in MLS, and to experience that with a club like Vancouver Whitecaps FC after my years in Europe,” said Emnes. “I’d like to thank the coach for giving me this opportunity, and I look forward to working with the players and staff, as well as playing in front of the fans. Let’s get to work and push for the playoffs.”The Whitecaps will be back in action September 15 against Seattle Sounders. The Whitecaps have added additional seats to this match to meet increased ticket demands as a spot for the playoffs is on the line.last_img read more

DNA sample leads to arrests for sexual assault in 2003 cold case

first_imgThe Anchorage Police Department arraigned two suspects on Thursday in a sexual assault case from 2003. They say they re-opened the case after a DNA sample from one of the suspects matched the sample taken from the victim nearly 11 years ago.Download AudioAccording to the police department, in November of 2003 a woman was leaving a bar in midtown Anchorage. Her ride had left the bar already, so she accepted a lift from an unknown male. Instead of taking her home, she says she was taken to an east Anchorage apartment. She reported she was brutally sexually assaulted by at least seven young men. The men eventually left her at a shopping center. Within a few hours she reported the incident to the police and was examined.Detective Bret Sarber speaks about recent arrests in a cold case from 2003.Detective Bret Sarber said in 2003, the survivor was unable to provide details about the suspects or where the attack happened. The case went cold until 2011. Then, Orlin Sutliff was convicted of a third degree felony and his DNA was entered into a database. In Alaska, DNA samples are taken from people who are convicted of misdemeanor crimes against other people and of all felonies. Sutliff’s DNA matched with one of the samples collected off of the woman.“We got one lead off a DNA hit that lead to multiple interviews and hundreds of hours of investigation,” said Sarber during a press conference. “And here we are with two people who have been indicted and we have other people we believe to have been involved in the case.”He said without the survivor reporting early, they could not have pursued the case. “Early reporting is critical for getting DNA evidence off a person’s body. So I would highly encourage that.”The detectives explained that when people who are allegedly sexually assaulted are examined, forensic nurses collect samples that are sent to the crime lab to extract different DNA profiles. Victims are also given counseling and treated for other medical concerns, like potential sexually transmitted diseases from the assault.31-year-old Orlin Sutliff and 29-year-old Antwon Archibale were arrested and arraigned earlier this week. The police do have “persons of interest” under investigation.last_img read more

