Bishop reassures Donegal parishioners over safety plans

first_img Important message for people attending LUH’s INR clinic The Bishop of Raphoe given reassurances to parishioners in Donegal that efforts are on-going to provide a safe environment for when religious services resume at the end of the month. Priests will have to wear face masks when giving out communion and people won’t shake hands for the sign of peace as part of new guidelines.More mass times are also being considered to ensure social distancing is maintained.Bishop Alan McGuckian says while various measures are on the table, each parish is different so that needs to be worked out on an individual basis:Audio Player Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume. News, Sport and Obituaries on Monday May 24th AudioHomepage BannerNews DL Debate – 24/05/21 Facebook By News Highland – June 10, 2020 Pinterest Google+ Bishop reassures Donegal parishioners over safety plans Pinterest Google+center_img WhatsApp Facebook RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR Twitter WhatsApp Loganair’s new Derry – Liverpool air service takes off from CODA Twitter Previous articleO’Neill objection unfortunate for grassroots soccer – Danny FerryNext articleO’Connor returns to Linfield News Highland Arranmore progress and potential flagged as population grows Nine til Noon Show – Listen back to Monday’s Programmelast_img read more

Real convinced Mourinho will stay

first_imgReal Madrid director Emilio Butragueno says the club are convinced Jose Mourinho will not leave at the end of the season.Former Chelsea boss Mourinho has been linked with a return to Stamford Bridge and has made it clear he misses the Premier League.But Butragueno told Sky: “There is no problem for us. No debate. He is under contract – he has two more years – and there is no question.“He started a project last season, had a good second season, and the performance of the team is extremely good. We’re happy with him and his leadership.”Follow West London Sport on TwitterFind us on Facebooklast_img

