Protecting the Amazon

first_img The Western Amazon region is a major transit point for illegal vehicles and smugglers bringing weapons and drugs into Brazil. Often, arms that transgress these areas fall into the hands of violent gangs in the shantytowns of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. The criminals also cause environmental destruction and threaten indigenous communities by creating and protecting new trafficking routes through the jungle. In August 2011, the Brazilian Defense Ministry conducted a joint operation by the Brazilian Armed Forces as part of the country’s Strategic Border Plan. Code-named Ágata, the operation sought to combat environmental crimes along the border of the Western Amazon region. Colombian forces also participated. The following month, Brazil initiated Operation Ágata 2. Seven thousand troops were deployed along its southern border to combat organized crime, with air support from Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay. Together, the military forces of the region are helping to put a stop to the use of these pristine areas for illicit ends. By Dialogo January 01, 2012last_img

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