BioShock Burial at Sea episode 2 trailer raises a host of new

first_imgBioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea was a great return to the beloved, sunken dystopia of Rapture — albeit, a short return. Episode one featured the player assuming the role of Booker DeWitt, while the upcoming episode two will feature Elizabeth, Infinite’s companion and deuteragonist. Instead of gameplay, the three-minute trailer Irrational just released sets up the downloadable campaign’s story, and introduces a host of new questions, and a very important character from BioShock’s past.Spoilers ahead.Rather than the shoot-everything mayhem Booker provides, Elizabeth will be more focused on stealth, though the sneak peek doesn’t show off any of that gameplay. Instead, we see who we assume is Frank Fontaine posing as Atlas, your guide, secret handler, and antagonist from the original BioShock.The questions arise almost immediately, when some kind of ghost Booker DeWitt — similar to the ghost-like Caprica Six Cylon from Battlestar Galactica that only Gaius Baltar could see — guides Elizabeth through a hairy situation that would’ve certainly seen her killed if not for his advice.The story appears as though it will begin with Elizabeth helping Frank Fontaine get back into Rapture after Andrew Ryan banished Fontaine’s whole organization to the bottom of the sea, in exchange for the safety of Sally, the Little Sister that was the focal point of episode one. Of course, both Elizabeth and Fontaine are devious characters, so it’s safe to assume a few twists are in store.Details of the upcoming episode are still thin — no release date, no explanation as to why Booker is some sort of wise ghost. However, episode two’s story could tie into the original BioShock’s canonical story. Elizabeth could succeed in helping Fontaine get back into Rapture, which could then lead to the city’s downfall. It’ll be interesting to see if it ties in at all, and hopefully we won’t have to wait too long to experience it.last_img

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