Matt Saal, Nov. 9

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest The weather has still been really nice. We have had a couple of rain showers and they came pretty slow and timely — a half-inch here and a half-inch there. We have been dry and the rains have not made things really wet where guys had to stay out of the fields for a long time or cause ruts.Most of the soybeans are off but there is still some corn out. Things are definitely still ahead of schedule for this time of year. Most of the true grain guys still have some corn out but most of the dairy guys are wrapping it up. Most all of the wheat I see around here is up and looking good.This year we had to start feeding the first hay that we chopped after the first couple of weeks this summer. That is not ideal. We have one corn silage bunker with three sides on it. We actually had a pretty nice carry over from last year, but we feed it from front to back. We had to cover it all back up when we started refilling the bunk this year and we couldn’t get to the old stuff.  We made a separate pile this year to fix that problem.Ideally we like for the corn silage set for three months before we start feeding. Once it sits in the bunk for three months it stabilizes. As long as you keep the oxygen out of it, it will keep.We are adding more cows to our operation. We are widening some of the free stalls out in a building we had for the heifers. We should have it all done by the end of the year.last_img

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