Financial institutions need to build a digital dream team

first_imgThe rapid maturation of digital optimization — content and experience testing or behavioral targeting — generates reliable and consistent improvements in the customer experiences financial institutions deliver. For banks and credit unions dedicated to improving their relationships with consumers, optimization programs can deliver substantial additive gains through an iterative process. Simple tests can yield tremendous results, improving customer satisfaction, driving online applications, and building people’s trust while they engage with your digital brand.In a Forrester survey, 21% of customer experience decision-makers say they have prioritized investment in testing and optimization programs. However, like most enterprise initiatives, an optimization program hinges on the sum of three things: people, processes and technologies. And people are a big part of the problem. According to MarketingSherpa, nearly 75% of businesses are unable to find suitable expertise for optimizing even simple landing pages. Similarly, Forrester recognizes in its survey that “user experience and data professionals are hardest to staff for.”Three Ways to Build Your TeamYou have three options. You can hire, train or outsource. Each option has implications for the speed, cost and the resulting quality of the team’s work. Depending on the resources you are able to dedicate to optimization from those already involved in your digital efforts and their level of expertise, one of the following options may be a better fit for your organization than another. Organizational goals for the optimization program will also dictate your team-building strategy to some degree.For example, if your goal is to immediately commence a program consistingof hundreds of tests and targets each quarter and you have limited dedicated resources, a team composed partially or completely of outside resources will likely lead to faster results.Hiring for a Complete Enterprise Optimization TeamA complete, enterprise-level optimization team requires that you bring dedicated resources to bear from the very beginning. With each person focused on their individual piece of the optimization puzzle, you can be confident that the right skills are being applied to the right tasks. While you may not hire new resources for every role, this approach allows you to at least identify the range of expertise you need. Keep in mind that as you build your program and begin to serve multiple organizational departments — each with their own goals — you may need more than one person to support some of the following responsibilities. continue reading » 2SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img

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