Rushing the Floor

first_imgA lot has been made of the fans rushing the floor after Kansas State upset Kansas at a recent basketball game.  The mob-like scene on the floor almost crushed an older gentlemen who fell to the floor, and it is reported that some over enthusiastic fans tried to assault a Kansas ball player caught in the melee.What should the college and high school athletic departments do to stop the practice of rushing the floor after a big win by the home team?  I think the easiest solution is to train the crowd control personnel to form some type of line to funnel the fans into a central location on the floor.  This allows the opposing team to exit and keeps the fans from pushing people into the sideline tables.  The Kansas State Athletic Department admitted that their personnel were slow in reacting and could not get the funnel formed in time.  It is reported by them that this was the first time the crowd control people failed to stop the crowd.The above incident is unfortunate, but what I don’t want to see is the threat of forfeiture for the winning team if the crowd gets out of control.  Fans have to be allowed to show their enthusiasm, but we don’t want to see anyone get hurt.last_img

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