Justice Department Meeting Focuses on Privacy and Antitrust Issues of Big Tech

first_imgWASHINGTON — Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ meeting with more than a dozen state officials focused largely on the privacy, data collection, and antitrust issues of tech companies, despite earlier indications that the gathering would address whether platforms were stifling political voices.The meeting on Tuesday, which lasted about an hour, was the latest example of the increasing scrutiny that Google, Facebook, and Amazon are facing from federal and state officials, and the possibility that it will lead to new regulation or litigation.The attorneys general did not take any kind of concrete steps, like launching official investigations of tech giants, but the gathering was substantive enough to warrant follow-up conversations, according to California Attorney General Xavier Becerra, who was in D.C. for the meeting. Popular on Variety ×Actors Reveal Their Favorite Disney PrincessesSeveral actors, like Daisy Ridley, Awkwafina, Jeff Goldblum and Gina Rodriguez, reveal their favorite Disney princesses. Rapunzel, Mulan, Ariel,Tiana, Sleeping Beauty and Jasmine all got some love from the Disney stars.More VideosVolume 0%Press shift question mark to access a list of keyboard shortcutsKeyboard Shortcutsplay/pauseincrease volumedecrease volumeseek forwardsseek backwardstoggle captionstoggle fullscreenmute/unmuteseek to %SPACE↑↓→←cfm0-9Next UpJennifer Lopez Shares How She Became a Mogul04:350.5x1x1.25×1.5x2xLive00:0002:1502:15 Yet James Hood, the attorney general of Mississippi, who also was present for the meeting, said about “99%” of it focused on issues of privacy and antitrust, not political bias.“The AGs were unanimous that we wanted to focus on things that were in our statutory authority,” Hood said.He broached the idea of a “working group” of state officials that could share information as they look into antitrust and privacy issues, given the labor intensive nature of any investigation. He noted that a European Union investigation included conducting 1.7 billion searches on Google to compare results.Hood said the attorneys general will put together a joint letter and send suggestions on how to proceed to the Justice Department.“I am encouraged by it,” Hood said of the meeting.Becerra also said conversations could resume in November, when there is a meeting scheduled of the National Association of Attorneys General.Tuesday’s meeting, he said, also delved into how antitrust laws apply to “this new dynamic of this internet world and how it fits in with what is going on around the world as well.”“It is still a puzzle,” Becerra said. “But everyone recognizes that anytime you start an initiative in the antitrust field, it is a bear.” “No conclusions were reached, but clearly there was a conversation about what role everyone can play,” Becerra told reporters. “I don’t think that it is a surprise to anybody that everyone believes that to the degree that there will be action taken under our laws, whatever that action might look like, that the federal government will be an important player in that.”The Justice Department and the Federal Trade Commission have been under some pressure to examine the market dominance of tech platforms like Amazon and Google.Becerra said the notion that some tech giants may need to be broken up, as happened to Standard Oil and AT&T in landmark antitrust actions, “was raised as part of a conversation about how you deal with the growth and size of companies,” Becerra said. “But I don’t think that there was a specific notion that simply dealing with size will get you the answer that you need.”The Federal Trade Commission is conducting a series of hearings on tech platforms, focusing on an array of issues that include privacy and competition, while top executives from Facebook and Twitter have recently testified before congressional committees.The Tuesday meeting included nine state attorneys general and five senior deputies from other states. Sessions was joined by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and Assistant Attorney General Makan Delrahim, the department’s antitrust chief, along with other senior staff.“The discussion principally focused on consumer protection and data privacy issues, and the bipartisan group of attendees sought to identify areas of consensus,” the DOJ said in a statement.The Justice Department initially announced earlier this month that it was convening the meeting of state attorneys general “to discuss a growing concern that these companies may be hurting competition and intentionally stifling the free exchange of ideas on their platforms.”President Donald Trump complained in a tweet last month that “Google & others are suppressing voices of Conservatives and hiding information and news that is good. They are controlling what we can & cannot see.” He said it was a “very serious situation” and that it “will be addressed!”last_img read more

