Sony slammed with 1 billion lawsuit in Canada over PSN hack

first_imgSony customers the world over are already angry about last month’s security breaches, that much is clear. However, none may be quite as angry as 21-year-old Natasha Maksimovic, who along with a Toronto law firm, have dropped a lawsuit on Sony Japan, Sony USA, Sony Canada, and other Sony subsidiaries to the tune of $1 billion.Maksimovic, who lives outside of Toronto and is being represented by Toronto law firm McPhadden Samac Tuovi LLP, said flat out, “If you can’t trust a huge multi-national corporation like Sony to protect your private information, who can you trust?”She has a point – the news has gone from bad to worse for Sony in recent weeks, starting with the initial security breach at the PlayStation Network (PSN) and the subsequent eerie silence from the company about what was going on and what they were planning to do about it. Sony eventually apologized and offered gamers 30 days of free service, and day-for-day compensation for their downtime.Then, earlier this week, Sony discovered that the intrusion had extended to their PC gaming and MMO branch, Sony Online Entertainment (SOE,) with up to 23,000 credit cards, names, addresses, and passwords stolen in that attack. Sony has been working with law enforcement agencies to get to the bottom of the matter, but in the interim, virtually all of Sony’s online gaming properties are offline and unavailable.The lawsuit, for its part, claims damages in excess of $1 billion, some of which Maksimovic wants to see go to pay for 2 years of credit monitoring services and fraud insurance coverage for PSN and SOE customers. Sony hasn’t commented on the filing. Maksimovic also blasted Sony for the way it has approached the security breaches, saying “It appears to me that Sony focuses more on protecting its games than its PlayStation users.”via and GamaSutralast_img read more