New Xbox due out before Christmas 2013

first_imgEvidence is mounting that Microsoft is entering the final stages of preparation for the next Xbox console. We’ve seen an increase in security at the Xbox buildings on the Microsoft campus, increased chatter from game developers about the next generation of consoles, and now comes a report that Microsoft’s next console will be hitting shelves before the 2013 holiday season. The report is complete with (some what sketchy) details about exactly how the company will actually unveil the new console.There’s been a lot of talk about Microsoft’s future plans when it comes to gaming. We’ve seen the rumors of an Xbox tablet, we’ve seen supposed names like “Xbox 720″, and we’ve hear talk of a lower cost Xbox that is used for casual gaming and streaming content. If you put all of that together, Microsoft’s Xbox division is pretty busy right now. A refresh to the popular console seems like a must at this point. Despite Microsoft’s talk of how proud they are that the industry has been able to change the rules regarding how long a console is supposed to last, a hardware refresh would open a lot of doors for the gaming industry as a whole.As Project Durango gets closer and closer to reality, and patents for augmented reality glasses start to appear, the rumors surrounding what could be get pretty intense. There’s a few things that make a lot of sense, like a a deeper integration with Kinect 2 and a focus on delivering way more than just games to the console. Speculating on hardware at this point doesn’t make a lot of sense, though it seems likely that the controller will be up for tweaking to fit more with a Kinect 2 focused design. We know that companies like Crytek and Rare are already hiring developers to take advantage of the new hardware as well.If Microsoft is to unveil new hardware this year, they are likely to make quite a show out of it. It’s possible that Microsoft would try to steal the show at E3, but it is just as likely that the company would assemble their own press event for the hardware. Microsoft had no problem using the Xbox 360 to stream their E3 announcement this year, delivering a massive captive audience to the news. Microsoft could easily take advantage of that same audience to announce their new hardware, whenever it actually arrives.via Bloomberglast_img read more