DD Motoring: Is the All-American Ford Edge really all that American?

first_imgThis week our DD Motoring correspondent Brian McDaid test drives the All American Ford Edge.We are traveling in style this week as we get behind the wheel of the New Ford Edge from Hegarty’s Ford Garage at the Mountain Top in Letterkenny. This is a very unique SUV that Ford have produced which is made in America (Canada) and is available around the whole world. Weighing in with a price tag of just under 60k for this model we drove, it isn’t cheap, and it certainly will have loads of competition in the SUV market in Ireland.The SUV we drove was the two-litre diesel which pumps out nearly 180 brake horsepower. There is also a two-litre 210 brake horsepower version with automatic available. Advertisement The New Ford Edge pictured at the foot of Errigal Mountain this week as we put it through its paces for our motoring column. Photo Brian McDaidHeading off on a sunny afternoon in Co. Donegal in this american one world car, there is not much more you could ask for in style, comfort and luxury.One thing I notice about Ford and by the way I always thought this was only me, being someone who was raised on Fords. I am always interested when I see the oval badge of a Ford I couldn’t help but notice how many other motorist do the same thing, years ago a Ford was a Ford and and VW was a VW.Now cars are getting so alike for a motoring fan like myself they all are ending up looking exactly the same.The New Ford Edge looks the part, the bonnet looks very like its shape was taken from the Range Rover, (which Ford once owned). This SUV sits well on the road and feels as if it has a lower centre of gravity, so it never feels uncomfortable if pushed around a bend. The model we drove had all the toys, information is on view on the dash of the LCD touchscreen, phone connection was a doddle. But every so often the car wanted to tell me that the emergency contact was not activated. I was happy enough with this arrangement as I didn’t want to call them out by mistake when I would be trying to turn on the climate control or something! Advertisement There is some much information on the screen, which is great but can be a bit of a distraction at times.Big Brother is watchingWhen I was picking a nice location for to take a picture of the Ford Edge in my wisdom I thought I would drive is up on a pile of council chips in a lay-by with Errigal Mountain in the background. The warning buzzers started the first ones were probably the parking sensors, then the wheel started to spin which probably activated the four-wheel drive system, then the phone reminded me once again that I hadn’t enabled the emergency call system.All this time I am thinking to myself “I am happy enough here but this Ford Edge is now on Code Red” and is sending messages back to the States from the back road a round Errigal which, to them might seem as far away as the moon, the under belly of the front of the Edge is resting on the best of Donegal Co. Council Chips.I select reverse and the rear-view camera comes on and there is a perfect view of Errigal Mountain, which would have been transmitted back to the States as well if I would have activated my phone. The Edge had no problem taking the car back on to solid ground. and it wasn’t long until we were back on our way.The Ford Edge is bigger than the Ford Kuga and is probably looking for a bit of the BMW X3 or X5 market. The car has oceans of room inside it, both for leg room for all its passenger, everything is generous especially things like coffee cup holders which are massive. One of the two coffee cup holders had a add on raised base to fit the typical coffee cups here. I would have like the Ford to have more American touches, but trends now seem to be for cars to fit in rather than look different. Over all the Ford Edge is a class act, if a bit on the expensive side, the two-litre diesel engine is very economical which is a big plus for any car or SUV from the states.Over the Edge!I would like to thank one of our readers for sending me in a photo of yet another truck that ended up in the ditch on the narrow section on the Glenties Rd. just past Fintown. The truck slipped off the narrow margin on Monday and the road was closed for most of Tuesday as heavy lifting gear was brought in to retrieve the truck.It’s not known of the driver or anyone else was badly injured, but it’s believed that stone had to be transported into for the sides of the road to reinforce them in order for the crane to safely lift the truck back onto the road.The closest place to heavenWhile out on this week I called into one of my regular stops on the road, Roarty’s Filling station on the road past Errigal, it wasn’t a good week for me to decide to go off coffee for a while, as Roarty’s filling station had the latest in coffee vendors fitted at their shop. Even though I had ordered tea, the owner also gave me a sample of his new coffee, “try that Brian” I don’t drink coffee myself, What do you think? he said, right enough its was hard to beat. We had our usual chat about everything as we normally do, including a chat about the New Ford I was test-driving. Why don’t you take it down to the old bridge in the Glen to get a photograph of it? I knew where the bridge was but never was actually at it before. With the sun beaming down on the hills that day I though I had enough pictures of the SUV and just wanted a nice photo of the old Bridge.The closest place to Heaven. Locally this was known as Heavenly Glen but when it was translated into English it ended up getting The name The Poison Glen. Photo Brian McDaidI parked the Ford near the remains of the old church and went the last bit on foot. When I was heading to the bridge I thought, this is one of these places in Donegal that is unique because of its remoteness. The picture that I will take of the Bridge and the glen in the background will be the exact same view as everyone else has seen that stood at this spot over the last hundred years or more.The name ‘the Poisoned Glen’ is probably a mistranslation of the Irish name. In earlier days locals would have only spoken Irish and they called this place ‘Gleann Nemhe’ – The Heavenly Glen. The name in Irish for heaven is Neamh and the word for poison in Irish is neimhe ~ just one letter difference so it is easy to see how the words may have been mixed up when translated to English.At any rate, the name Heavenly Glen so much better describes this beautiful place. This place might not be on the wild Atlantic Way, but it well worth a visit if you are on the road and have a bit of time to enjoy it.Happy Motoring folks!DD Motoring: Is the All-American Ford Edge really all that American? was last modified: August 25th, 2016 by Brian McDaidShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:all american ford edgeBrian McDaidmotoringlast_img read more