Apple sues Samsung over Galaxy line of phones tablets

first_imgYou can’t check the tech headlines these days without stumbling on a patent lawsuit of some kind. This time it’s Apple bringing the legal thunder against Samsung for allegedly infringing on its design patents when building the Samsung Galaxy line of phones and tablets. While it’s common knowledge that the Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab bear a resemblance to the iPhone and iPad, this is the first time anyone’s implied that the design similarity is enough to warrant a patent lawsuit.Apple’s assertion is that Samsung is trying to copy the iPhone and iPad experience from top to bottom. From the design of the Galaxy S, Galaxy Tab, and even the Galaxy Player (which isn’t available in the United States and subsequently isn’t really reflected in the lawsuit,) Apple contends that the design, packaging, and even user interface have been modified to look like Apple products and iOS.AdChoices广告In the court filing, Apple contended that Samsung copied a number of basic elements from patents that Apple was awarded in 2009 and 2010. Those patents covered the basic design of the iPhone and the placement and design of app icons on the home screens. Apple accused Samsung of copying those design elements, and even of infringing on the iPhone and iPad’s “trade dress,” which is a heavy-handed way of saying Samsung went out of their way to make sure the products look, feel, and are packaged alike.Samsung reps have responded in kind, vowing a long battle in court and claiming that their devices and UI differ significantly enough from Apple’s that customers would never get the two mixed up. They claim that any similarities between the two products aren’t so much that they get to the point of patent infringement, and that they’re looking forward to defending themselves in court.All things equal, it’s not a secret that the Galaxy S looks physically similar to the iPhone. It’s also no secret that the way Samsung chose to skin Android on the Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab resembles iOS on the iPhone and iPad. Reviewers have even noted those similarities as a way Samsung made sure to make sure its devices are accessible to a market that’s used to being inundated with images of the iPhone and iPad as the primary examples of a smartphone and tablet.However, it will be up to the courts to decide whether those similarities go too far and exceed the boundaries of acceptable similarities and into the realm of patent infringement. At the same time, even as Apple files claims against Samsung, it’s also worth noting that Apple is up against similar lawsuits from Nokia and HTC claiming that their patents have been infringed upon. The entire smartphone industry is awash in trademark and patent lawsuits, and it’ll be years before they settle down.via All Things Digitallast_img read more