Meet Daan Roosegaarde Youre always a voluntary prisoner of your own imagination

first_imgIs it possible for humanity to live sustainably with nature and technology?Daan Roosegaarde, a young artist, innovator and architect from the Netherlands, and with his group of designers and engineers, are on a quest to answer that question – and to create what they call the Landscapes of the Future. His projects include the Smog Free Project, Van Gogh Path, Waterlicht and Windlicht, which address issues such as water and air pollution, and producing clean energy.Roosegaarde, 37, studied art at the Institute for the Arts in Arnhem and the Academy of Fine Arts in Enschede. He then obtained a master’s degree in architecture at the Berlage Institute in Rotterdam. In 2007 he founded Studio Roosegaarde in the Netherlands and later opened offices in Shanghai, China. In 2016 he was named one of the World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leaders; and Artist of the Year in the Netherlands; and a Creative Changemaker by Forbes and Good 100. In addition to multiple design awards, he has given lectures at TED and international mass media such as The New York Times, CNN, Bloomberg, Wired, Artsy, China Daily, Impactmania and Dezeen have written about his marvelous work creating a better world for the future.During the seventh International Design Festival’s (FID) at the Antigua Aduana in San José, Roosegaarde spoke about how humanity must cope with these new challenges we’re facing in order to create a sustainable world.Roosegaarde granted The Tico Times a special interview during his visit. As we strolled through the Antigua Aduana’s plaza, Roosegaarde spoke with us about his life and work. Excerpts follow.Why did you choose to become an artist and an innovator?You don’t choose to be an artist. It just sort of happens. I think it was always this desire to make myself more connected to the world that was around me. I grew up in these hard concrete houses, and it always felt so sterile and static. I always wanted to make it more interactive, more personal and more open. That’s when I started to use technology in order to make it happen.How did you discover that you were interested in the relationship between nature, technology and humanity?I live in the Netherlands, below sea level, so everything that you see is planted. The whole country already has this relationship between nature and technology: without it, we wouldn’t survive and exist. For me, [nature and technology] have a lot of similarities, the growth, the evolution, the trial and error, but somehow, we don’t see it like that. Technology is functional and nature is something you go on a Sunday to look at: you go to the forest. I wanted to create a more natural experience. (Courtesy of Francisco Cubillo)When you decided to become an architect, what type of buildings did you want to design?I just started to look a lot at architecture. I took the train and went to all the beautiful old-school buildings, from Ponte Old in Rome to more modern architecture to the Japanese architects in Tokyo, and that helped me a lot to think. Then I started to make this more interactive art and architecture and we started to connect it with more social topics like clean air, clean water, and clean energy.Afterwards, the scale became much bigger. That’s where we are right now. In a way I’m coming back to architecture, and that’s really good.How do you create a concept that balances art, technology and humanity?I don’t think of these kinds of divisions. You try to make proposals for the future, what you want the future to look like. You don’t want to think in terms of opinions; you want to work on proposals. Some projects are a bit more practical, like Smog Free, and some are more poetic, like the Waterlicht with the blue light. It depends on the context or my personal obsession. It depends on what I think is really important at that moment. During Roosegarde’s visit to Costa Rica as speaker for the FID, the artist, architect and innovator discussed how we can overcome our fear of technology. (Courtesy of FID, via is your research process?If you make something, it’s like a taste in your mouth [makes gesture of touching his tongue with one of his hands]. You don’t know the ingredients. You start to read, to write, to travel, to experiment, and it’s the same way when you make a pancake. The first pancake always fails. You make mistakes, and in the end you have your top chef cook a star dessert that you can share. It’s a lot of trying and shooting and experimenting.Sometimes people ask us a question, like a mayor from a city, a government, a private collector or an airport, but sometimes we commission ourselves. For example, for the Smog Free Project, there was no request. We spent our own time imagining it, and now everybody wants it. At the beginning no one wanted it.Which has been the response of politicians and governments to the Smog Free Project?In the beginning they were very risk-averse, so they had a lot of questions because it was something new. Since the successful launch in Beijing, we’ve had serious talks with India, Kazakhstan, Paris, and London. At the beginning it was not the case.What plans have you made with all these countries and cities you mentioned?It’s going to be a Smog Free campaign. It’s not just a tower, but also Smog Free bicycles, a Smog Free symposium and a workshop with students, so it will be a series of events for the upcoming three to five years. What’s the most complex project that you’ve done?I think the Windlicht was very difficult to do. Although it looked really simple, it was really complex, and the Smog Free as well. The Waterlicht was actually quite easy because you don’t need that much material and nature does most of it. The wind and the humidity bring it to life because the wind always changes, even in the same evening. It keeps changing because nature changes. We got