Nintendo announcing 45inch 3DS at E3

first_imgNintendo will be holding its E3 press conference tomorrow, but Japanese newspaper Nikkei is reporting some of the news we can expect to hear early. The big announcement for the 3DS is apparently going to be a new model that increases the 3D screen size to 4.5-inches (the existing 3DS has a 3.53-inch autosterescopic display).Such a move would mirror what Nintendo did with the DS when is introduced the DSi XL with 4.2-inch displays. The larger device was meant to appeal to an older audience, and this gamer at least really appreciated the bigger displays. It was a lot nicer to hold for long periods of time, too.Introducing a big 3DS (the 3DS XL?) seems a bit soon in the lifecycle of the machine, but then Nintendo does need to continue to boost sales of its handheld device. The 3DS isn’t known for its battery life though, especially when you have 3D turned on. For Nintendo to release a larger unit means they’ve either managed to cut power consumption or will increase the size of the battery significantly, or probably both.With the focus expected to be mainly on Wii U tomorrow, this announcement would certainly come as a surprise. I also can’t see it being received as a negative. Larger screen 3D gaming is surely a plus point, right?Nintendo may need a strong showing from the 3DS over the next few days depending on how well the real introduction of the Wii U goes. The pre-E3 briefing which focused on the social features of the machine was met with a mixed response. The inclusion of a poorly executed advertisement for those features didn’t help either.via Andriasanglast_img read more