Day 2 of The 2016 Pro Farmer Midwest Crop Tour

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest Presented by Ritchie BrothersSee Day 1 results on the Pro Farmer Midwest Crop TourSee Day 3 results on the Pro Farmer Midwest Crop TourToday I take my annual shotgun seat next to Pro Farmer’s Brian Grete. This guy is all business on the road (except for the one year we did the Ice Bucket Challenge) and I always look forward to talking shop with Brian and watching his Iowa-esque pointer finger wave as other farmers drive by.He’s not a very tall fella and he has a fear of getting lost in tall soybean fields, which we will likely see today. Needless to say, I will be sampling beans.Here are the final results for the entire eastern leg of this year’s Pro Farmer Midwest Crop Tour for Indiana.Corn –173.42 bushels to the acre.Soybeans – 1178.41 pods in 3X3 foot square.McLean County, IllinoisWe are seeing a little bit of lodging and wind damage here in this corn field. The ears were over 7 inches in length, on average, and we had one 22 around. This field is pegged at 223 bu/a. Half of the fields we checked today in Illinois had a number that began with a 2.Soybeans at our last stop of the day became our best stop of the day. We are seeing lodging here too as beans are close to 5 feet tall. These beans had a pod count of 2335 in a 3 by 3 square.McLean County, IllinoisMcLean County, IllinoisMcLean County, IllinoisFord County, IllinoisThis corn was about 3 weeks behind what we’ve seen for the majority of the tour. Tip-Back is just now starting to set in. It probably won’t be as good at harvest, but our number for this field is 216.Beans were thin and nothing to look at. The root system was great, but that’s about it. Our pod count here is 686 in a 3 foot square.Ford County, IllinoisFord County, IllinoisLivingston County, IlliniosThese ears are big but each ear was 14 around and there were skips in each row.  Yields here will be around 168.Soybean population was low here with many skips in the sample row. Pod count here was 630.Livingston County, IlliniosVermillion County, IllinoisCrossed the state line to find our best corn field of the week! This field is full of baseball bats and clocks in at an amazing 235 bushels to the acre.Soybeans were right on part with what we’ve seen today at 1135 pods in a 3 by 3 square.Vermillion County, IllinoisBenton County, IndianaMore decent fields here but not as good as our previous two. Two stops in this county put our average at 163 with one sample of ears varying greatly.Soybeans at our two stops averaged 1075 pods in a 3 foot square.Benton  County, IndianaBenton County, IndianaWarren County, IndianaGot into two great fields of corn here but also found Diplodia in our second field. Average for this county was 210.Pod counts for our two bean fields average 1210. Beans are getting much taller here.Warren County, IndianaWarren County, IndianaWarren County, IndianaTipton County, IndianaThe initial stop of the day took us to a good corn field. This was the highest population I have seen so far this week and the ears were filled nicely. No disease or pest pressure noticed. Our yield guess here is a whopping 211.Soybeans were a little weedy but overall very strong in the stalk and looking well on their way to a decent harvest. Our 3 x 3 pod count is 1485.Tipton County, IndianaTipton County, IndianaTipton County, IndianaTipton County, IndianaClinton County, IndianaThis corn field was the case of things looking better from the road. Our 129 yield estimate is due to a very low ear county and one of the sample ears being a runt.The soybeans here look excellent. Even with a high stalk count in our 3 foot row, these beans are performing exceptionally well. Our pod count in a 3 foot square is 1626, the best I’ve seen this week.Clinton County, IndianaClinton County, IndianaClinton County, IndianaTippecanoe County, IndianaThe corn field here had some more disease pressure than I have seen this week and there were also a fair number of hanging ears. Stalk issues aren’t dire but will need to be watched, for sure. Our yield estimate here was 192.This soybean stand looked like carpet and was extremely healthy. We are getting into some 30 inch rows here. Our pod count in a 3 x 3 square was 773.Tippecanoe County, IndianaTippecanoe County, Indianalast_img

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