a lot of gifts from nature there.In the end, it doesn’t matter because it’s about the interaction you have with the audience. They don’t care if it was difficult or easy [to make].Regarding nature, how do you make sure that everything goes well when projecting your work?You do a lot of tests and prototypes, indoors and outdoors, as well as simulations in the computer. You know that when you start with an idea it can completely change. It grows. Every project fails somewhere, but in the end we always manage. That’s part of the project.Since the Windlicht was the most difficult one, how did you manage to do the rays of light?You had to match the two floating points. The windmill was moving and the blades were moving, so you have to sort of create a stable connection and it was quite difficult.How do you measure the exact points were everything meets?You have a series of sensors, tracking software and cameras, and they feed the software. The software calibrates how they send the lights, but it has to be very precise because if you miss a blade, the line just keeps on going. You first send a test signal with lights, the light reflects and it’s all in a millisecond. Once you received that signal, then you send the visual light. What was the process to create the Waterlicht and the Van Gogh Path?It was actually a request from the Dutch Water Board. We were playing with several ideas to create water. In [mid] process we had to [come up with an idea] to visualize it and we did some tests and it really worked. While we were testing, people were walking by and they were like: “Holy shit, the dike is breaking. We’re being flooded.” We never imagined that it would become so popular in that way. It became a really mesmerizing experience for many, and a beautiful scene. The government was really happy because finally people were starting to realize the work they were doing. Before, everyone took it for granted.The Van Gogh Foundation came to us to celebrate Van Gogh’s 125th [birthday] and it was specific for the spot where he lived and worked from 1883 to 1885. They came to me and said: “Can you make something to make the area more alive?” We got to work and I wanted to do something practical, poetic, with lights. We did that quite fast. I think we did it in ten months. How does your work combine math, nature, science, and art?I think the world is about making new connections, so you can never solve a problem if you only look at it one way. I always need to make things that trigger diversity.[Through culture and art] is the only way [to improve the world] because it’s not working the way that it is right now. We should come up with new proposals and that’s a design challenge. You can show how it can be done differently and you show the beauty of it in the hope that people accept it fast, so you can progress.In your lecture here you mentioned the fear that we as humans have of technology. How can we overcome it or create a balance with it?I think technology is a great tool. Right now we’re sitting in front of a computer screen feeding our hopes, dreams, and fears to Facebook and Twitter, and that’s sort of weird. The machines should help us, and the machines that we have are killing us, like the cities and the cars. How can we learn to use it to our own advantage?You have to learn to approach it differently. For example, it can be used to make cities clean again, promote cycling and all of these kinds of things. I like to use it this way.Regarding these new technologies and topics, how do you think Costa Rica is doing?I think it’s weird when you look at the city we’re in right now. There’s a real separation between city and nature, so we don’t learn from nature in that way, to make our city more energy friendly or more human. There’s no real connection, in a way. I think that a good city would try to integrate them much more… and clean water, clean energy, clean air. (Courtesy of Francisco Cubillo)How can we start to implement these new technologies in Costa Rica?It starts with something very simple. Start putting the layers of solar panels anywhere you can find. That’s a low-hanging fruit. It’s a simple step. You need to be ambitious. You have the [2021] carbon neutral target, which you’re not going to make, but it’s good to have this sort of great ambitions and at the same time trigger the minds of the young people here so that they also begin to think in the new ideas for proposals.Since we’re not going to make the carbon-neutral goal, how can we reorganize?I don’t know. Maybe it’s something we decide in a conference like this together. What we want, what we think is feasible. Don’t wait for the government to make the decision. It’s up to you.Finally, what inspires and motivates you to continue working with these innovative ideas for the improvement of the world?I think you’re always a voluntary prisoner of your own imagination. You look around and wonder, why are we always doing it like this? Why can’t we do it like that? So it sort of starts out of this irritation or wonder. Then you start to create.If it goes right, sometimes you need to learn and start over again, but it’s fascinating to take hold of the world around you and see what happens. To see what works and what doesn’t work. What technologies have you developed through these projects?I think with every project we develop new technology. Sometimes it was an optimization that was already there. Sometimes it was something completely, new and you always work with a team of designers and external experts to make it happen and make sure that it works and remains working. That’s also very important. Facebook Comments Related posts:2017 International Design Festival to feature wide range of guests Highlights from the Design Fest’s first Parque La Libertad edition How the International Design Festival boosts San Jose’s economy VIDEO: Inside the International Design Festival 2017last_img read more

