Shortform porn service Vine overrun by SFW videos

first_imgIt’s hard to believe, but it took nearly four days after Twitter’s new video app, Vine, hit the App Store for the public outcry over inappropriate use to start. Yes, even in 2013 it’s nearly impossible for an NSFW app to launch without attracting a large amount of SFW content. If you’re not familiar with it, Vine encourages users to shoot six-second video clips of what’s going on right now and add them to their lifestreams — it was pitched as a perfect complement to Twitter.And no, Vine was never really intended as a porn clip sharing service. This is the internet we’re talking about, though, and if there’s one certainty about content sharing platforms it’s this: if it accepts uploads, it will become full of porn.Sure, it’s alarming that a short clip of some fellow and his sex toy somehow managed to pop up among Vine’s Editor’s Picks. That misstep and the mayhem that followed was enough to convince Apple that maybe having Vine listed in its Editor’s Choice section in the App Store wasn’t a great idea. It’s also totally predictable that Vine reacted by quickly filtering out every remotely foul hashtag it could think of. It does make you wonder if a conversation that went like this happened in the days leading up to Vine’s launch:“Do you think people will use this for porn?”“Nah, are you kidding? We only accept 6 second clips.”“Yeah, you’re right. No one wants to watch porn videos that short.”If it did go down like that, then not only was this one of the most incorrect assessments of the population of the internet ever made, but we’ve also got to assume that no one who works at Vine has ever browsed the web. It seems more likely that Vine decided to take a wait-and-see approach. That means, of course, that they figured they’d wait to do any filtering until they saw someone’s privates.Now the real fun begins for Vine. Banning hashtags will no doubt be an effective anti-porn measure, but it’s not a foolproof solution. Users will come up with their own nonsensical hashtags, use foreign words and phrases, or just start repurposing perfectly legitimate words like sausages.last_img read more