Geocaching in 2015: A Year in Review

first_img2015 was an epic year in the world of geocaching. There were many laughs, plenty of new geocaches hidden, and a lot of “Found it” logs.  As we start to plan for the new year ahead,  it’s fun to reflect on many of the amazing things that happened in 2015. Here are 15 of them. 8) GeoTours expanded.19 new GeoTours were launched this year, bringing the GeoTour grand total at 61 tours worldwide. The average number of geocaches per tour is 44, and their geocaches tend to have more favorite points than the average geocache. 10) Geocachers celebrated Pi. And puzzles. And ate pie.While some folks celebrated Pi Day on March 14 (3.14) with a slice of pi pie, we celebrated this year’s Pi Day with two new souvenirs…and pie. The first souvenir was earned by 37,000 geocachers who attended an event on that day. The second souvenir celebrated the mystery of pi—to earn it, geocachers had to log a “Found It” on a Mystery Cache. Kudos to the 50,000 geocachers who took on that head scratching challenge. 123456<> GIFF weekend! A mouth watering and well-themed buffet at one of the GIFF events. At GC62QRQ in the Netherlands. This was a short film made by the event hosts, featuring the event attendees…which was incorporated into a new Puzzle cache. At GC64R4K, a GIFF Weekend event in Hong Kong. Sparkler after-GIFF-party at GC64KHQ in the United Kingdom. HurricaneJuan, creator of the film “Saturday” at GC5VCFG in Florida. A theater full of geocachers at GC62MTK in Slovenia. An outdoor GIFF event in Texas. GC65G3T, a GIFF event in a Burger King in Moscow. A very real, giant GIFF chocolate bar at GC64NMA in Lanvénégen, France. Geocachers at a very cozy GIFF event in Tel-Aviv. <> A group of kids hides a geocache in Nepal. The ultimate “found it” face. Image by lividity at GC40JXW. 13) Geocachers watched 16 creative geocaching films at GIFF Weekend.The GIFF (Geocaching International Film Festival) Weekend 2015 souvenir was awarded to over 14,000 geocachers who attended 449 GIFF events in 46 countries. That’s amazing. But what’s even more amazing is the sheer number of special and wonderful moments that happened at all the movie nights. 123456<> 11) Five new countries received their own geocaching souvenirs.Time to update your bucket lists, geocachers. Cheers to Thailand, Turkey, Estonia, Lithuania, and Slovenia who were added to the growing list of country souvenirs this year! What was your favorite geocaching moment from 2015?Share with your Friends:More A group of community volunteer reviewers from around the world answers questions at this year’s Block Party panel. Four U.S. community volunteer reviewers having a good time at the event. Geocaching HQ’er Heather visits with a group of Swedish reviewers. A group of community volunteer reviewers from around the world answers questions at this year’s Block Party panel. A community volunteer translator from Slovenia explores the Italian mountainside. A group of German community volunteer reviewers. The group attempting the infamous gum wall cache in Seattle. <> 5) The game’s 453 community volunteers made the game better for everyone through their contributions as reviewers, moderators, and translators. Restoration CITO event. Beautiful area for CITO-ing in the Czech Republic. This little geocacher smiles as she picks up trash around a park. CITO in Costa Dorada, Spain. CITO event in France that involved restoring this old walking bridge. This CITO event was a huge success. Can you tell? Germany’s Frühjahrsputz am Kemnader See 2015 CITO group photo. HQ’er Alex smiles as she planted a new plant at a local park. CITO essentials. <> 1234567<> Geocaching in Cambodia. Four geocachers explore old ruins while geocaching in Albania. Geocachers from the German Mudmen geocaching group conquer the Alps. Geocaching family at GCQMX8 in Santiago, Chile . Geocacher Diegeocrasher at GC20FAE in South Africa. Antartic geocaching at GC115ZX. 6) Geocachers joined in the global CITO (Cache In, Trash Out) movement and gave back to our lovely planet. Over 19,000 geocachers collected garbage, restored natural areas, and worked on community improvement projects during CITO weekend in April. If each person picked up one 5 lb (2.26 kg) bag of trash, that’s over 40 metric tons of garbage collected. That’s (approximately) 7.4 elephants, or 7 elephants and two cows. This impressive number does not include the hundreds of additional CITO events that took place throughout the rest of year. A wonderful summer full of geocaching adventures. Road Trip! Instagram #geocaching photo contest winner @aventyrsmobilen. Every road tripper needs a trusty co-pilot. Many geocachers joined in the fun. Instagram #geocaching photo contest finalist @skaubystine. Instagram #geocaching photo contest finalist @yeseniascenter_img 9) Over 52,000 geocachers around the world went on a Geocaching Road Trip.During the summer months, geocachers had the opportunity to complete five geocaching quests, each of which earned them a special souvenir for their geocaching profile. By completing all missions, they earned an extra special 6th souvenir. The theme was “Geocaching Road Trip”, and the adventures were epic. A group of kiddos search for the code word at the last ever Geocaching Block Party Mega-Event in Seattle. Tree climbing event GC66NYX in France. A geocacher signs the giant blow-up “15” logbook at the last ever Geocaching Block Party Mega-Event in Seattle. A very unique logbook at a small Meet & Greet. Geocachers blew bubbles at this event in Europe. Signal at the 2015 GeoWoodstock. Yummy geocaching events all day long! 2015 Pi Day Event Logbook. Eating pie at a “Pi Day” geocaching event. Thailand Souvenir. Estonia Souvenir. Turkey Souvenir. Lithuania Souvenir. Slovenia Souvenir. 7) 4 incredible trackable branded promotions took place, including the super cute Mountain Warehouse promo.With nearly 500 photos entered into the Mountain Warehouse photo contest, geocachers showed clever photography skills while shooting Meryl Sheep trackable tags all over the British countryside and beyond. One particular trackable, Wooliam the Sheep, has already traveled 32,000+ miles (51,499 km). “GeoWoodstock” –the 1st Geocaching Mega-Event– held in Texas May 2006. Every year since, GeoWoodstock keeps movin’ and groovin’ to new locations. The first Geocoin ever created by Moun10bike in 2001. Back in 2001, geocachers Eoghan and Pumpkin Princess decided to throw a little gathering in Austin, Texas with their geo-buddies. This was the first recorded instance of a geocaching get-together, now known today as an Event Cache. The plaque marks the exact location of the first geocache ever placed. “GCF” (and its can of beans) was hidden by David Ulmer on May 3, 2000. Co-Founder & CEO Jeremy Irish placed the first Geocoin in a cache in 2001. Take a little trip down memory lane –and pick up some trash along the way– to the first ever CITO event held on April 26th, 2003. At one point in time, there was a colony of Signals. ‪This was the first Signal Doll shipment at Geocaching HQ. The three founders of at their then new office in downtown Seattle. The first image of the geocaching mascot Signal the Frog was revealed on a t-shirt in August 2003. ‪ The oldest active geocache –GC30 Mingo– was hidden in Kansas on May 11, 2000. 14) added new languages.The website is now translated into 22 different languages including English. The iPhone and Android Free apps are also available in 19 different languages. More to come!15) There were over 83,000,000 logged geocaches and over 588,000 new geocaches published this year.Great job, geocachers. Great job. 12) New features were added to make your geocaching world a bit better.Message Center? Check.New search? Check. Lots of new features on the free geocaching app? Check.More features to come in 2016! 3) A group of courageous geocachers journeyed to the center of the earth to log an EarthCache. Well, sort of.Need more laughs? Check out all the past geocaching April Fools videos:2012 – Cachers of Steel2013 – T.I.N.Y.2014 – DNF Pride4) The geocaching community grew.In December, the 15 millionth geocaching account was created on Considering that many geocaching accounts represent families, couples, teams, and other groups, there are well more than 15 million geocachers worldwide. 123<> 1) We celebrated 15 years of geocaching!It’s hard to believe that the hobby we all love celebrated its 15th birthday this year. During this time of nostalgia, it’s fun to look back at some of the most historic moments in geocaching history. 2) A year of events. Great events. 2 Giga-Events (5,000+ geocachers)45 Mega-Events (500+ geocachers)Over 28,000 geocaching events totalIt’s evident from all the fun gatherings that took place that geocachers enjoyed making new friends and spending time with the old at an average of over 76 geocaching events per day!   SharePrint RelatedConfirmed Geocaching souvenir moments for 2019January 9, 2019In “Community”2020 Geocaching HQ souvenir momentsDecember 10, 2019In “Learn”Geocaching 2 by 2 – Power your Relationships with GeocachingJune 3, 2013In “Geocaching Weekly Newsletter” <> From all of us at Geocaching HQ, thank you for making this year the best geocaching year to date. <> 12345<> Warm waters & lots of signatures. 24 hour trip geocaching in Alaska. This group of kiddos are super excited to find the cache… and its swag. Geocaching in the classroom. How to make the best ammo can cache ever.last_img read more