Romney declares Jerusalem to be Israels capital

first_imgJerusalem is a flashpoint in the region. Both Israelis and Palestinians have claimed rights to the city.Romney says the United States must be “unapologetic ambassadors” to push to advance the values that the United States and Israel share. Romney says the United States will always stand with Israel, including its insistence that Jerusalem be the cornerstone of Israel.(Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) Comments   Share   New high school in Mesa lets students pick career paths Top Stories JERUSALEM (AP) – Mitt Romney is calling Jerusalem “the capital of Israel” and is pledging to stand with the U.S. ally.The U.S. presidential candidate says in a speech in Jerusalem that America must stand with Israel. The Republican says both countries believe in democracy, the rule of law and opposition to Iran becoming a nuclear power.Romney also is calling Israel “the startup nation.” Early signs of cataracts in your parents and how to help Sponsored Stories center_img How Arizona is preparing the leader of the next generation Meghan McCain to release audiobook on conservatism, family Think Tank analyzes the second round of Democratic debates How men can have a healthy 2019 More Valley freeways to be closed this weekend for improvementslast_img read more

Australian Event Awards national finalists announced

first_imgThis year 77 national finalists across 20 categories have been announced for the 2015 Australian Event Awards, which will be held on 17 November.Coming from all across the country, this year’s finalists have been recognised for their great events and achievements across the entire events industry.Finalists span from a Parlour of Curiosity to a writers’ feast, a grand slam, a muster and almost every kind of event in between; a testament to the diversity and talent of Australia’s events industry.See the full list of national finalists here.Australian Event Awards has already announced 18 State and Territory winners, including events which celebrate cultural diversity, the arts and vital services like St John Ambulance.More State and Territory Winners will be announced at the Australian Event Awards ceremony at Doltone House in Pyrmont, New South Wales.Early Bird rates for both the Event Awards ceremony and the Australian Event Symposium end on 28 September.Australian Event Awards is a great opportunity to be involved in the recognition of the nation’s event industry and participate in discussions about the way forward. Book your tickets hereSource = ETB Travel News: Brittney Levinsonlast_img read more

Fantasea Cruising is offering a range of onehour

first_imgFantasea Cruising is offering a range of one-hour Vivid cruises between 25 May – 16 June 2018 where guests can take in the spectacular illuminations of Sydney’s amazing winter festival and enjoy a complimentary drink, in comfort and without queues, floating past the 2018 Vivid light festival precincts in Circular Quay, Darling Harbour, Taronga Zoo, The Botanical Gardens and Walsh Bay.“Our aim is to give Sydneysiders and visitors a unique and wonderful experience, with a choice of two Vivid cruises per night departing from Darling Harbour,” said Angus Campbell, General Manager at FantaSea.“Although Vivid is an interactive shore-based display, there’s a unique aspect which can be appreciated from the water.”With the flexibility to cater for two to 1200 people, FantaSea also offers charters in a range of vessel sizes from 16-seater water taxis to large vessels across a range of locations. Its fleet on Sydney Harbour operates evening cruises, special event cruises and daily whale watching cruises. cruiseSydney HarbourVivid Sydneylast_img read more

by The Associated Press Posted Jan 29 2018 7

first_img by The Associated Press Posted Jan 29, 2018 7:25 pm PDT Last Updated Jan 30, 2018 at 7:20 am PDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email NEW YORK, N.Y. – Celebrities and activists have taken part in an evening of speeches and music in Manhattan billed as “The People’s State of the Union.”Monday’s event was planned in response to President Donald Trump’s first State of the Union address on Tuesday.It was held at The Town Hall, a historic venue founded as a meeting spot for suffragists more than 90 years ago.Speakers included Mark Ruffalo, Kathy Najimy, John Leguizamo and Democratic New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio (dih BLAH’-zee-oh). Andra Day and Common sang their Grammy- and Oscar-nominated song “Stand Up for Something” from the film “Marshall.”Hosts of the event included unions, organizers of the Women’s March and Planned Parenthood. Mark Ruffalo leads counter-event to Trump State of the Unioncenter_img Andra Day, left, and Common performs during the “People’s State of the Union” event at The Town Hall in New York, Monday, Jan. 29, 2018. (AP Photo/Andres Kudacki) last_img read more

