Striga! An interesting orienteering race in the Istrian municipality of Žminj

first_imgStriga! Istrian Rogaine Challenge is a version of the very popular team orienteering run in which all team members pass a certain area in search of checkpoints that must be visited within a given time and the team character gives the competition additional charm, because all team members must work together and prepared movement strategy. and navigation, reach the goal. The usual rogaine races are held in a time limit of 24 hours during which experienced teams can cross 100 kilometers of very difficult terrain, while in Žminj and the surrounding area the time limit for trail competitors is 6 hours, and MTB riders will have the opportunity to prove themselves. choose whether to tour checkpoints on foot or using a mountain bike. Teamwork, endurance, competitiveness and respect for the landscape are the basic features of this sport and which is competed by teams of two to five members.Since each checkpoint carries a certain number of points, the strategy comes to the fore more than physical fitness so the event is perfect for recreationists of all ages and fitness, and checkpoints will be hidden in a very large area bordered by Pazin, Kanfanar, Barban and Svetvincenat and it will be impossible to find all the checkpoints, so good strategists will benefit.In the area of ​​the Municipality of Žminj, among the sights, there is the Cave Feštinsko kraljevstvo, which is definitely worth visiting. In addition to the underground wealth, it is characterized by an idyllic environment with handmade wooden toys, made personally by Aldo Orbanić – the owner of the cave. Enka Šajina recommends a visit to Mljekara Latus, which opened a modern Milk & Cheese bar last year and can organize cheese tastings for about 50 guests. The old town is very rich in cultural and historical monuments and is known for its frescoes, cistern, canonical house, etc. “In our municipality we have 165 accommodation facilities (holiday homes, apartments and rooms), with a total of 1048 beds, and as of this year a Robinson camp has been registered. From the beginning of this year to the middle of October, 71.138 overnight stays were recorded in the Žminj area, which is 16 percent more than in the same period last year. According to the number of tourist arrivals, of which there were 7.871 this year, there is an increase of as much as 19,50 percent than last year. The structure of guests visiting Žminj is 58,24 percent from Germany, 7,36 percent from Austria, 5,31 percent from the Netherlands, 4,00 percent from Belgium, and from England, Italy, Poland, France and other countries.”- proudly concludes Lenka Šajina.Related news:  TZO ŽMINJ WINNER OF THE “SIMPLY THE BEST” AWARD FOR A SERIES OF EVENTS INSPIRED BY LOCAL TRADITION In the category Innovative and creative project in tourism for a series of events inspired by local tradition, the Tourist Board of the Municipality of Žminj won the national annual award Simply the Best. The Tourist Board of the Municipality of Žminj has nominated three events: Istrian pinci pod čerepnjon on the hearth, the Istrian Pasta Festival and Bartulja. These are events that are not organized only in the peak season, but start before Easter and end at the end of August, so the importance of these events is extremely important and special.The importance of quality, diverse and primarily authentic content as a motive for coming is recognized in the Tourist Board of the Municipality of Žminj, and they continue at the same pace. Not all events have to be mega big, “small” events are extremely important, which give rhythm and soul to the destination and fill with quality content throughout the year. Thus, the Tourist Board of the Municipality of Žminj and the company Sport box doo from Buzet, are organizing an orientation race Štriga on Saturday, October 21 in the wider area of ​​the Municipality of Žminj! Istrian Rogaine Challenge. It is a team race in which teams use maps and compasses to search for hidden checkpoints.Lenka Šajina from the Tourist Board of the Municipality of Žminj points out that such sports events, which are organized in the time before the season and post-season, are excellent for the promotion of the Žminj region. “Unlike coastal towns, in Žminj caterers work all year round and offer traditional specialties, so you will find it difficult to find fish on the menu, but you have the opportunity to taste the best maneštra, homemade pasta, sauerkraut, sausages, prosciutto, cheese and even some forgotten dishes. Our events are inspired by local tradition. We try to involve local businessmen and entrepreneurs in every event, and in that way they are also involved in this sports event. Each participant will receive a product from local producers, and the best will receive a package that will contain a local product or a ticket to one of the local attractions. Guests from Slovenia, Croatia and Finland have registered at Štrig, so this is an ideal way to get to know the Žminj region, because the checkpoints are located in attractive positions, near kazuns, ponds, churches, family farms, craftsmen, caterers. The local offer will also be at the finish line, where local attractions, producers, craftsmen, entrepreneurs will be promoted… It is very important to us that the participants remember Žminj well, not only because of the race but also because of the local offer”, Says Lenka Šajina, director of the Tourist Board of the Municipality of Žminj.last_img

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