Career track: Coleen Paterson, graduate team manager, Standard Life

first_img Previous Article Next Article Related posts:No related photos. Career track: Coleen Paterson, graduate team manager, Standard LifeOn 22 Jul 2003 in Personnel Today For the next seven months, Personnel Today will be continuing to follow thecareers of two HR professionals at financial services company Standard Life.This week, we hear the latest report from graduate Coleen Paterson, who lasttime out reported on her promotion to graduate team manager (Personnel Today,10 June). Here she outlines the challenges of her new role. I have settled well into my role as graduate team manager, and have enjoyedthe challenge of leading a strong team. No-one warns you that managing otherswill be as eye-opening, entertaining and stressful as it actually is, but theyalso don’t tell you how rewarding it can be when you get it right. I havediscovered a new level of appreciation for all the management theories Istudied a few years ago. Over the past few years, we have enjoyed a significant rise in the number ofgraduate applications to Standard Life’s training programmes. In the world ofonline recruitment, I suspect some graduates have developed a ‘cut and paste’mentality, hedging their bets by applying to a number of graduate recruiterswithout being selective about their applications. Therefore, the rise inapplications has not always led to an equivalent rise in the quality ofapplicants. This has resulted in three issues for my team to overcome: we have moreapplications to manage, we have to make clear to the students what ourexpectations are of them, and we have an increasing challenge in trying toattract the ‘best’ candidates. Attracting the ‘best’ graduates is what every graduate recruiter seeks todo, but I believe the ‘best’ are those that are right for your organisation, sothere is much more to consider than just their academic qualifications. Standard Life has additional challenges in attracting the best graduates aswe are a Scottish-based pensions company, which some may view as unappealing.It is our challenge to convey to students that Standard Life is a greatorganisation to work for, and that a graduate training programme here is a goodstart to any young person’s career. Having worked for the company for threeyears, enjoying my training and gaining a breadth of experience, I am goodexample of that. Since writing this column, Coleen has landed a new job as HR consultantat Halifax Bank of Scotland (HBOS) and has resigned from Standard Life. Comments are closed. last_img read more