‘Modern Warfare’ tracer rounds: How to get the guns included in purple pack

first_imgMORE: Map details for “Modern Warfare” season 4Here’s what to know about the new tracer rounds:How to get purple tracer rounds in ‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’Scroll to the store section of the multiplayer or “Warzone” menu (either works), and “Tracer Pack: Purple” should be the first option in the featured section. It costs 1,600 CP to buy the bundle. It comes with two gun blueprints in which you can equip purple arounds, as well as a knife called “Stinging Nettle.” There is also a charm of an angry crab — aka “Stabby Crabby — and a calling card of a woman with a thought bubble reading “Da F—!?”Can you get purple tracer rounds for free?Nope, unfortunately the only way for players to obtain purple tracer rounds is through the COD store, though it is possible you’ll run across the blueprint on the ground in a multiplayer match. Which guns use purple tracer rounds?There is one assault rifle blueprint and one submachine gun blueprint in the bundle. The assault rifle with purple tracer rounds is the GRAU 5.56, while the submachine gun is the MP7. Both guns are popular enough that you can expect to see plenty of purple in the coming weeks.There is no way at this point to equip purple tracer rounds on guns besides the GRAU and MP7.Do colored rounds provide a competitive advantage?Not unless you’re a big believer in mental advantages. The colored rounds are meant to be cosmetic, but there’s something quite satisfying about leaving a small crowd of purple above a fallen enemy that perhaps provides a little emotional boost for players. As they say: look good, feel good. If you’ve noticed bright purple emanating from bodies in “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare” recently, it hasn’t been a hallucination.The game introduced a bundle called “Tracer Pack: Purple” for multiplayer this week that colors gun rounds purple when shot from a specific blueprint. This is the latest in a series of limited time colored round releases during “Modern Warfare.”last_img

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