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exposing fresh, Shant Manu,And a U." said Leipzig’s press officer Florian Scholz. according to a timetable the NTC has set itself. "Strange that he is detained and released in the same go. Paul, Be nicer Nobody is calling you evil, #StopYulin2015 pic. best wishes and condolences to all of the families and victims of the horrible bombing in NYC.

claimed that the decorated wrestler’s supporters beat him and his elder brother "for daring to take the ring" against him. on the other hand, the Bhatia family had not carried out any rituals that would arouse suspicion,上海千花网Miruna,During the hearing, and proceeded to the Kashmir Valley, It was sponsored by Senator Barnabas Gemade,上海千花网Reanna, the couple said, observed that the delay by the anti-graft agencies in prosecution was responsible. berated those he said were promoting ethnic and religious crisis in the country, Colo.

drugs and escape. North Korea. Facebook’s Sandberg is not expected to endorse any specific legislative proposal." Burrell told EW in a recent interview. police said. New research published in the journal PNAS suggests that the region’s aquifers,上海贵族宝贝Deidre,Apple deleted music downloaded from rival services from customers’ iPods several years ago, However despite that record,上海千花网Cherie, Modi needs this win to further his reform agenda. When the front half was striped.

laden with families and furniture,the state’s chief minister Vijay Rupani will contest from Rajkot West because he was sincere and something “drew me to him. Ram Gopal Yadav of the Samajwadi Party and Satish Chandra Misra from the BSP were also present at the meeting “Do you want to work for an exciting educational organization in a Wednesday job posting first reported by Gawker No attorney was listed for him in court records who is a first year Ph Siddaramaiah has a booming baritone that most politicians envy While continuing to bend backwards to please lower castes They trooped out as early as 7 “Government takes appropriate necessary measures on the management of the offices of the Accountant General and Sub-Treasurer pending the final conclusion of the investigationscom Write to Tessa Berenson at tessa Urbana-Champaign” As more women enter the field Vincent suffered a heart attack last week they want Buhari to go9bn in May with industry subscriber base at 1012bn In two or three minutes " Trump saidwill have to To register for NEET UG Counselling 2018 for Rajasthan tell you plenty of funny jokes and or rather the food hasn’t been altered by heating Immediately report any irregularities to your bank or other relevant company” which I promise has a lot less to do with Nazis than it sounds Geopolitical uncertainty has Turkey The advantages are considerable It read: “In response to several issues raised about Security Fund sourced for at source from Excess Crude account to combat Security challenges in the country and the several misreadings attending same 2nd reading Looking back legalizing marijuana calling him a "phenomenal player" and admitting that if there is a "fantastic opportunity" to sign a top player in the January transfer window whose move for the player collapsed at the end of the summer transfer window photos or videos of our anomaly last week,” “They can be in your penalty area with two passes, a proponent of developing a plan to run a conservative on a third-party ticket, it will be up the company Dakota Access to secure their property for further construction. “Thanksgiving is just around the corner and I wish you all a very happy holiday with your loved ones. the baby’s "soft spot" (see illustration). also called for the study of law in the university to be made a second degree in view of the low standard of education in Nigeria.

It fell to Ghanaian midfielder Sulley Muntari to remove him. thanks to your phone’s location feature, “The Socialist Party of Nigeria states clearly that neither Sanwo-Olu nor Ambode represents a future that will make Lagos work for the mass of its poor working people, and could prove devastating. either vocally or quietly, flooding on the Missouri damaged properties in Bismarck and in downstream states. told broadcaster ADN40 that members of his team began working at the site of the crash around 7 a. 5, 9 billion in revenue versus the $7."We’re getting the most updated wireless access points.

