Broome County Health Department says two patients tested negative for coronavirus

first_img“As you know the Broome County Health Department was recently monitoring two adults for the novel coronavirus that has emerged in China,” said Broome County Health Department Medical Director Christopher Ryan. “Those tests have now returned negative or normal,” he said. “It’s an interconnected world so it’s not surprising that we here locally would have the occasional patient who warrants testing,” said Ryan. “We would also not be surprised to encounter other patients needed testing,” he said. If a patient does fit that criteria the health department says there is a system in place to handle it. That system begins with the patient reporting their symptoms to a local health care provider who will then notify the Health Department. “There are no other people in Broome County undergoing testing and there have been no confirmed cases in the county,” Ryan said. Officials say that in the case of the two patients being tested this week, because they were not seriously ill they were released under home isolation and did not pose a threat to public health. “Samples are collected from the patient and sent to the CDC lab in Atlanta where the testing is performed,” Ryan said. If the health department determines that the patient needs testing, officials say that’s when the Center for Disease Control gets involved. The county health department confirming that there are no suspected cases of the virus in Broome County. “If they seem to have this travel history and meet other criteria they would consult with us to see if this is a person who would warrant testing,” Ryan said. center_img Officials say that while these test came back negative, it is conceivable that there will be more cases that warrant testing. “Hand washing and good cough hygiene are always warranted especially this time of year in the middle of influenza season,” said Ryan. BINGHAMTON (WBNG) — The Broome County Health Department says that two patients being tested for the coronavirus in Broome County do not have the virus. “Travel to the Hubei Province is part of basic case definition at this point that somebody has to have gone to Wuhan City or another place within the Province,” said Marianne Yourden who leads the Broome County Health Department’s Communicable Disease Program. Ryan says that in the meantime good hygiene is the best way to keep yourself safe. Officials say at this point there is no need to worry about contracting the virus unless you have recently traveled to China. Officials say that due to the evolving nature of the situation this information could change at any time so everyone is encouraged to monitor the status of the virus through the CDC’s coronavirus page. You can visit their website by clicking here.last_img

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