Moroccan Diplomat in Turkey Our Diplomacy is Proactive on Global Issues

Rabat – Be it immigration, international terrorism, climate change, or peacekeeping missions, “Morocco has always been among the first countries to propose mechanisms to rise to global challenges,” said M’hamed Ifriquine, Morocco’s consul general in Istanbul.According to Ifriquine, Rabat has steadily spearheaded a host of multilateral conventions and forums on tackling the world’s most pressing issues.He also noted that the Kingdom has always adopted a balanced policy based on the primacy of dialogue and moderation in international relations, and that it favours the values of respect and solidarity in the management of bilateral and global issues.Read also: Qatar Gives Turkey Financial Lifeline; No End in Sight for Diplomatic CrisisRecalling the history of the Kingdom, the diplomat said that Morocco gives priority to the issues of the Islamic world, with the Palestinian cause and Jerusalem at the forefront.Ifriquine made the statements at a conference entitledon “The Foundations and Priorities of Moroccan Diplomacy,” which was organized by Istanbul-based Bahcesehir University last week. read more