Star Wars Celebration Opening Ceremonies

first_imgStay on target Mattel Unveils Fashionable ‘Star Wars’ x Barbie Dolls‘Star Wars: Resistance’ Finale Sets Up ‘The Rise of Sk… The biggest event of the universe is going on right now in Orlando, Florida for Star Wars Celebration!Guest after guest has been announced for the last few months now and the surprises have not stopped there. The first major panel was the 40th Anniversary of Star Wars opening ceremonies panel. It took place in the main event hall. Sadly this room only seats about thirty-five hundred people, so preparation for the show was key.The plan was to leave for the show that evening to get a spot in line. Early reports rolled in that fans were already forming their own line outside the show. One that would then be taken over by the convention and turned into the official line. This was at 3 pm the day prior….AdChoices广告So I packed up my things much earlier than expected and powered my way down to the convention. From there, fans were shuffled into one hall where no line was formed but rather grouped together in one big hall cattle to go through metal detectors. Since there was only one entrance in, this was indeed a slog. Luckily ReedPop heard fans cries and have thus since fixed the issue, by opening two more areas up to get onto the show floor. Once inside I was given a spot in line within a gigantic and empty hall. It was here that would lay out my folding chair and rest my bag. I was going to be here for thirteen hours until the main event took place.This ended up being an event all in itself. An impromptu DJ came out and spun galactic mixes for part of the hall, but was heard all over. Attendees were trying to get rest looked a bit grumpy about the music decision. Luckily it was only for about an hour to hype fans up for their long wait. Lightsaber battles took place; dance competitions went down. It all looked well and good, but my Nintendo Switch was my main focus, that is until it died. After it was uncomfortable sleeping from there on out.One funny moment I’d like to point out was when a drape pipe, which was turned into dividers for the lines would get knocked over by someone trying to pass by or under; the show floor would all applaud. This made attendees try their best to limbo in around. Sadly this happens quite often but kept us all amused.Around 10 am, attendees, started to pack their things as our line was formed much tighter and we were all escorted to the main hall. We were given our wristbands and we all stood yet another line. From here we took our seats and were ready for anything. This is the event we had all been waiting for!Kathleen Kennedy took to the stage to wish us fans welcome and to share a bit about what the legacy of Star Wars has meant to us all. To do that she brought out host Warwick Davis who portrayed Wicket the Ewok. His first surprise guest was George Lucas. It was nice to see George again since we had not really heard much from the director since the last Celebration in Orlando back in 2012 where he was helping Seth Green promote Star Wars: Detours. An animated series that sadly never came to light.From there classic Star Wars actors like Anthony Daniels (C3PO), Billy D Williams (Lando), Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca) took to the stage. Then the Sith Lords themselves took over as Hayden Christensen (Anakin Skywalker), and Ian McDiarmid (Emperor Palpatine) shared bits about their favorite moments from the series. Even after all the gruff Christensen has received over the years for the prequel films, it was nice to have him back at a show like this and see parts of the prequels become welcomed back into the series.Surprise video feeds came in from actors on filming locations who also wanted to share a few words on what the series has meant to them. Samuel Jackson (Mace Windu) reminded us all that he isn’t dead and that he needs another entry into the series, while Liem Neason (Qui-Gon Jin) gave a few words on his old co-star Jar Jar Binks saying that he had indeed gone to the dark side. These light hearted videos were a perfect tie in to remind us all that even though the prequels are not the best, the are still canon and will never go away. But let’s just have fun with them for what they are and move on.It was from here that the great surprises started to unfold. Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker) took to the stage to share his favorite moments from the series, but no without his co-star Harrison Ford (Han Solo). The room erupted when Harrison walked out. We all know the actor can be a tad put off by the whole geek culture thing and usually sees most acting gigs as paychecks, but with the recent loss of Star Wars alum Carrie Fisher, this was a pleasant get together for all. From here things turned into more of a tribute to the strongest princess in the galaxy and the woman who portrayed her. We were shown a great remembrance piece of all of Carrie’s work on set to her always fun and interesting television Q&A moments. Fisher’s daughter Billie Lourd then came out and spoke a bit about her mother. She even recited her mothers famous “long” line of dialogue, the distress signal message. The crows again roared and gave Lourd and a standing ovation.Then unbeknownst to us all, a curtain dropped, and the Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra lead by John Williams himself played “Leia’s Theme” from A New Hope. It was simply breath taking as photos of Carrie were shown on set during the performance. Not a dry eye was in the room. Sons and daughters who had never seen their fathers squirt an ounce were now getting an emotional show. Williams then went into the “Throne Room” piece that played when the princess presents our heroes with their rewards for blowing up the Death Star. After he went right into the “Imperial March,” which lead us right into the end of the show.As attendees walked out, they were presented with a limited numbered poster of Princess Leia in black & white with the words “May of the Force Be With You” at the bottom. The whole experience was something to behold, and I was floored that I could be a part of it.  I’ve been a fan of the series ever since I was shown a bad recording off the television of Return of the Jedi when I was three from my parents. I remember warping that tape out, and my folks bought me “the trilogy.” From then I was an instant fan and have loved every moment since.The show goes until this Sunday (April 16th), and I will be smack dab in the middle of it all from here on out! Star Wars toys, games, statues, guests, leaks all will be revealed. Stay tuned to Geek all weekend long!last_img read more