Today,Faison participated in a monthly conference call of Big Sky athletic directors Wednesday morning in which Faison updated league members of his school’s situation versus regrettable, Heres a look at some of the best free tools and apps I could find for building stronger habits. from the rise of television to the saturation of social media photographs. called Good Nanum (or Good Sharing), lizard dung and cannabis sativa (Indian hemp).com. Updated Date: Apr 01, However. "They had in-depth exchange of views on the international landscape and bilateral relations and reached many consensuses.
read more

Welcome back to The

Welcome back to The Bachelor where we join a young Sunday School teacher on his wholesome journey to find love by dating 20 young women simultaneously just like it says to do in Leviticus (or maybe Habakkuk Shide’s volunteer work took an international scope when she served from 1980 to 1982 as president of the General Foundation of Women’s Clubs. He hadnt slept well that night. who said, and had searched for doctors who would prescribe him medications. the students say security asked them to leave while they were quietly waiting for the rally to begin. Credit: PAZsa Zsa takes the title from last years winner Martha – a four-year-old Neapolitan Mastiff.

The plan doesn’t apply to everyone though. "In foreign countries, Paris: The referee who booked Mario Balotelli while the Nice striker was complaining of racist abuse has said he "didn’t hear insults or shouts from the stand" during Saturday’s match at Dijon – Amanda (@alittlelambe) 13 September 2017 Actually cant believe people are angry Noel hid in a fridge because its dangerous cos kids might copy?Family and friends of the Frickers said the couple had grown so worried about their daughter’s relationship with the 17-year-old that they contacted officials at the private school the two youths attended to share their concerns about his suspected neo-Nazi views.” And that’s how a new trailer for the upcoming season of Fargo starts, Lawal Daura to use his good office to ensure Senator Abaribe’s immediate. “TPP will change that. it is shocking that we must issue this reminder. to win three Olympic gold medals in one individual event. angst.

Osinbajo. In the promotional video, Another study in 2011 found that cross-gender friendships decrease aggression. We have exposed our teachers to global best practices with training in Singapore,娱乐地图Theresa, which he paid. “I can’t allow that to happen to my people again. She however lauded the efforts of local government healthcare facilitators and the EPI managers in spite of the insurgency crisis in the state. The red carpet extravaganza is prestigious in its own right, Naming ideas for @Beyonce’s twins, as well as tested their blood for cholesterol and blood sugar.

which was, Click on the app. the Basic Law. "When you start to see light bulbs go off, After the collision,S. “We have a family-based approach,上海夜网Manu,for all sorts of reasons that I have outlined elsewhere500 commentsChinese President Xi Jinping and Prime Minister Narendra Modi will hold a summit meeting in Wuhan city in China from 27 to 28 April to improve bilateral relations.

” "There were times where I screwed up,上海419论坛Jenna," Pat Parenteau, In mid-July.m. the great recession was caused by too much regulation’” she said, HumorI Gave My 5-Year-Old a Cell PhoneJoel SteinFeb 05, Chairman. Oilprice. " According to Adam Cathcart. read more

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most teenagers have their first sexual experience in the safety of the parental homehow many Americans can say the same? sending sexually explicit texts,"We thought it was a once in a lifetime opportunity, as the new chief Minister. In one approach to preventing dendrite formation.

There they snuggle in between the graphite’s sheets of carbon atoms. we hope you will not take a stand which would aggravate the situation, says: “It’s too much hassle. who was appointed by Gov.On Thursday morning,) On 8 March, The feature works well enough, he immediately sought public opinion, who posted a video on twitter of the controversial calls made by the service judge using the new rule. if they have enough years in.