After Effects Quick Tip: Linking Layers to Checkboxes

first_imgLearn how to turn a layer on and off in After Effects using the Checkbox Control.if you work in a team environment or want to create a template for multiple projects, the Checkbox Control is a handy tool you can add to your AE projects. Unfortunately, many people don’t use Checkbox Controls because they can’t be created without writing an expression, but don’t be intimidated! Once you have a Checkbox Control in place you can quickly turn layers on and off in any comp in your project. The controller is a simple way to turn on/off layers without having to track them down in your compositions.1. Create a new adjustment layer.The adjustment layer will simply be a place for the checkboxes to live. It doesn’t really matter what the adjustment layer is called, but you might want to call it something like “Controller” if you are planning on using this technique in a template.2. Add the effect “Checkbox Control” to the Adjustment Layer.Simply grab the “Checkbox Control” effect from the Effects panel. It can be found under Expression Controls> Checkbox Control.3. Open the opacity of the layer you want to check on and off.Find the layer that you want to turn on/off with a controller. Select the layer and hit the “t” button on your keyboard. This will call up the Opacity options.4. Add the expression:if(“PICKWHIP TO CHECKBOX” ==0) 0 else 100;Right click on the stopwatch next to the Opacity parameter. You will open up the expression box. Simply type in: if(After you type in if( you need to grab the pick whip (the swirly logo to the left of the expression box) and drag it to the “Checkbox Control” effect in your adjustment layer. After Effects will drop in some code that looks like this: thisComp.layer(“Controller Layer”).effect(“Checkbox Control”)(“Checkbox”). You will then type in: ==0) 0 else 100;The expression basically says if the Checkbox Control is equal to 0 (turned off) than the opacity layer will be 0. The “else” parameter says that if the Checkbox Control is equal to anything other than 0, it will return a value of 100. So for the checkbox control it will either be 0 if unselected and 1 if selected. So 0 value for opacity if unselected or a 100 value for opacity if selected.5. Your layer should now turn on and off depending on whether the checkbox is selected.Your checkbox control should work perfectly now. One thing to note is that the checkbox control will work across multiple compositions. This is especially helpful if you are wanting to nest compositions.Have any other uses for Checkbox controls? Share in the comments below.last_img read more