White supremacist arrested after planning to bomb synagogue

first_imgAuthorities in Colorado have arrested a 27-year-old who reportedly planned to bomb a synagogue as part of what he called a “racial holy war.”According to the report, undercover FBI agents began communicating with Richard Holzer in September after tracking several of his Facebook accounts where they found evidence that he expressed interest in attacking Jewish people and other minority groups.Investigators say one of the agents contacted Holzer on Facebook and pretended to be interested in joining a white supremacist group. That’s when Holzer admitted that he was a former Ku Klux Klan member and a skinhead.Through their communications, Holzer also told the agent that he went after a pedophile and sent the agent photos of himself with firearms and with other skinheads.He then told the agent that on October 31st of last year, he sent a person to the Temple Emanuel synagogue to put arsenic in the water pipes which he hoped would “hex and poison” those who drank from the water.Holzer then reported that he wanted to poison the water supply again this year and sent video of himself at the Synagogue which was said to be extremely active.On Oct. 12th, another agent began communicating with Holzer and was able to arrange an in-person meeting with him. Holzer and a friend met with three undercover FBI agents at a restaurant in Colorado Springs where Holzer brought them several white supremacy paraphernalia as gifts and began discussing various plans on how they would get rid of the synagogue which he described as a “cancer” to the community.Holzer first described plans to poison the synagogue to “make them know they’re not wanted here,” then said he wanted to “vandalize the place beyond repair.” Holzer then discussed bombing the synagogue.“I’m as down as everybody else is . . . I want something that tells them they are not welcome in this town. Better get the f— out, otherwise, people will die,” he said, according to the complaint.The undercover agents and Holzer then rode down to the synagogue where they discussed the most effective way to bomb the building.Four days later, the agents sent Holzer photos of them holding fake pipe bombs. Holzer responded with “Sieg Heil brothers.”Holzer and the agents then made plans to go through with the bombing on the synagogue. Holzer met the agents at a hotel on November 1st where they checked the explosives. The group then planned to blow up the synagogue at 2:00 am Saturday. During the appropriate time, Holzer and the agents got into a vehicle and began driving towards what Holzer believed would be the Synagogue. Authorities instead drove to a police station.During a police interview Holzer reported that he knew no one would be inside the synagogue due to the timing. When asked, however, what he would have done if he noticed someone was inside during the planned attack, he told authorities that he would have still gone through with it because the person inside would have been Jewish.Holzer has been arrested and is facing one count of attempting to obstruct religious exercise by force using explosives and fire. If convicted, he could receive up to 20 years in prison and a fine of up to $250,000.last_img read more