Guard shot three arrests in armoured truck robbery

(Update)A shocking attempt to rob an armoured truck has left a security guard gravely injured and led to the arrests of three Toronto teens. The overnight ambush on a truck owned by Garda World took place at a branch of the TD Bank on Avenue Road and there was a heavy exchange of gunfire between the bandits, and the guard.It could not have been more brazen, or violent commented Staff Inspector Mike Earl of the Toronto Police Service: “He was ambushed by three male individuals, and when I say ambushed, he was immediately fired upon by three males, with a handgun.”What followed was a wild-west shoot-out in the heart of Toronto says Mike Earl: “Forensic officers, officers on the scene here have located projectiles across the street, on the street, in poles –within the area. There was numerous shots fired in this incident that lasted aproximately less than a minute. (How many shots were fired?) In the double digits.”The 37-year old armoured car guard was hit four times. He’s alive, but in critical condition.The armoured car driver put the truck into lockdown, and stayed inside the vehicle. The suspects then fled on foot — empty handed.A short time later, police closed in on an area near Lawrence and Allan Road, and arrested three, 18-year old suspects. They also recovered a semi-automatic handgun.Charged with attempted murder, armed robbery, and several other offences — are Jaden Beckford, Nicholas Cross, and Rashid Clarke.Mike Earl: “All three individuals have never been dealt with by the police before.”But police believe this isn’t their first attempt to rob the same truck. The suspects are being linked to a similar type of ambush on June 5th.Mike Earl: “It’s the actual — the truck, or the company that’s being targetted.”The ambush shut down Avenue Road for several hours as investigators gathered evidence. Shell casings. Errant bullets, that hit a nearby apartment building, and blood samples from the scene. They also gathered pictures from security cameras in the area — and asked for anyone using such a camera, to come forward to police.

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