Introducing the VCE Technical Resource Center

first_imgContent on the go – Today’s workplaces are incredibly flexible and it’s rare that someone is sitting at their desk all day. People need and expect access to information at all times, wherever they are.  Now you have that flexibility with VCE content.  Our Technical Resource Center is available and sizes appropriately for all your mobile devices. If you’re like me, you clearly remember experiences where you’ve wasted valuable time trying to find something you need on the internet or a company’s website.  I can name the times I’ve gone in search of help, thinking it’s going to be a waste of time, only to be pleasantly surprised that I quickly found the exact instructions I needed to resolve a problem.  That is the exactly the type of experience VCE strives to provide.Technology today aids companies in improving this experience like never before. We know that at VCE, and we get how important it is to get our users to the help they need quickly! Our customers have complex, demanding jobs and it’s our job to make their jobs easier.Here are 6 of the new features we are launching today with our VCE Technical Resource Center that will greatly help in getting our users to the exact information they need, when they need it!Simple access – Our technical content is now available in 1 centralized location, linked to from many locations. By going directly to, or by clicking a link from our various portals and software, you are brought to an easy-to-use Technical Resource Center with multiple features enabling you to quickly get to the exact content you need. Full Text Searching – Searching is a method of finding information that is just expected today. We now make it easier for our users by providing the capability to search not just within one document or one product, but across all of our technical content.  Our new portal features the search box, front and center, directing users to the quickest way to find what they need.Filtering – Although searching may be the simplest and initial method we all gravitate to, the search results we get can sometimes be overwhelming. Try searching on just women’s shoes on Zappos! You’ll quickly be presented with tens of thousands of available shoes. But intelligent filtering gets me quickly to what I need (hmmm, as someone with a closet full of shoes, is it need or want? Tough call!). Today you can have the same experience with VCE technical content. We now allow you to filter by the type of system, the component within the system, software offerings, solutions, RCM or type of content – helping you quickly narrow down the search results and present only the content you need.Personalization – With so much content available, when I finally find content I need, I want to save it so I don’t have to search again. Sometimes that means downloading content to my desktop, sometimes it means bookmarking. Today you can do both of those and more, with our new My Docs feature.  You can save content you find, reorganize content, create a custom PDF and download any PDF to be used later.center_img Immediate feedback – Asking for and listening to our customer’s feedback is what makes VCE so great. It is how our company started and continues to be at the core of everything we do.  Now we make it easy for our users to quickly give us feedback on the technical content we deliver, how we deliver it and request any additional information that is needed.  With the click of a button, users are directly in touch with our engineering teams who can respond to questions.So check out the new VCE Technical Resource Center ( )today and let us know what you think. We love to hear from our users and will continue to work to enhance this experience.last_img

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