ThinkGeeks Bulletproof Clipboard is one tough office supply

first_imgWe’ve seen some great products from the folks over at ThinkGeek. From Unicorn Meat to the Star Wars Wampa Rug, ThinkGeek is known for making laughable gifts we all secretly want. But the company has created something that can actually save your life, that is, if you ever got caught in the line of fire. The Bulletproof Body Armor Clipboard may just look like an ordinary clipboard, but, in reality, it can stop up to a 9mm bullet.Not only can the clipboard hold paper and important documents, but it can also stop a serious injury from happening thanks to its Level II body armor. At 3 lbs., the clipboard is a little heavier than your typical wooden alternative, but, as ThinkGeek puts it, “when you own a clipboard that can stop bullets, weight doesn’t matter anymore.”ThinkGeek also created an excellent 2.5-minute-long trailer showing the clipboard being tested by the ThinkGeek crew. If you skip to about the 1:20 mark, you’ll see a clip from the “upcoming minor motion picture” featuring a girl meeting for a blind date in an undisclosed location from an imitation Craigslist. You can watch the video below to see how it all goes down.The Bulletproof Body Armor Clipboard is available for $44.99.Read more at ThinkGeeklast_img read more