Better ways to communicate

first_imgWILLIAM T. SMITH To the Editor:One would think that contacting an elected official, even a senator in Washington would be relatively easy. It seems that constituents have several available convenient methods, including email, fax and social media. Constituents also have the choice of sending their message to either a Washington office or one here in NJ.My experience, however, informs me that although Senator Menendez and Senator Booker have NJ and Washington staff to facilitate constituent queries, my several attempts via email, fax and social media, have not even been acknowledged.The subject of my attempts to contact Senators Menendez and Booker over the last three months admittedly is not an urgent matter nor of any significance to anyone other than family. So in fact if I never received a response from either senator, it would not change my world. Nevertheless being ignored this way is like having a pebble in my shoe. What if my query was important, something really needing attention? What if someone else, right now, actually needs one of the senators to somehow intervene but find themselves, like me, ignored?To be clear, I don’t believe this is purposeful on the part of either senator or their respective staffs. I believe something in their constituent-communication process needs attention. Perhaps one or both of these good senators will read this account or be informed of it by someone who actually can reach one or both so they may then address the issue. That is my goal in writing this letter and hoping it’s published.last_img

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