Summer Camp, Day 30! A Trio of Tony Winners Show Us a ‘Real Good Time’

first_img LOOK OUT FOR… 1:10. Just a sensible kick to the face. McKechnie probably had bruises on her forehead after that. OVERALL CAMP FACTOR A real, real, REAL good time. View Comments MOST GIF-ABLE MOMENTcenter_img We’re gonna be honest: Things around the offices have gotten really boring the last few weeks. It’s sweltering, it’s humid, and worst of all, no new Broadway shows open until after Labor Day. But never fear, dear readers, we’ve got a great way to spice up the month of August: Summer Camp! Each day for 31 days, we’re highlighting the campiest, craziest, wildest—and did we mention campiest?—videos we can find. Put on your gaudy bathing suit and dive in! WHY WE LOVE IT Jeremy F., who submitted this campy goldmine, writes, “This is what happens when three could-be Roses come together with a genius costume designer.” OK, so now that we’ve all imagined exactly what these three Tony winners’ “Rose’s Turn”s would sound like, let’s get to those costumes. A fur coat with a silvery inner lining. A frilly two-piece with a cape. A purple ensemble that would be perfect for that “sexy Grimace” Halloween costume we’ve been brainstorming. You know, your standard burlesque fare. But then comes that magical moment when they turn around, turn back, and they’re suddenly in the most elegant of gowns. How’s THAT for a gimmick?last_img

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