Amazons Prime Instant Video settop box sounds like a winner

first_imgWith so many companies failing to deliver a great television companion box, it looks like Amazon plans to toss their hat in the ring and see how they do.Let’s face it, the set-top box landscape is littered with the burned out husks of failed attempts to deliver an experience that captures a large audience. From Internet-enabled televisions and Blu-ray players to Google TV and Apple TV, it seems like the only company to have really made any traction since the beginning has been Roku. Everyone seems too interested in ecosystem lock in to provide a service that everyone actually wants to use. Amazon thinks they can do the same, only their services may be good enough for it to actually work.Amazon’s content delivery service now includes all of the parts needed to create a great companion device. Instant Video is tested and proven to be popular, and Prime users can absorb as much of that content as they like for free. Whispersync allows users to move from device to device without losing their place, and you can buy new content either the day it is available in stores or even earlier in some cases. Right now, the Amazon video experience exists as an accessory to other devices that fail to deliver a complete experience, and an Amazon made box can fix that.There’s a couple of directions Amazon could take this. They could make an inexpensive streaming box with Kindle Fire HD style access to their video and audio services and call it a day. That would do reasonably well, especially if sold for under $100 on Amazon such that it arrives pre-loaded with your account information. Amazon could easily take this one step further, however, and release a box with access to the web and to the Amazon GameCircle service. Adding the Amazon AppStore in the right way would create a powerful box that brings all of Amazon’s digital content together, and offers it up in a single package.There’s plenty of questions yet to be answered with this rumor, but it’s one worth getting excited over. If you’re already an Amazon Prime subscriber that takes advantage of the video services, this is a perfect addition to your entertainment center. An Amazon controlled set-top box seems like the best direction for the company to head in now, especially if they can get pricing and performance to beat out the competition.Now Read – Netflix vs. Amazon Instant Video: Who streams supreme?last_img

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