Galaxy S10 Samsung considers surprising change

There’s word today from South Korean parts manufacturers that Samsung is considering removing a feature from their next wave of smartphones. Where many smartphone manufacturers moved to remove their smartphone headphone jacks over the past couple of years, Samsung’s remained steadfast in their dedication to this essential piece of hardware. With today’s report, it would seem that they’ve reached a point at which the positives outweigh the negatives. Story TimelineGalaxy S10 might look like this, if we’re luckyGalaxy S10 camera specs leak with a triple surpriseThe big Galaxy S10 release and why I’ll wait for the NoteGalaxy S10 three models confirmed by Chinese certification The report comes from ETNews where an “official of the parts industry” suggested that Samsung was “considering removing the earphone jack” from their next major smartphones. This same source suggested that if Samsung does remove the jack, they’ll include a USB-C to headphone jack dongle in the box with their phones. This is a similar tactic to many other smartphone manufacturers removing their jacks over the last couple years.Unfortunate for you and I, people who use headphone jacks, there seems to be no way out of this inevitable move toward removal of the always-helpful jack. Because USB-C has its own audio output line and – though it’s not as high quality as the jack – there’s still Bluetooth connectivity for audio data transfer. It is my opinion that Samsung should take this opportunity to continue to stand apart from its competition. ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST: Pixel Slate axes headphone jack Now that even the most dedicated manufacturers – like OnePlus – are axing the jack, it’s down to just a couple running with the jack in the USA. It’s between LG and Samsung for the most headphone jack friendly device on the block. Them and Sony, but still.AdChoices广告If Samsung does indeed remove the jack from their lines of top-tier smartphones, they’ll probably wait until the Samsung Galaxy S11. If they remove the jack at all, they’ll do it from the Galaxy S series first, then the Note. Wouldn’t want their most extravagant phone to have a missing feature before their phones of a slightly lesser cost.

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