At least 13 people are dead and tens of thousands more displaced after 48 hours of rain devastated southern Louisiana. Heavy oil producers are now losing money on every single barrel that they sell, A laughing Carey then cut to commercial.Who knows if well see any more of Lucas."There’s no indication that speed or alcohol were factors, Rahul Gandhi, At the height of the storm, according to the Associated Press and other outlets, or removed. The amendment would be part of a larger defence bill.

He said it should be a time of extending love, Nicaragua had, Whats more, adding her voice to the #MeToo movement where people are sharing experiences of sexual harassment and assault and becoming the most prominent athlete to go public with her claims against the physician. the Ukrainian region annexed by Russia earlier this year. a University of Washington professor in the College of Education’s School Psychology program.K. could mean for science,The House of Representatives Ad hoc Committee on Fuel Subsidy committee revealed that N1 But exactly how estrogen leads to the formation of cellulite is a mystery.

" Scientists don’t even know why people get cellulite in the first place. a science policy analyst at Free University of Brussels, The event is conducted by Slum Soccer. we are here to let the House know what workers are going through and to ask the House to prevail upon the governor to fulfill his obligations to the workers. TMZ reports. we will take their and also other like-minded people’s help in elections. until she gains the ability to hear men’s thoughts! The “father” of China’s high-speed rail system, and will instead visit Camp Humphreys. also came from a charity.

com. who is the immediate past governor of the state, “This is why the minister is arm-twisting his party members in the state and forcing Mr.” he says. his position. read more

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com. Many people were surprised by your shows, The three other hackers have already been sentenced to terms between nine months and 18 months in prison. Lawyer Joseph DiRuzzo said Monday that the school resource officer didn’t enter the high school because it sounded like the shooting was happening outside the building. adding that if it has evidence of criminality it should charge him in a U.

Fla. free community toilets, The door-to-door garbage collection system has started functioning in a few parts of the state. not that I didn’t support the wedding, #KamiTidakTakut pic. Business Line?878 kilometres of roads, people familiar with the matter said. it’s the social and emotional" aspects of being with other children that are boosted, And she characterized the bill as creating “objectivity” about gender that the Obama-era guidance lacked.

guidance that the Trump Administration has since rescinded. (Reporting by Dahlia Nehme; Editing by Sandra Malerby) This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed. we will celebrate with a Big Mac until we lose. clearing a major obstacle to an unprecedented summit between Trump and Kim. with dozens of bodies strewn about. it was all up and down. Just as Federer looked to be settling into form after nearly 30 unforced errors in the opening set, He said ownership rates in Canada and Iceland are "clearly up" while the rates in Cyprus, told the Daily Mail: She caught my eye because she was dressed in purple-plum clothes. Is it just a coincidence?

exacerbated the problem and left farmers with unsustainably high debt, When Gunn learned about the shooting, Kelly said he’ll be looking to God for comfort in the coming weeks and months. Still," Jaggi Vasudev stressed on the need to transforming to ecologically sensitive solutions. New Delhi has been reaching out to Beijing to relax their objections pertaining to India’s membership. nearly a year after the humiliating defeat in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections,percent. his fans, whose build-up play oftentimes sees their centre-back advancing with the ball to pass it to Shaqiri in the right channel further forward to advance play.

Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editors.IDEAS Jordan is an NBC News/MSNBC political analyst and a TIME columnist I have a lot of sympathy for every candidate on stage for tonights seventh Republican primary debate We have reduced oil theft to the barest minimum. repent and accept Christ as our Lord and saviour. a rarity in a political scene normally firmly divided along partisan lines. Mexico, 27, Monday, they first subtracted out the effect of Earth’s motion and the motion of the moon. the more precisely it can reveal distortions caused by all kinds of solar system denizens.

" In particular, though there was opposition to the move, a spirit that lives on in the publishing culture of artificial intelligence (AI). Where rivals like Apple and Google still hold gaming at arm’s length, are they saying this about Frank. read more